8 Restaurants with Quirky and Unique Concepts

By Saniya Baxi | 15, Feb, 2023
8 Restaurants with Quirky and Unique Concepts

Stereotypical restaurants are boring. People no longer like to sit in a cafe with customary table-chair concepts. Quirky eateries are now predominant. 

Restaurant owners’ creative juices are flowing and they are flowing like never before. Hence, to get your interest, we have put together a list that gives an idea about quirky restaurants around the world

You are sure to have a thrilling experience reading this article! 


1. Ithaa - MaldivesIthaa in Maldives

Image Credit: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

What better to start than by mentioning an underwater restaurant? Yes, you heard us right. One of its types under the sea holds only 14 people at a time. Though small, the experience is gigantic with fishes and other aquatic animals flowing around. 


2. Dine in the Sky - Many Countries dine in the sky

Image Credit: @loungeinthesky.id on Instagram

If the sea is not enough, get ready to feel the sky. Make a date with your loved ones for a lifetime restaurant experience near the clouds. It all began in Belgium. However, it is slowly catching onto other countries as well and can be found almost in every big city. 

Stay away if you are acrophobic!


3. Robot Restaurant - China

We are living in a futuristic world. People imagine being served by robots at home for household chores and now it is a reality in China. This restaurant is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where robots do it all here. 

Greeting, taking orders, cooking, and serving are some of the common but awe-inspiring activities these robots do. These robot-operated restaurants are also consistent with their quality, therefore you can expect top service all the time. With more and more robot restaurants popping out around the world, you might just be able to experience it near you!


4. Modern Toilet - Taipei

Toilets are not only for our daily morning tasks anymore. Taipei sports a modern toilet-themed restaurant where the seating and utensils resemble a gross memory. Further, some of the dessert items shared come in the form of excreta. This will surely bring a "yucky" smile to customers' faces. 

Due to the overwhelming response, it is now a restaurant chain. No wonder, quirky things piques people’s interests!


5. Transit Terminal Food - Abu Dhabitransit terminal food abu dhabi

Image Credit: Transit Terminal Food on Facebook

Abu Dhabi has become one of the top tourist destinations. So, if you're planning to visit this city, don't forget to check out the Transit Terminal Food restaurant there.

The restaurant's concept is inspired by the airport theme. No need to worry as their dishes aren't bad like the dishes you'd associate with most airplanes!

You'll find that the architecture is pretty similar to the interiors of a plane. But wait, that's not all. The menu also features specialty dishes from various countries, like Mexico and the US.

Moreover, you'd even get to hear some cool cabin announcements while you're devouring your food!


6. Eternity Restaurant - Ukraine

Eternity is a popular hangout in Ukraine with a coffin theme. Said to be the largest coffin in the world, the insides are also decorated to bring memories of sitting inside one. Moreover, many dishes have a spooky feel due to their names on the menu. 

To top it all, the owner of this restaurant also runs a funeral parlor! The anecdotes match like never before. 

However, it is not currently advisable to visit Ukraine. So, look out for any travel adversary. 


7. El Diablo - Spain

A live volcano is the source of fire in this eatery. Here, the restaurant cooks atop a grill kept over an earth opening above the volcano. The cooking time is extremely less and all your dishes line up faster than you expect. 


8. Dark Dine Invisible - India

Vision-challenged has a tough life. If you wish to live your life while dining, this restaurant in India, is the perfect option. You will eat your food amidst the darkness. No source of light whatsoever and even the servers are visually challenged. 

You will learn to appreciate the prepared food through other senses; even the steward/stewardess helping you around is sightless. 


Final Thoughts

Restaurant owners now look to attract customers through their themes more than food. This way, you are in for a real visual and immersive experience. While the food remains the same, the serving method and the theme make the restaurant stand out from the crowd. 

Choose among these to boast about your experience to your friends to earn their envy! Whatever your choice, you will never come out disappointed. 

As these restaurants are not halal-certified, we advise you to do further verification before dining at these restaurants to ensure they meet your halal requirements.


Cover Image Credit: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

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