5 Must-Try Local Dishes in Mauritius​

By Amina Fukeerbucus | 01, Mar, 2018
5 Must-Try Local Dishes in Mauritius​

Mauritius - a land of fusion, its diversity is found also in its gastronomy. Lavish ingredients, strong spices, rich flavors, all come from 4 parts of the globe to fuse on this island. Embark yourselves on a journey to find the 5 must-try dishes of Mauritius. Get ready to drool!


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1) Briyani

Picture Credit - www.cuizinemaurice.com

One of the most appreciated dishes in Mauritius. Easily available all around the island, the briyani is a meticulous preparation with rice, potato, meat , chicken or fish, along with a wide choice of spices such as cinnamon, saffron, green chilli, coriander and mint to give a very rich and complex taste to this dish. This oriental dish has travelled its way in the Mauritian culture and has captivated the people by its flavor and texture. The yellowish saffron rice sprinkled with crispy light brown onions is also accompanied by lightly colored potatoes and meat which have been cooked at low heat, so as to preserve the flavors.


2) Fried Noodles

Picture credit - www.tasteofmauritius.ca

A Chinese specialty that is very much appreciated and cooked in Mauritius. This plate consists of noodles, accompanied with veggies such as carrots, cabbage, garlic chives and chopped chicken or meat. Prepared very quickly and seasoned with sauces, fried noodles is a delightful dish that has made its way in the top dishes of the country. And, the best part? It can be easily found on the island.


3) Dhollpuri

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A very common, yet unique dish found in Mauritius. Very similar to the Indian roti, the dhollpuri is made from a yellowish pulse called "dhal," and flour. Cooked on hot plates at a mild temperature, the dhollpuri is often accompanied with different curries and sauces. For the more daring, chili can also be added to it. Found in almost every the corner of the island, the dhollpuri is almost considered a national dish, and is much appreciated by both locals foreigners.


4) Crab soup

Picture Credit - cocozil.com

A much appreciated and unique dish found on the island, one doesn't visit Mauritius without tasting crab soup! Intense in flavor and sometimes in spices, the crab soup is renowned for the crustacean's soft and delectable flesh which is served in a dark red sauce. Rich in texture and flavor, the crab soup is an inevitable dish of the island. Stewed at low temperature, the soup is gently heated to preserve the flesh and its flavor.


5) Bol renversé (upside down bowl)

Picture Credit - www.mauritianlife.com

If you love surprises, then the upside-down bowl is what you need. This unique dish is another favorite in Mauritius, and is believed to find its origin in the Chinese gastronomy. The dish has a complex structure and flavor dish that will leave you amazed! Consisting of three layers, this dish is composed of different assortments prepared in a thick sauce, accompanied with rice and a sunny side-up egg finish.

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