10 Stylish & Elegant Swimwear for Muslimahs

By Nathasha Wickramasinghe | 04, Sep, 2019
10 Stylish & Elegant Swimwear for Muslimahs

You’ve got your dream beach vacay planned – the perfect resort, a great itinerary and the best group of people to enjoy it with – but there’s one slight problem. What are you going to wear to the beach or pool?

We all want to look great and feel great during a beach holiday or while lounging by the pool, an old oversized t-shirt, leggings and a scarf won’t do!

Don’t worry ladies, we have got you covered with a list of 10 stylish and elegant Muslimah swimwear. From sporty to stylish, this list covers all – you are going to be spoilt for choice!


1) Madamme BK
Madamme BK swimwear

Credit: @madammebk on Instagram

One of the most famous luxury swimwear lines out there, Madamme BK will not disappoint. Designer Vanessa Lourenco realised that there was a need for modest swimwear within her entourage, and decided to put her fashion education to use by creating Haute Couture Coverage swimwear. Her brand emphasises on the stylish and elegant –bringing together western and eastern sentimentalities into her creations to make every woman feel sophisticated.

If you are a minimalist, you would love their Tunisia, Oman and, Dubai three-piece swim suits. Simple swimwear yet absolutely stylish and sophisticated – they come in muted, neutral tones. All three swimsuits come with equally stylish and matching headpieces.

Looking for something a bit more fun and colourful to really bring out the holiday spirit, opt for the Agadir or Amélie Teal Burkini. The Agadir swim suit is another three-piece suit with a long, skater skirt cut tunic with a big tropical print in a muted red and white, whilst the Amélie swim suit is in a beautiful teal colour with pink detailing at the hem and collar.



2) LYRA Swimwear
LYRA swimwear

Credit: @lyraswim on Instagram

A brand with a more personal back story, LYRA has a fit for every woman.

Created due to one woman’s struggle to find the perfect swimwear which suited her modest lifestyle, this brand has something for everyone. Beautiful contemporary designs, with minimalistic detailing and elegant shapes – you will not be disappointed.

The brand emanates classic Hollywood with a side of Moroccan beach coolness and minimalism. The swimsuits are created with light weight, fast dry, premium quality Italian Carvico fabric, along with high UV protection. You can purchase them as separates or a full set. Each set comes with a matching turban style head covering, leggings and long sleeve tops allowing you to create the fit that you want.

The brand also closely practices ethical work conditions and empowers their tailors. They are an active member of the #ThisGirlCan campaign. Their swimwear has been worn by prominent figures such as news anchor Noor Tagouri and Olympic fencing champion Ibtihaj Muhammad.

LYRA has three collections – SOFIA, RAYA, ASRA – all three have minimalistic, contemporary designs with some differenes between them. This ensures that you can find the perfect fit for you! SOFIA has more sporty designs; RAYA goes for a more feminine look, while ASRA is more elegant.



3) Nasira Marbella
Nasira Marbella swimwear

Credit: @nasriamarbella on Instagram

A Spanish brand, Nasira Marbella offers simple but exclusive modest swimwear.

If you are looking for something simple and well made then Nasira Marbella will be perfect. Their swim suits are made with 50+ UV protection and all appliqués are hand sewn, the material used is quick dry. All swim suits come with a turban style cap and is produced by the brand Flexfit.

They have a variety of classic black swim suits with fabric appliqués to add a fun element to the piece. However, if you are looking for something with a little bit more oomph you can opt for their brightly coloured swimsuits – like the cherry pink suit that will definitely make you stand out at any pool party.



4) East Essence
East Essence swimwear

Credit: East Essence

Are you a sucker for prints? If so, East Essence has got you covered!

But it’s not just prints; East Essence has got it all! Unlike the other brands on the list they have a wide range of swimwear in different designs and colours. They’ve got simple one colour swim suits for women who like to keep things minimal and, a more glam collection with sequin detailing to really get you in the mood for a glam holiday! Who doesn’t like some sparkle?!

From feminine designs to more sporty designs they have something for every woman. They even have a collection specifically for beach sports and are more wear and tear resistant – these would also be ideal if you are going for a swim at a river or waterfall. So don’t miss out on any of the adventure!

