Ramadan 2022 | #PledgeYourLunch: The Sorrows of a Displaced Yemeni Mother and her Family during Ramadan & Eid

By Halal Trip | 29, Apr, 2022

One of the world's largest humanitarian crises, the Yemen emergency has seen over 20 million people in need of humanitarian aid and over 4 million people internally displaced in Yemen. The 6-year conflict has left displaced Yemenis on the brink of famine with severely fractured health services and food supplies.

Furthermore, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation over the last two years has been exacerbated pushing many families to the brink of starvation. Just like Aisha, a displaced mother of three.

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PledgeYourLunch UNHCR 2022

Ramadan & Eid for the Displaced

Ramadan and Eid is a time that Muslims around the world look forward to. Where families and individuals gather and enjoy their time doing ibadah, feasting on delicious food, or simply just enjoying the company of one another. That was the same for Aisha until she and her children's lives changed.

"He was shot in the morning of the first day of Eid. We were waiting for him. We were all grieving, Eid turned into misery" said Aisha as she remembers the day when her husband was killed in the war and she became the sole caretaker for her three children.

Aisha ad her family were forced to flee their homes in Hodeida due to the escalating conflict. Displaced and now being the sole breadwinner for her family, Aisha's family is just one of the thousands of vulnerable displaced families who are at risk of hunger and are dependent on UNHCR's support for their survival.

"We lack food and the essentials of Ramadan. We make a meal if thanks to God, we have the ability to. If we can't, we eat dates and coffee. and thank God" Aisha recounting what Ramadan is like for her family.

Help Aisha and other displaced families like her who are affected by Pledging Your Lunch.


Give the Gift of Ramadan

When you #PledgeYourLunch, you will be helping the forcefully displaced individuals and communities affected by the conflict to find shelter, get basic necessities, and many more. Furthermore, you can not only help those affected by the crisis in Yemen but your donations can also be channeled to help those in the Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Rohingya Humanitarian Crises as well.

We want to be a part of easing this suffering. During Ramadan 2022, we can act on our solidarity with refugees worldwide in a matter of seconds. In partnership with UNHCR, the global UN agency working to protect and advocate for refugees, we ask you to #PledgeYourLunch and share the blessings of this month with the displaced communities. Enlightening their lives in these challenging times, a meal at a time.

Learn more about #PledgeYourLunch 2022 with UNHCR & HalalTrip


PledgeYourLunch UNHCR 2022

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