Ramadan: Online Islamic Classes For All Budgets, Ages And Knowledge Levels!

By Arwa Munnaverali | 04, May, 2021
Ramadan: Online Islamic Classes For All Budgets, Ages And Knowledge Levels!

While Ramadan is all about fasting, prayers, ibadah and self-improvement, this month is also devoted to achieving Allah’s forgiveness and blessings. In order to do so, a lot of Muslims around the world choose Ramadan to get in touch with their roots and seek knowledge during their time spent at home. Especially given that movements have been restricted and people have been confined into their homes. Muslims can take this as an excuse to progress themselves and enroll themselves in Islamic classes, webinars, zoom sessions and any self-improvement learnings they may come across as it is for their own benefit.

Here is a list of Islamic classes and webinars available during the month of Ramadan which Muslims can take into consideration when looking for the ideal course to sign up for:

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Alqudwah Academy TV

Alqudwah Academy TV, Ramadan online classes free and paid

Image Credit: Alqudwah Academy's website

Alqudwah Academy provides Islamic religious education to communities in Singapore. They offer sessions and monthly masterclasses so it's not only limited to the month of Ramadan. They also provide exclusive segments such as interviews with different guests on varied topics. This year for Ramadan they have something special to offer their users. They have come up with a series called ‘Ramadan Ruminations’ where you can sign up for each session for $120 and gain insights into topics such as how to leave bad habits, how to repair relationships, how to maintain a healthy mentality etc. These sessions happen mostly on weekends. They also have sessions named ‘Mornings with the Mushaf’ and ‘Conversations with God’ which require registration.

Find out more: Website | Youtube


7 Reminders by 7 Asatizahs

7 Reminders by 7 Asatizahs

Image Credit: syukran.com

Syukran.com in partnership with Safinah Institute will aim to provide a compilation of 7 valued reminders by 7 Singaporean Asatizah. The narratives would range from the virtues of huruf ba' from the word bismillah to the significance of faraidh to the difference between Adab and Akhlaq. A variety will be discussed in this course.

Find out more: Website


SalamSG TV

SalamSG TV Online Ramadan classes free

Image Credit: SalamSG TV Facebook

SalamSG TV is an up-and-coming aspiring platform and all-in-one location for your Islamic-related knowledge. They highlight religious information from multiple asatizah who speak about a vast range of religious and inspirational topics. Additionally. They also feature Ramadan reflections from Mufti Dr. Nazirudin Mohd Nasir.

Find out more: Facebook | YouTube


Masjid Al Islah Punggol

Masjid Al Islah Punggol, Ramadan Classes

Image Credit: Masjid Al Islah Website

Masjid Al Islah Punggols main aim is to build and maintain close-knitted Muslim communities that are spiritually progressive and who are a blessing to the Punggol Community. Though not online, Masjid Al Islah Punggol recently announced that they will have a Qiyamullail prayer on the last 10 nights of Ramadan at Al-Islah Mosque from 3 AM to 4 AM. During this Ramadan, they will be having lectures at dawn at Al-Islah Mosque as well.

Find out more: Website

Address: 30 Punggol Field, Singapore 828812

Contact: +65 6312 5174


Bayyinah Institute

Bayyinah Institute Online Islamic Ramadan Classes

Image Credit: Bayyinah website

Bayyinah Institute was founded by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan a successful American Muslim who wished to spread the message of Islam globally.

Bayyinah TV is a state-of-the-art media library under the guidance of the Bayyinah Institute. They feature over 2000 plus hours of video content online. They also have mobile applications for Apple and Android devices. The lectures and courses conducted by the founder Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan and other renowned influential scholars are specifically catered to support learners throughout their Quran and Arabic journey. You can even subscribe to their newsletter to learn more about their upcoming seminars and registration process.

Find out more: Website 



LearnIslam.sg Learn Islam, Islamic and Ramadan classes in 2021

Image Credit: LearnIslam website

LearnIslam.sg is a path for Muslims mainly located in Singapore to find and sign up for local Islamic classes, courses, and events. Their key goal is to allow people to link to mosques and qualified and known Islamic education centers and providers who are on the lookout for Islamic-related knowledge for their own personal self-improvement. They even do informative videos on Ramadan. For example – one video which talks about why Ramadan is so special. You can register for their upcoming classes which are happening soon via their website. Some are free of charge, however, some come with an additional fee to be paid.

Find out more: Website


Rayyan Institute

Rayyan Institute Online Islamic Classes this Ramadan 2021

Image Credit: Rayyan Institute Website

This Canada-based non-profit organization is an educational platform that has been established and created to provide an inspirational and one-of-a-kind Islamic learning experience to a global audience. Their content provides their students the sense and belonging to excel at becoming better Muslims in their communities. Their on-demand courses range from Essential Fiqh of Ramadan, Dreams Interpretation, Names of Allah, The Explicit Journey of Man and so much more. They also provide an Islamic Essentials Certificate which requires you to undertake 20 mandatory courses which are required in order to be eligible for the certificate. You can register for their courses via their website.

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Quran Ayat Institute

Quran Ayat Institute Online Quran Classes this Ramadan

Image Credit: Quran Ayat Institute Website

The Quran Ayat Institute provides a plethora of Quran, Islamic and Arabic Language courses from beginner to advanced level for anyone who has a passion for learning – be it adults or children. With these courses offered by the Quran Ayat Institute, you can learn the Arabic language, learn the basics of the Quran, learn how to correctly recite the Quran, enhance your Quran recitation without any mistakes and even memorize the Quran and become a Hafiz!

Find out more: Website


Studio Arabiya

Studio Arabiya Islamic online resources this Ramadan 2021

Image Credit: Studio Arabiya Website

Studio Arabiya is not your ordinary Arabic or Quran class. They take learning up a notch by providing quality content, qualified teachers, and organized and well-structured courses and they make sure your learning is placed in the right hands! They provide classes 24/7 and are licensed by Al Azhar University. For Ramadan, they have introduced quite a range of courses for you to choose from. Not only do they provide the full track of the Quran for adults and children, Quran memorization, and Ijaazah program – hifz or tajweed for all ages but they also provide tips and tricks on how you can get through Ramadan!

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