8 Different Types of Sushi That You Must Try

By Halal Trip | 28, Jun, 2017
8 Different Types of Sushi That You Must Try
Sushi is one of the most popular dishes all around the world, and more people are discovering this awesome Japanese dish every day. So, if you’re thinking of trying sushi out for the first time and are looking for the right sushi to start out with, look no further.
Here’s a list of 8 different kinds of sushi so you can decide on the best sushi types to order!

1) Maki Sushi

assorted maki sushi

Image Credit: Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash  
You know that picture in your head when you hear the word sushi? That’s Maki you’re thinking of. It usually contains a filling of fish or vegetables, encompassed by sushi rice and wrapped using toasted nori seaweed sheets. This is one of the top sushi types you should try simply because it is the most iconic and traditional type of sushi.

2) Nigiri Sushi

This is another one of the top sushi types you should try definitely. In this traditional type of sushi where vinegar-infused rice is usually hand-pressed to form a rectangle. It is then smeared with wasabi paste and topped with raw or cooked seafood.

3) Chirashi Sushi

Chirashi Sushi bowl

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This is the best type of sushi to order if you’re looking for a filling meal. Literally meaning “scattered sushi”, Chirashi Sushi is usually a bowl of vinegar-infused rice that is topped with a variety of toppings, typically raw fish and vegetables. This is one of the best sushi types to order because there is no set list of ingredients, so you can customize it to your liking,


4) Temaki Sushi

This is one of the best types of sushi because it looks like a hybrid between an ice cream cone and sushi! Always a crowd favorite, it is great for make-it-yourself sushi parties. Nori sheets are filled with sushi rice and fillings and wrapped into a cone shape.

5) Inari Sushi

assorted inari sushi
Image Credit: Panasonic
Inari Sushi is another addition to the list of most delicious sushi, because of course, it’s deep-fried! These are typically little pockets of deep-fried tofu (known as abura-age) that are filled using vinegar-infused rice. The abura-age is made using dashi, sugar, and soy sauce.

6) Gunkan Maki

The literal translation of this traditional type of sushi is “battleship”, named so because its appearance is said to resemble a battleship. Sushi rice is surrounded by a strip of nori seaweed, coming up and above it. This is so that toppings (most commonly fish and salmon roe) can be placed on top without falling off.

7) Oshi Sushi

assorted oshi sushi

Image Credit: The Georgia Straight

This type of sushi is also known as pressed sushi or box sushi and is molded using a wooden box called an oshibako. Toppings are placed first, followed by the rice. A lid is then used to give it a firm press. Once de-molded, it is cut and served in bite-sized pieces. This is one of the top sushi types you should try if you’re a beginner because all the ingredients used in Oshi Sushi are either cooked or cured.

8) Sashimi

Sashimi refers to only the meat; the rest of the fixings are not included in this dish, although it can often be served with a side of rice. Sashimi includes a lot of different types of sushi that contain cured, cooked, or uncooked seafood and shellfish like crab, octopus, eel, and a variety of fish.

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