We Tried Sports Hijabs from Olloum, TudungPeople & Adlina Anis and Here's What We Think!

By Hazirah Jamaludin | 07, Nov, 2018
We Tried Sports Hijabs from Olloum, TudungPeople & Adlina Anis and Here's What We Think!

For a long time, the fashion industry has focused on the general mass market. Since the last 5 years or so, modest fashion or modest wear is gaining traction.

Big brands like Nike, Uniqlo and H&M are noticing the potential of the Muslim consumer and are designing clothes suitable for the modern Muslim woman, in part thanks to successful, influential figures like national fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad and weightlifter Amna Al-Haddad.

At HalalTrip, we have recently started making a conscious effort to exercise at least twice a week.

During one of our post-work gym sessions, we were wondering if sports hijab were truly as transformative as they were marketed and sold to be.

So we hatched a plan to reach out to a few brands that market the sports hijab and we decided to put it to the test.

Adlina Anis, Olloum and TudungPeople have kindly sent us their sports hijab but all opinion in this article are our honest and un-sponsored views.

We compared these hijabs based on the following factors (✓✓✓ being the highest) :

  • Stretch
  • Sweat Absorbency
  • Coverage

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Active. Modest. Style - Olloum’s aim is to produce pieces that are stylish and of high quality. Olloum’s products are made to be practical, comfortable and modest.

We tried their popular Long Performance Semi Instant Scarf in Black.

The scarf retails for RM89.00 and you can get yours online at their website, on Fashion Valet or offline at Modvier.

Our Verdict

  • Stretch: ✓
  • Sweat Absorbency: ✓✓✓
  • Coverage: ✓✓

Here’s Why

STRETCH: We felt that a one-size-fits-all may not be the suitable. Although, this can be solved by ensuring that the material used to craft the scarf is stretchable so that women with different face shapes will be able to don the scarf comfortably.

We tested the hijab with three of our staff and noticed that the face of the hijab feels a little tight on some and they would have preferred a more flexible fit.

Although stretchable, the material is more resilient and does not mold easily to certain face shapes. They will definitely look good if you have a petite face.

SWEAT ABSORBENCY: This scarf is amazing when it comes to sweat absorbency. According to the scarf’s description online, it claims to be a ‘dry fast fabric’ that is ‘light and breathable’, made out of Polyester Jersey.

I had a chance to don the scarf while working out and I noticed that the scarf does not stick to your neck when you sweat and you can skip the inner cap when you’re wearing this scarf.

The material of the scarf is also extremely breathable and you won’t have to worry about dealing with the unpleasant smell of sweat so much.

If you happen to be doing light workout that does not involve intensive sweating, it should be fine to just air the scarf before your next session.

COVERAGE: The Long Performance Semi Instant Scarf can be styled two ways. One is to leave the sides covering the chest area and simply clasp the buttons together to keep the sides in place. The second style allows you to clasp the buttons together at the back of your neck.

We personally prefer the second style because the scarf will not get in the way during the workout. It also gives a tidy look so that you will not be bothered with having to keep your scarf in place. You can also hit the mall after gym in no time!

The Long Performance Semi Instant Scarf also has a headband on the inner side of the scarf to ensure that the scarf is kept in place. Olloum is probably one of the very few brands that has incorporated this to their sports hijab.

This band has a broad elastic material that is comfortable and will keep its original elasticity for a long time.


Making “Tudung” By and For the People - TudungPeople sets the bar high with pieces that are of high quality yet affordable at the same time.

The people at TudungPeopleSG sent us their Najwa Sport Hijab in Beige as well as Tan. The sports hijab retails at SGD31.50.

You can purchase them online at TudungPeople Singapore website, on Fashion Valet or offline at the TudungPeople store located in Bangi, Malaysia.

Address: 6-45, Bangi, 01, Jln Medan Pusat Bandar 8A, Bangi Sentral
                43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 11AM to 8PM (Tue-Fri)
                             10AM to 8PM (Sat-Sun)
                             Closed on Mondays

Our Verdict

  • Stretch: ✓✓✓
  • Sweat Absorbency: ✓✓
  • Coverage: ✓✓✓

Here’s Why

STRETCH: The material used for the Najwa Sport Hijab is brilliant. Made of quick drying performance mesh jersey, the sports hijab is extremely breathable.

Each Najwa Sport Hijab also comes in a matching handy pouch for easy storage and portability. A plus for us!

The hijab comes in only one size but the material of the hijab fits various face shapes and sizes. Design-wise, the hijab streamlines at the neck so which makes it not only flattering but ensures that it will always stay in place.

SWEAT ABSORBENCY: Different from the rest of the hijab that we tried and tested, we noticed that sweat stains are quite obvious if you are working up a sweat.

This could partly be due to the colors we had (light colors) that show up when moist so if this is a pet peeve for you, we would recommend opting for darker colors.

Even so, we noticed that once you cool down, the sweat patches dry relatively fast. The fabric has tiny holes characteristic of mesh which helps improves air circulation.

