10 Must-Visit Restaurants & Food Carts with Mouthwatering Halal Foods In New York City | NYC

By Halal Trip | 28, Mar, 2022
10 Must-Visit Restaurants & Food Carts with Mouthwatering Halal Foods In New York City | NYC

New York City is a one-stop destination that offers something unique for every travel enthusiast. Whether it’s the museums, shopping or dining - NYC has something for all.

Though NYC might not be a largely Muslim-populated city, Muslims do not have to worry about the lack of food choices, Halal restaurants and Muslim-owned businesses can be found in every borough.

From local cuisines to Pakistani dishes, NYC has a large variety to offer, we curated a list of restaurants travelers mustn't miss especially for all the foodies.

Please note that as of the time of publication, we have done our best to ensure that the restaurants listed are Halal. Please check with the restaurant to ensure that these restaurants meet your Halal requirements.

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Birdies Hot Chicken
Birdies Hot Chicken Platter

Image Credit: birdieshotchicken on Instagram

Birdies Hot Chicken is one of the hottest places (pun intended) in Brooklyn to try authentic Nashville Hot Chicken.

For those who love their food spicy, be sure to try their ‘SOS’ sauce. But fret not, for those that can’t handle spice, Birdies Hot Chicken’s sauce spiciness scale ranges from Plain to SOS “A Buried Alive In Spice”.

Recommended dishes: Bird in a Bun, Birdies Signature Fries, Tendies

Address: 810 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11206


Black Nile
Halal Seafood Mac and Cheese Black Nile Restaurant

Image Credit: blacknilerestaurant on Instagram

Black Nile is one of the Halal-owned soul food restaurants in NYC, known for serving their patrons with heartwarming greetings and service, many Muslims enjoy dining here.

Despite a relatively smaller dining space, many patrons enjoy the coziness and comfort of the restaurant.

Recommended dishes: Seafood Loaded Fries, Cajun Trio, Crab Smothered Chicken

Address: 592 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11216


Yemen Cafe
Yemen Cafe Halal Haneeth, Saltah and Fatah

Image Credit: yemencafe on Instagram

Bringing you the most authentic Yemeni food, Yemen Cafe was opened in 1986 to provide a place of connection for the Middle Eastern community. 

With two locations within Brooklyn, Yemen Cafe’s charm is how the cafe is always filled with life because the cafe acts as a community center for the people living in the area.

Recommended dishes: Haneeth (slow-roasted lamb), Chicken Saltah, Fatah with Honey


7130 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

176 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201



Halal Uzbek Restaurant Farida Restaurant

Image Credit: farida_restaurant on Instagram

You would not want to miss Farida if you have not tried Uzbek cuisine. Farida is named after the owner, Farida Gabbassova-Ricciardelli, and her husband, chef Umitjon Kamolov.

The chefs of Farida come from different parts of Central Asia, bringing together their specialties and forming a unique menu with an emphasis on Uzbekistan.

Recommended dishes: Hand Made Manti, Authentic Uzbek Plov

Address: 498 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10018


Meat and Bread
Halal Cheeseburgers in NYC

Image Credit: meat_and_bread_nyc on Instagram

Serving Halal gourmet sandwiches in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Meat, and Bread is a highly raved restaurant by the Muslim locals as one of the spots you definitely have to try.

You have to drop by Meat and Bread during your trip to NYC and try their brunch and weekly specials.

Recommended dishes: Chicken Korma, Beef Empanada, Hot Honey Fried Chicken

Address: 201 Allen St, New York, NY 10002


Village Creperie
Village Creperie Store Front

Image Credit: HalalTrip

If you are in Manhattan and are looking for something simple and savory, Village Creperie is a great spot to enjoy some sweet crepes, sandwiches, and acai bowls.

Recommended dishes: Apple Walnut Crepe, Spicy Smoked Turkey Sandwich.

Address: 445 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009



Eatzy Thai
Halal Fried Noodles at Eatzy Thai

Image Credit: HalalTrip

Despite the restaurant's name, prepare to be surprised by the menu offered by Eatzy Thai. They are officially one of the first restaurants in NYC to serve halal Korean barbeque and hotpot. 

Recommended dishes: Basil Fried Rice, Beef Pad Kee Mao (stir-fried rice noodles with slices of beef and vegetables in a spicy sauce)

Watch us review the dishes at Eatzy Thai here.

Address: 33-09 Broadway, Queens, NY 11106


The Bronx

Arth Aljanathain
Halal Yemeni Food in the Bronx

Image Credit: HalalTrip

Located in East Bronx’s Little Yemen, this Middle Eastern spot deserves a spot on your to-try list.

As you wonder about Little Yemen around Rhinelander Ave, Arth Aljanathain offers Halal Yemeni cuisine. You will definitely not be disappointed by their reasonably priced dishes.

Recommended dishes: Aromatic Rice with Grilled Lamb, Fahsa Salta (fenugreek seed-laced stew of celery, onion, potato, tomato, and shredded beef cooked in broth)

Address: 700 Rhinelander Ave, Bronx, NY 10462


Staten Island

Zara Cafe Grill
Turkish Grill from Zara Cafe Grill

Image Credit: HalalTrip

Zara Cafe Grill is a Mediterranean restaurant bringing you the best of Turkish cuisine. If you are driving on Staten Island, make sure to slow down on the highway or you might miss this.

Having been open since 2017, Zara Cafe Grill is great for big families and large groups and is also affordable for the size of their servings.

Recommended dishes: Lamb Gyro, Mixed Grill, Falafel Wraps, Baklava

Address: 1995 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10306


Taheni Mediterranean Grill
Halal Mediterranean Grill in Staten Islan

Image Credit: HalalTrip

Founded in 2016, Taheni is owned and operated by a family in Long Island. Their signature dishes are created using their family recipe.

A trip to Staten Island would not be complete without visiting Taheni. Being located within a mall is a huge plus because you know that there is a place to recharge, while you do your shopping.

Recommended dishes: Falafels, Steak Shawarma Platter ,Lamb Shawarma Platter, Zaatar Fries 

Address: L2 Staten Island Mall, Staten Island, NY 10314

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