A Local's Guide: Top 6 Best Things To Do In Multan, Pakistan

By Fatin Fareed | 22, Mar, 2021
A Local's Guide: Top 6 Best Things To Do In Multan, Pakistan

Pakistan, with its beautiful mosques and fantastic cuisine, is a must-visit unique destination. If you are looking for a cheap honeymoon destination or a unique travel spot, Pakistan needs to be on your bucket list.

Multan is the sixth most densely populated city of Pakistan and is known for its fantastic food and beautiful mosques. The city has several places to visit and is the best city to kick start your exploration of Pakistan.

If you are wondering what Multan has in store for tourists and locals, we have you covered. Mentioned below are some of our top picks about what to do when you are in Multan:


1. Visit the tomb of Sheikh Rukn-e-Alam:

Sheikh Rukn-e-Alam Tomb in Pakistan

Image Credit: Tahsin ShahCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Multan is hailed as the city of saints. The city has been home to many famous religious clerics and saints in the past. Therefore, you will find a smattering of shrines and tombs all over Multan.

However, the tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam is a prime example of brilliant architecture, aesthetic beauty and Tughluq history. Locals and tourists alike consider this shrine to be a must-visit during their visit.


2. Roam around the old city of Multan

Image Credit: Zameen News

Every major city of Pakistan has a site where development and new-age technology is yet to reach. The same is true for Old Multan. Located in the city's heart, this site has several old shops selling souvenirs and collectables.

There are various shops for food and paintings. Jewellery from Multan is famous all over Pakistan, and you can buy some amazing pieces at brilliant prices when in Old Multan.


3. The Jheel of Multan at Chaman Zar Askari Park

Jheel of Multan at Chaman Zar Askari Park

Image Credit: Multan City Facebook

A smattering of parks surrounds this lake. The lake is a favourite spot for families to visit on the weekends, along with picnic baskets. If you wish to escape the city and spend an evening relaxing and detoxifying yourself from the hustle of life, Chaman Zar Lake is the best place for you to go.


4. Visit the Tomb of Shah Ali Akbar

Tomb Shah Ali Akbar Multan

Image Credit: JunaidahmadjCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another famous mausoleum in Multan is that of Shah Ali Akbar. This tomb holds a place very close to the locals of Multan. You will find this tomb in the background of several Multan related pictures.

There is a park surrounding the tomb. Locals and tourists visit the tomb all around the week to enjoy the serene atmosphere and the beautiful architecture. It is very near the Multan museum, and the two sites are often visited together.


5. Enjoy the history of Fort Kohna

Multan Fort Kohna

Image Credit: Official Multan Website

Near the Qasim Lake is Fort Kohna – a favourite local destination for an outing with family. The fort was constructed thousands of years ago to depict the Military power and prowess of the South Asians in the region. The architecture of the fort impresses to date.

The fort has become a tourist attraction due to the beautiful architecture and the fantastic restaurants and cafes surrounding it. Visit the fort to witness the brilliance of old Muslim architecture and the happy faces of the locals.


6. Excite your taste buds

Mutton Chaap. Image Credit: Easy Ethnic Recipes

The cuisine of Multan is one of the most distinct cuisines in Pakistan. It integrates unique spices and meats and results in an amalgamation of beautiful halal flavours that play with your taste buds.

Enjoy the array of kebabs, tikkas and rice dishes that are the identity of Multan cuisine. If you come to Multan and don't enjoy the beautiful soiree of dishes it has to offer, then your trip has been for nought.

Multan is a city filled with historical sites, bustling marketplaces, beautiful cafes and relaxing parks. It has everything you look for in a unique and memorable tourist destination. Add the city to your bucket list and book your trip today.

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