Ramadan 2018 | #PledgeYourLunch: Donate Your Lunch Money this Ramadan

By Halal Trip | 14, May, 2018

What if we donated our lunch money to the less fortunate when we miss lunch? One meal, one donation. It’s as simple as that! A single lunch cost might not sound like much and would still leave us fighting an uphill battle to help solve hunger in our communities. But as a growing movement, with more and more pledging their lunch, we could make a real impact!

This is the aim of our #PledgeYourLunch campaign.

Pledge Your Lunch was simply a pitch by Imran to his classmates 10 years ago. At Halal Trip, we were inspired by his idea. We wanted to kick start the project during this month of Ramadan, where Muslims will be fasting during the daytime. Instead of simply skipping lunch, why not pledge the lunch money to a worthy cause? Non-Muslims can also participate by skipping lunch and pledging the money to the desired cause.


Local Efforts, Global Implications

Our sincere aim is for this movement to go beyond Ramadan where Muslims and non-Muslims alike will forego their lunch once in a while and donate to the less fortunate throughout the year.

Our goal is for #PledgeYourLunch to go over and above its launch this year and grow into a social movement, that heals the world as we all strive to empathize with the less privileged.


Thank You For Your Support in Ramadan 2018!

This Ramadan 2022, we turn our attention to the refugees and displaced families. Where in these current times, they are faced with increased challenges. So join us in our effort to help them with these challenges. Together we can make their Ramadans, a better one!

Find out more about #PledgeYourLunch 2022 here to go straight to the donation page!

Visit our LaunchGood campaign to #PledgeYourLunch


How Your Lunch Stacks Up

The cost of lunch differs depending on what you decide to have. Here is how you may be indulging during lunchtime.

Snacks & Light Bites

Always snacking at lunch? If you are inclined to biscuits, pastries and maybe indulging in an occasional fruit smoothie, you are most likely spending an average of $5 a day on lunch. Donate it towards a not-so-light cause today!

Fast-food Fan

Are you a die-hard fast-food fan? If you are in love with the quick and easy up-sized Big Mac with a side of fries, then you are most likely to be spending an average of $10 on lunch. Let’s donate it to a super-sized cause today!

Cafe Hippie

Can't resist trying out new cafes during lunch? You are most likely to be spending an average of $20 for that plate of hipster grub and coffee. So instead, let’s add dessert by donating it for a sweeter cause today!

Buffet Lover

Do your knees go weak at the sound of an "All-you-can-eat Buffet"? If you love yielding to buffets during lunch, then you are likely to spend $50 in a day. Let’s donate your mouth-watering spread to a bigger cause today!

My Treat!

Always celebrating special milestones with friends or family? You are most likely to be spending $100 on your generous lunch date with your loved ones. But today, let’s donate your lunch treat to a generous cause!

If you have made up your mind to #PledgeYourLunch, here are 10 ways you can join the movement:

  1. Contribute to the Halal Trip’s official #PledgeYourLunch campaign on Launchgood.
  2. Give it away as Sadaqah to your local mosque.
  3. Pay it forward: Use your lunch money to buy a meal for a fellow brother/sister during Iftar.
  4. Buy food and drinks and give them to the poor on the streets.
  5. Contribute to a charity drive in your local community.
  6. Use the money to buy Eid necessities for the orphans.
  7. Donate together with your friends.
  8. Share stories of your #PledgeYourLunch experience with HalalTrip to inspire others.
  9. Share the hashtag #PledgeYourLunch on your social media.
  10. Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to be part of the movement.

Let's do our part to solve hunger in our communities.

Click here to join the #PledgeYourLunch movement today!


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