The Best Beaches in Australia - The Top 10

By Halal Trip | 09, Oct, 2015
The Best Beaches in Australia - The Top 10

It is no surprise that Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is renowned for its natural beauty, incredible attractions, fascinating wildlife, lively cities, and of course for its picture-perfect beaches. Because the country has hundreds of great beaches, listing out ten of the best is not easy. The following list represents some of the best beaches in Australia, in no particular order.

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1) Whitehaven Beach

Located on Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach is known to be one of the best beaches in Australia, if not the most. Stretching for over 7 kilometres, this dream beach should be on every individual’s travel bucket list. Boasting 98% pure white silica sand; which is among the purest in the world, and warm crystal-clear turquoise waters; ideal for snorkeling, it is also one of the most photographed beaches in Australia.

2) Turquoise Bay

Located near the town of Exmouth, within Ningaloo Marine Park in Western Australia, is Turquoise Bay; known to be one of Western Australia's best beaches due to its powdery white sand and waters that are excellent for snorkeling. This exceptionally beautiful beach has a stunning diversity of coral, and equally rich marine life; including colorful tropical fish, reef shark and clown fish.

3) Cable Beach

Cable Beach, also in Western Australia, located in the town of Broome stretches for 22 kilometres of pure bliss. Home to pure white sand and fringed with clear turquoise water, surrounded by red hills, there are no words to describe the beauty of Cable Beach. The beach is also known for its spectacular Indian Ocean sunsets, and for offering visitors the opportunity to ride camels along the sun-kissed shore.

4) Bells Beach

Bells Beach in Victoria is a world renowned surfer’s paradise. While the beach found here is not that big, the powerful surf, and dramatic high cliffs make it an absolute must-visit. Because Bells Beach is known to be frequented by some of the best surfers from across the globe, visitors must make it a point to try their hand at surfing at one of the world's best beaches for surfing.

5) Burleigh Heads Beach

Next on our list is the Gold Coast’s Burleigh Heads Beach. Although there are numerous notable beaches on the Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads is one of the best. The beach boasts pristine tropical sands, fantastic waters for swimming and surfing, numerous walking tracks to explore, and a parkland area filled with facilities for young and old; thus making it incredibly family-friendly. Facilities for Muslims will also not be difficult to find and travelers will find it to be one of Australia's best beaches for Muslims.

6) Noosa Main Beach

A perfect example of what the Sunshine Coast has to offer is Noosa Main Beach. One of the few beaches along the coastline to face north, Noosa Main Beach’s main features are its picture-perfect sand and gentle waves. This family-friendly beach is also rich in land and marine wildlife; with dolphins frequenting the waters here. Tourists may also get the chance to spot whales if visiting during their annual migration season. Noosa Main Beach is also one of the best beaches in Australia for Muslims.

7) Wineglass Bay

There are few words to describe the simply stunning Wineglass Bay. Part of the beautiful Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, this world-renowned beach features stark white sand and deep blue waters which stand out strongly against the surrounding pink and white granite peaks. The beach’s clam shaped shoreline makes it incredibly unique and even more picturesque.

8) Bondi Beach

Sydney’s Bondi Beach needs no introductions whatsoever. This iconic Sydney attraction is popular amongst locals as well as tourists for its lively atmosphere, its surroundings and its easy accessibility. While the beach is almost always crowded, no trip to Sydney is complete without a visit to this internationally recognized beach. The attraction offers ideal conditions for surfing and swimming, but visitors who choose not to get themselves wet can relax on the beach, enjoy a leisurely coastal walk or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the numerous restaurants found here.

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9) Hyams Beach

Jervis Bay's Hyams Beach is renowned for its incredibly white sand and its beautiful setting. Surrounded by stunning natural attractions like Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay Marine Park, native forests and cliffs, Hyams Beach offers numerous options for visitors. Popular activities at the beach include diving, surfing, sailed, snorkeling, sea kayaking and wind surfing. Whale and dolphin-watching cruises can also be enjoyed while here.

10) 75 Mile Beach

Located on Queensland’s Fraser Island, 75 Mile Beach; so named because of its impressive 75 mile coastline, may not be original in name, but is definitely original in looks. This beach is not a swimming beach due to the large number of sharks that inhabit the water. The multi-colored sands found here however make it a must-visit.

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