COVERAGE: The Najwa Sport Hijab have a longer and wider coverage on the front and are ideal if you want to have sufficient coverage. Here at HalalTrip, our editors prefer tucking in the hijab into our tops!

The Najwa Sport Hijab comes with a reflective trim on the sides which come in handy for low-light outdoor activities. Another plus factor are the ear slots which allow for sunglasses or earpiece access while you're working out.

When we tried inserting the earpiece, we noticed that the slots were positioned slightly higher than our actual ears. This involved some slight maneuvering and we were unsure if the earbuds were supposed to be showing or not.

After we had it on for a few minutes, it was quite impossible for them to be showing so we tried inserting the earbuds completely into the slot, which made it a lot more manageable.

However, the way the cord bends into the slot can look quite awkward. While you can simply tuck your earpiece underneath your scarf, the extra coverage on the front may restrict movement.

Adlina Anis

Singapore’s very own talent, Adlina Anis, was one of the few that paved the way for local modest fashion. They were the first in the region to launch a sports hijab, The Ninja Echo. The Ninja Echo was designed to have slits for earpiece.

Adlina Anis quickly became a common name among the local community as a brand that aspires to be more than ordinary. Adlina Anis is all about the quality and the practicality of donning the hijab.

The Adlina Anis has sent us their new series of water sports hijab, the Aqua Sol Ninja Cap in Navy and the Aqua Sol Swim Turban in Electric Blue.

The Aqua Sol Ninja Cap retails for SGD 58 while the Aqua Sol Swim Turban retails for SGD 39. You can purchase them online on their official website, or offline at their Showroom.

Address: 80 Changi Rd, Level A, Attic, Centropod, Singapore 419715
Opening Hours: 12PM to 5PM (Mon-Fri)
                              11AM to 3PM (Sat & Sun)

1. Aqua Sol Ninja Cap

Our Verdict

  • Stretch: ✓✓✓
  • Sweat Absorbency: ✓✓
  • Coverage: ✓✓

Here’s Why

STRETCH: Similar in material as your typical swimwear, the Aqua Sol Ninja Cap is extremely stretchable, and fits the spectrum of face shapes and sizes.

Although they only come in one size, the lycra material makes it easy to put on and not to mention, comfortable.

SWEAT ABSORBENCY: This scarf is definitely different from other sports hijabs because it is mainly used for swimming or water sports. However, this is a great option if you’re looking for a 2-in-1 scarf that is both for wet and dry activities.

In terms of sweat absorbency, the Aqua Sol Ninja Cap in Navy does not show noticeable sweat marks during the workout partly due to the nature of the material.

Designed for water play and sun protection during outdoor activities, the lycra material makes it less breathable than the rest so it can get really warm pretty quick. You may want to opt for the turban cap style instead but we personally prefer it for water-related activities.

COVERAGE: The length of the scarf is perfect if you prefer a considerable amount of coverage. The scarf is also designed in a way that it is longer at the front but shorter at the shoulders, giving it a clean look.

Incorporating the cap element into the scarf, the Aqua Sol Ninja Cap combines the best of both worlds. The front of the cap is not hard and stiff but is made of a soft, foam-like material, making it lightweight and bendable.

It would've been great if we could play around with the shape of the cap as with some face shapes, it could look a little flat but it is a personal preference and we admit that its flexile quality makes it overall a great traveling companion.

Just above the cap, there is a layer of fabric that connects the top of the scarf to the cap. While this part of the scarf is essential, we noticed that this does not sit well on the head.

The top of the scarf seems to be sticking out due to the way that it is stitched. We also noticed that the area where the side of the scarf is adjacent to the cap, it can be too wide for those whose hairline start from the temples.

We recommend that you wear an inner scarf for headband to resolve this.

Aqua Sol Swim Turban

Our Verdict

  • Stretch: ✓✓✓
  • Sweat Absorbency: ✓✓
  • Coverage: ✓

Here’s Why

STRETCH: Just like the Aqua Sol Ninja Cap, the Aqua Sol Swim Turban is super stretchable due to its Lycra material. The Aqua Sol Swim Turban was designed with pleats to give it a chic look.

The turban also has a ‘V’ face, shaping the face to look more narrow than round. At the back of the turban, you’ll find a band that stretches to fit most sizes.

SWEAT ABSORBENCY: Wearing the Aqua Sol Swim Turban, you will only notice slight sweat marks around the face of the turban where it is in contact with the skin.

COVERAGE: As its name suggests, the Aqua Sol Swim Turban offers less coverage than the rest but is ideal if you are a turban lover. You can style it with a hoodie or turtleneck if you prefer more coverage around the neck.

The elasticity of the turban is amazing and you don’t have to worry about the turban moving around while working out!


There you go! We’ve compared sports hijab from Olloum, TudungPeople as well as Adlina Anis. We would like to thank these brands for giving us the opportunity to deliver our most genuine and honest review.

As we are writing this, we are glad to see that more brands are increasingly introducing sports wear into their line, making it incredibly accessible for women to exercise their modesty.

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