Everything you need to know about Singapore's Green Lanes Travel Arrangement

By Ridhwan Abu Bakar | 21, Aug, 2020
Everything you need to know about Singapore's Green Lanes Travel Arrangement

The travel situation has been going up and down in recent times, where border restrictions are either relaxed or have been lifted completely or even closed again. Singapore will be joining the list of countries that will be allowing travelers to enter the country with the projected implementation of the Reciprocal Green Lane (RCL) Arrangement.


Reciprocal Green Lane Travel

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The Reciprocal Green Lane Travel arrangements are reserved for short-term essential business and official travel only. With the duration of the travel set to 14-days. Under this arrangement, the dreaded quarantine period will be lifted and in its place, travelers will have to undergo rigorous testing before and after they arrive in the country. Other than the testing, travelers will also have to attain a SafeTravel pass and adhere to a controlled itinerary. 

The purpose of this Reciprocal Green Lane Travel is said to be to “minimize duplication” that will inconvenience and discourage travelers, in other words, the plan is to make traveling easier for the travelers from to and from the other country.

The countries reserved for this arrangement will include countries that are similar or better than Singapore in terms of the COVID-19 situation.

Currently, the travel arrangements in place are with Malaysia and China under the name “Reciprocal Fast-Lane Arrangement”. Where travelers will be subject to a 14-day quarantine in both their home nations and the host nation. 

It is still unsure if the new arrangement and measure will be extended for leisure travel but it might still be possible.

For a more detailed look into requirements, process, and, terms in regards to the Reciprocal Green Lane Arrangement, you can view them on the official website here.


Similar Arrangements Elsewhere

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The restrictions in some countries have been relaxed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it is still reserved for travelers entering and leaving the countries for business and or necessary travel instead of leisure, the outlook for traveling for your next holiday is looking to be getting better. Albeit with the tests and quarantines, depending on the country you are traveling to. These arrangements are dependant on the performance and impact of the current travel arrangements and of course the situation or level of intensity of the pandemic.

Even when traveling has been made easier for us, we should always remember to practice our due diligence when it comes to safety in this pandemic. Some ways you can do so is by using online tools such as the COVID entry check or checking the status on Google Travel to keep you up to date on the latest developments and news from the country that you would like to travel to. This will help in enabling you to make the necessary preparations or changes to your itinerary when the need arises. 

Check out our past blog “Planning To Travel Soon? Here Are 10 Travel Safety Tips For You To Know” for more safety tips in traveling in this pandemic.

We all miss traveling, visiting other countries to soak in their culture, going on adventures, and escaping from our everyday routines but we must collectively be responsible in our travels in order to make traveling possible again. One great way to cure your wanderlust is to explore your own backyard, be a tourist in your own country. Going and rediscovering places in your country, you might be surprised by what your country has to offer. At the time of writing, the information for the Reciprocal Green Lane arrangement is still scarce where only certain aspects of the plan are shared.

Stay Safe!

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