New Exciting Luxury Cruise Ships Set to Sail in 2023

By Babajide IJIYODE | 29, Dec, 2022
New Exciting Luxury Cruise Ships Set to Sail in 2023

Ships in the 2023 order book are now under construction, and we can expect some exciting new boats to arrive in 2023.

There is a lot to look forward to in 2023, as several cruise lines are planning to introduce brand-new cruise ships to the market. The long line of exciting new arrivals headed for the seas will have something for everyone, from opulent research vessels to entertainment for the whole family.

With so many cruise ships scheduled for delivery over the next several years, maintaining a steady fleet is a formidable challenge.

Some of the new ocean cruise ships set to launch in 2023 are listed here, along with details such as their passenger capacity, number of cabin types, and initial season itineraries.

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Seven Seas Grandeur

seven seas grandeur

Image Credit: The Cruise Line

Slated for November 2023 debut, the Seven Seas Grandeur under Regent Seven Seas Cruises will be able to hold a maximum of 754 maximum (double occupancy) and is equipped with some of the finest luxury suites, entertainments, restaurants, and other amenities to fulfill your needs.

The first journey across the Atlantic will take place on November 25, 2023 (14 nights). The Caribbean and Mexico, the Mediterranean, and the Panama Canal (up to the middle of March 2024) are all now in their inaugural seasons.


Norwegian Viva

norwegian viva

Image Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

With launch plans in July of 2023, Norwegian claims that this ship will have more outdoor space than any other cruise ship, as well as more pool deck space than any other vessel in the NCL fleet, and more infinity pools than any other vessel in the NCL fleet.

The ship will include the biggest three-deck go-kart racetrack in the brand's history, as well as a theater that can feature Broadway-style musicals and live participation game shows. The Norwegian Viva will include the largest three-bedroom suites of any cruise ship, as well as 12 other suite types.


Seabourn Pursuit

seabourn pursuit

Image Credit: Seabourne Pursuit

Debuting in March 2023 (Seabourn Cruise Line) with 264 people per room (double occupancy), the Seabourne Pursuit will have its maiden journey scheduled to take place on April 4, 2023, departing from RT Reykjavik (14 nights).

The first campaign: The West Coasts of North and South America, as well as the Arctic, the Northwest Passage, northern Europe, and Greenland are all included in this category. The cruise will also feature expedition submarines on top of the luxury amenities that the cruise had to offer.


Explora I

explora 1 by explora journeys

Image Credit: @explorajourneys on Instagram

To make its debut in May of 2023 (Explora Journeys), there's room for up to 922 people at double occupancy rates (based on double occupancy). With a first launch date of May 31, 2023, the route will run between Barcelona and Athens (10 nights) that'll guarantee some of the best sceneries in the world.

The United States, Canada, South America, and Hawaii, as well as the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Iceland, and Greenland, are all in their first season until early September.


Celebrity Ascent

celebrity ascent

Image Cruise: Celebrity Cruises

Premiering in December 2023 (Celebrity Cruises), the Celebrity Ascent features a maximum capacity of 3,260 visitors (based on double occupancy) with the maiden journey slated from Fort Lauderdale for the first time on December 2, 2023 (7 nights).

The Eastern Caribbean and the Western Caribbean take turns being featured during the first season. This is the fourth ship of the Edge class that Celebrity Cruises has built, and it has luxuries such as rooms with an infinite balcony, a magic carpet, and a limitless terrace. The vast Retreat complex, the more intimate Icon Villas, and the luxurious Edge Villas, each with their own private plunge pools, all contribute to the already luxurious suite lifestyle. The Celebrity Ascent would also be the first ship in the fleet that is designed with lone passengers in mind. According to the line, further information will be made accessible as the release date draws near.


It is exciting to know that in 2023, a number of new cruise ships will be introduced to the market, and this is something that you should most certainly be looking forward to.


Cover Image Credit: Sheila Jellison on Unsplash  

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