Taiwanese Cuisine in Singapore

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 21, Jun, 2022
Taiwanese Cuisine in Singapore

Taiwanese cuisine never fails to take a favorable spot in your heart and mouth. All you need is to give yourself a taste of Taiwanese cuisine to fall in love with it. Your taste bud will always appreciate foods like Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup, oyster mee sua, and Taiwanese fried chicken.

Since Singaporeans appreciate Taiwanese cuisine a lot, you can find plenty of restaurants that offer Taiwanese food all over the Island.

So, let's learn a little bit about Taiwanese cuisine (for those of us who've been living under a rock) and some of the best spots where you can taste it.

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Taiwanese Cuisine

what taiwanese cuisine is

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Taiwanese cuisine is a blend of flavors and innovation, both regional and global. Taiwanese culture had its fair chair of foreign influences throughout history that made their way into the local cuisine.

Traditionally, Taiwanese cuisine has a strong base in Chinese culinary habits, but freshness and availability were the major forces that shaped the cuisine. The traditional hot pot and soup-based dishes are the most important staples of Taiwanese cuisine. And since Japan also greatly influenced Taiwanese cuisine, eating fresh seafood is more prevalent than red meats.

When it comes to popular Taiwanese meals, many of them include non-halal ingredients, especially pork.

The halal foods in Taiwanese cuisine include Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup, Taiwanese hotpots, Century Egg, xiao long bao, and bubble tea.


Here are 6 of the best spots for lovers of Taiwanese cuisine in SG:

where to get these delicious dishes

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The Voice Taiwanese Cuisine, Jurong Point

Even though they have a lot of pork meals on their menu, the Voice is still one of the best restaurants you can visit in SG to taste Taiwanese cuisine.

You can always give The Voice a visit if you want to have a quick bite and appreciate Taiwanese snacks.

Black Pot Taiwanese Cuisine, Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre

Black Pot has probably the best Taiwanese fish hotpot with rice you can get in Singapore.

Since they have a lot of pork on their menu, make sure to ask if anything you ordered isn't halal.

A8undance, Lengkok Bahru

When it comes to abundance in proportions and good tastes, A8undance is the go-to. Some of their most delicious meals include their various field rice with meat and fish bun.

Their menu also features many dumplings and noodles choices, including their traditional Taiwanese beef noodles.

Eat 3 Bowls, Crawford Ln

If you want to enjoy your Oyster Mee Sua at a calm restaurant with a fine taste in background music, Eat 3 Bowls is the place for you.

The restaurant is owned by a Singaporean man who loves Taiwan so much, so he got married to a Taiwanese woman and started a Taiwanese restaurant.

Don't forget to order their bubble tea latte; it's one of the best.

Monki Cafe, Holland Drive

Based on Holland Drive, Monki Cafe shares the same vibe that the restaurants there have: cute and Instagram-worthy. Monki Cafe features a more innovative take on Taiwanese cuisine.

You can find plenty of halal options on their menu.

Want Food Taiwanese Delights, Cross Street

Want Food Taiwanese Delights in Cross Street is the best spot to get Taiwanese salted crispy chicken. Aside from their amazing customer service, the Want Food Taiwanese Delights atmosphere is cozy and heartwarming. Just make sure not to eat more than you can handle in your daily caloric intake.


Here you have it! The above are some perfect spots where you can get a good taste of Taiwanese cuisine in SG.


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