Top 5 Muslim-Friendly Cities to Visit in Karnataka

By Rozanne Amath | 11, Dec, 2017
Top 5 Muslim-Friendly Cities to Visit in Karnataka
Golden sandy beaches, glorious valleys and mountains and the breathtaking countryside that perfectly demonstrates the cultural and historical value of India awaits you as you explore the southern state of India, Karnataka. As this region is packed with the perfect elements to create an amazing holiday opportunity for those who travel India you should definitely consider this as one of your next vacation destinations. But of course, we understand your needs to plan out the most Muslim-friendly stay in India. That is why we have put together a list of the top Muslim-friendly cities in India you can travel to as you explore the wonders and glories of Karnataka. Read on to discover where you can find nearby Halal restaurants in Karnataka, mosques and prayer places in Karnataka and we have even included a shopping guide to Karnataka which will most certainly come in handy during your travels.


a modern building in bangalore

Image Credit: Vijay Karnataka
First on our list of the best holiday destinations for Muslim families in India is the capital city of Karnataka – Bangalore. The city is home to the Bengaluru International Airport which is one of the two main airports in the region that cover most international flights. So, this makes it a great region to start your holiday in India. Bangalore is a region which boasts of the modern-day luxuries but also has perfectly preserved the various historic treasures that give the region its cultural value. There are quite a number of attractions and things to do and the weather is fine almost all throughout the year making this one of the best places to enjoy some lovely family fun you all can enjoy together. Some of the famous attractions you should include in your tour itinerary include the Ulsoor Lake, Lumbini Park, HAL Aerospace Museum, Bannerghatta National Park, Tipu’s Palace and the Bangalore Palace.
Since there is a significant Muslim community in the region you will be able to find a halal restaurant in Bangalore without much difficulty. The Aquarium Restaurant, Imperial Restaurant, Banana Leaf and Empire Restaurant are a few good quality restaurants you can drop by to enjoy Halal Indian cuisine. A significant number of mosques and prayer places in Karnataka are also located in Bangalore including the Jamia Masjid, Jumma Masjid, Hajee Sir Ismail Sait Masjid and Masjid-E-Khadria. We also recommend this city as part of the shopping guide to Karnataka because you will find quite a number of shopping malls like The Forum, UB City, Phoenix Market City and Mantri Square along with street shopping areas like Commercial Street, Brigade Road, MG Road and Vittal Mallya Road that are places known to attract crowds for their bargain prices and great deals.



mysore palace in karnataka

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The second largest city of Karnataka, Mysore is another top location you can visit to enjoy the best Muslim friendly holiday. Often dubbed the ‘City of Palaces’ Mysore is one of the most majestic regions decorated with a number of palaces and royal buildings, that display the finest historic architectural styles of India. As one of the cleanest and well-planned cities of the region, Mysore is a perfect location to explore the outdoors and gives you ample amounts of opportunities to capture amazing photos with scenically beautiful backdrops. Among the many places waiting to be discovered you should definitely try to include attractions like Sivasamudram Falls, Mysore Zoo, Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens, and Chamundi Hills which are perfect stops for an unforgettable adventure. This is another city which has quite a number of mosques and prayer places in Karnataka. Some of the most prominent mosques every Muslim traveller should make a note of include the Azam Baitul Maal Masjid-e-Azam, Masjide Rahmania, Masjid-e-Nimrah, Masjid-E-Kausar and Masjid E Firdous. You will also find several Muslim hotels in Mysore located closer to these locations.


a historical site in hampi

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Located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, Hampi has gained world recognition as it is the home of one of the famed UNESCO World Heritage sites – the ruins of the Vijayanagara Kingdom. You will truly be amazed by the amazing stony landscapes that are on display. In addition to the vast array of stone ruins, you can also look forward to feast your eyes on other historic wonders like the Monkey Temple, Queen’s Bath, Riverside Ruins and Vijaya Vittala Temple. This best way to get around this historic location is by walking or by bicycle so that you can take time to witness the unique wonders that lie before you. There are also a number of government-approved guided tours you can arrange to get a guided tour to learn more about the history behind these wonders. As Hampi is considered to be a religious centre most eateries do not serve alcohol but you should check for Halal food or stick to their delicious Indian vegetarian meal options in case of any uncertainty.



Udupi Sri Krishna Temple

If you are looking to enjoy the best beach holiday in Karnataka then a trip to Udupi is the best pick for you. Udupi is home to some of the most beautiful beaches like Kapu Beach and Malpe Beach, that is also not so crowded making it one of the best holiday destinations for Muslim families in India. If you are looking for more inland adventures you can explore the mountain ranges of Udupi that are perfect for hiking and trekking. Other famous attractions that will keep you engaged during your stay include St Mary's Island home to some spectacular volcanic rock formations, Manipal End-point Park which overlooks that Suwarna river and the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. For prayer facilities, you could access the many mosques located in the city including the newly built Jamia Masjid – the district’s largest mosque.



a beach in gokarna

Image Credit: Kuku Travel
The little town of Gokarna is one of the popular tourist destinations in the region. The town is one of the most laid-back places due to the less commercialized atmosphere making it a perfect place to spend a relaxing vacation. Aside from recharging on some of the most serene beaches, you can also enjoy a variety of adventure sports like banana boat riding, snorkeling and parasailing. Visiting such a coastal town also allows you to taste some fresh and yummy seafood dishes prepared according to spicy Indian recipes.


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