Ramadan 2022 | #PledgeYourLunch this Ramadan for Refugees with UNHCR & HalalTrip

By Halal Trip | 04, Apr, 2022

This Ramadan marks our 5th Anniversary since the start of the #PledgeYourLunch campaign in 2018. We are excited to partner with UNHCR – the UN Refugee Agency, for the second time, as we firmly believe that it is our shared responsibility to advocate for protecting the rights of the refugees, forcibly displaced communities, and stateless people.

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#PledgeYourLunch campaign started in Ramadan 2018, an initiative to encourage the sharing of blessings with the underprivileged. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn till dusk, therefore saving money on lunch. With these savings, what better month to give and multiply your good deeds than in the holy month of Ramadan. Let’s do our part to make a difference by donating our lunch money savings to the less fortunate – give the gift of Ramadan one meal at a time

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Our Beneficiaries

In Ramadan 2022 we hope to raise USD 10,000 in aid for UNHCR’s humanitarian efforts to protect and resettle the displaced. All of the funds raised in this #PledgeYourLunch campaign will be channeled to UNHCR’s sustainable solutions, such as access to healthcare, education, and work for the refugees. Together, we can help build a better future for them.

Here are the beneficiaries that you will help when you participate in #PledgeYourLunch 2022:


Stand With Ukraine
Evacuees boarding a train to flee

Image Credit: Reuters

Since the launch of a military offensive by the Russian Federation against Ukraine a month ago, almost a quarter of Ukraine’s population has been forcibly displaced, resulting in a massive humanitarian crisis. As of 23rd March 2022, more than 3.6 million refugees have been forced to flee Ukraine, and an additional 6.5 million are displaced internally. An estimated 13 million people remain stranded in areas heavily affected by conflict due to heightened security risks, destroyed bridges and roads, and insufficient resources or information to find safety and accommodation. 

Food and water provided to those fleeing Ukraine

Image Credit: UNHCR / Chris Melzer

Your support can help UNHCR teams across Ukraine and neighboring countries host Ukraine refugees and provide protection and humanitarian assistance, including emergency shelters, repairs for homes damaged by shelling, emergency cash assistance, and psychosocial support such as child-friendly spaces for displaced people, children, and more.


Afghanistan Humanitarian Crises
Afghan Humanitarian Crisis

Image Credit: UNHCR / Andrew McConnell

Afghans have endured repeated humanitarian crises, suffering from over 40 years of conflict, and now more than ever, they need our support in these darkest times. An estimate of 24 million people in Afghanistan requires vital humanitarian relief. In January 2021, more than 700,000 Afghans were internally displaced, facing extreme levels of hunger and poverty. In addition, the harsh winter season exposed the vulnerable displaced people to the risk of hypothermia due to the lack of winterization. For many Afghans, aid is the only means of survival. Thus we must support UNHCR to ramp up their response to humanitarian aid.

Children in Nawabad Farabi-ha IDP camp in Afghanistan

Image Credit: UNHCR / Edris Lutfi

Your contribution can aid UNHCR in scaling up its humanitarian relief program efforts. These efforts will ramp up the delivery of life-saving food and agriculture support, health services, nutrition, emergency shelter, water and sanitation, protection, emergency education, and other infrastructure and community programming. The goal is to create a sustainable and resilient livelihood for people in Afghanistan.


Rohingya Humanitarian Crises
People taking shelter during a storm in the Cox Bazaar

Image Credit: UNHCR

The Rohingya are a stateless Muslim minority in Myanmar. As of January 2022, over 900,000 have sought refuge in Bangladesh after fleeing from violence in Myanmar since August 2017. Women and children comprise more than half of the refugee population, and many others are elderly people requiring aid and protection. The Bangladesh government has responded generously throughout the crisis, sparing no effort to help. However, the inflow of refugees into Bangladesh not only created the world’s most densely populated refugee settlement but has also put immense pressure on the already strained resources of Bangladesh. The tragedy does not end there as now they have to face the severe monsoon season, triggering landslides and floods in the refugee settlements.

UNHCR aids in cyclone preparations in Rohingya

Image Credit: UNHCR

Your donation helps UNHCR support the Bangladesh government’s efforts to provide humanitarian relief to the Rohingya refugees. You will support UNHCR’s works with the government to develop new settlement sites for refugees at risk from monsoon, reinforce existing shelters, improve sanitation facilities and access to drinkable water, and other preparedness and response efforts.


Give the Gift of Ramadan
UNHCR sending Aid to Kabul

Image Credit: UNHCR / Babar Baloch

We want to be a part of easing this suffering. During Ramadan 2022, we can act on our solidarity with refugees worldwide in a matter of seconds. In partnership with UNHCR, the global UN agency working to protect and advocate for refugees, we ask you to #PledgeYourLunch and share the blessings of this month with the displaced communities. Enlightening their lives in these challenging times, a meal at a time.

Visit our LaunchGood campaign to #PledgeYourLunchVisit our LaunchGood campaign to #PledgeYourLunch

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