They even have UV resistant beach wear abayas in colourful prints – so if you aren’t overly fond of swimming you could just lounge on the sand while sipping on a cool drink and just enjoy the waves crashing in, all while looking absolutely fab!



5) Veilkini
veilkini swimwear

Credit: Veilkini

A modest swimwear brand based in the UAE, Veilkini will not disappoint.

With options ranging from regular, sports and, even plus size – no woman will be left out from having a fun pool vacation or beach holiday. May it be simple designs or colourful prints; you can easily find what suits your preferences the best.

All swimwear by the brand are three piece swim suits with detachable head pieces. The fabric used is a 80% nylon – 20% spandex mix, with low water absorbency which allows you longer pool hours and the swim suit dries quicker. The swimsuits come with a 50+ UV protection rating and are also resistant to sea salt. They suggest that you order one size smaller if you want a tighter fit as the sizes given on the website are excluding stretch.



6) Adasea
adasea swimwear

Credit: Adasea

A Turkish family run brand that has been around since the 1970’s, they offer a variety of swim suits to fit your preference, Adasea is definite contender when looking for the best fit.

Choose from their many fully covered or not fully covered – yet modest swimwear styles which come in minimal, sporty designs as well as in elegant prints. Their designs have a lot of attention to detail, with delicate floral patterns and frill details at the ankles of the leggings.

Adasea is another brand which offers plus size modest swim wear, in classic sporty styles and patterns. Not all of their swimwear comes in three pieces; however, the headpiece might not be detachable in some swimsuits. They also offer a LYCRA range of modest swimwear.

They also have other beach/ pool wear such as beautiful kimonos in printed chiffon and, lace.



7) Mayovera
Mayovera swimwear

Credit: Mayovera

The second Turkish brand on this list, Mayovera swimwear is groovy and stylish!

With a few patterns inspired by the 60s and 70s it has a vintage look but with a bit of modernity added in. The swim suits come as a three piece, which includes the head cover which is styled as a classic 70s headscarf.

Their swim suits are not tight fitted, and are more on the loose side. However, that does not mean they are any less stylish. The design is very reminiscent of 60s fashion with loose tops paired with flared pants. If you love vintage fashion, this brand will definitely have you looking groovy!

They even have matching beach bags for the swim suit as well. They have a variety of bags to choose from if you want to accessorise your beach/pool look – ranging from clutches to totes. They also offer plus size modest swimwear.



8) Hawaii Beach Wear
Hawaii Beach Wear swimwear

Credit: Hawaii Beach Wear

Hawaii Beach Wear is based in Malaysia, they offer swimsuits for everyone; however, they do have a small modest swimwear collection.

The company has been around since 2008 and has a lot of experience within the swimwear industry, so you can’t go wrong in selecting a swimsuit by Hawaii Beach Wear. They offer vibrant floral prints paired with classic minimal black burkinis.

Their swim suits come as swim tops - which include a head cover – and as swim dresses. You can choose between minimal, sporty designs and colourful but elegant floral designs.



9) Riva Mera
riva mera swimwear

Credit: Riva Mera

If you are into sporty chic, Riva Mera definitely delivers that aesthetic!

Their swimsuit designs are the classic burkini with sporty but colourful detailing in colour blocks and stripes. The swimsuits come as three pieces with a turban styled head cover or attached hijab. The fabrics used for the swimsuits are polyester and Lycra.

They also offer styles similar to Mayovera and have floral prints as well, so you really would be spoilt for choice. You can choose from their fully covered designs or their half covered designs based on your preference.



10) Mayo Bella
mayo bella swimwear

Credit: Mayo Bella

Last but not least on this list, Mayo Bella offers up some classic fully covered burkinis.

Their swim suits come in plain black and in fun prints; you can choose between something which has more of a minimal print or go for a pretty floral print. Most of their prints are in muted colours, while you will find a few single coloured swim suits in colours like bright pink and blue. The fabric they have used to create the swimwear is light weight polyester.



Hopefully this list will help you find the perfect fit for your beach vacation – but remember these swim suits are not only limited to the beach or the pool, you can even wear them to swim in fresh water rivers or lakes!

Looking great is important on holiday, but having fun and enjoying every bit of your trip is equally important! Adjust your head cover, wear those shades and, step into the water, girls!

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