Traveling To India? Know Your Best Mode Of Transport To Get Around India

By Halal Trip | 20, Sep, 2018
Traveling To India? Know Your Best Mode Of Transport To Get Around India

What are the different types of public transport in India? India is a popular tourist destination which has many different sites on display throughout the country. As the country covers a fairly large extent of land, the public transport in India plays an important role in getting tourists around to all the top attractions. Whether you are a first time traveler or have been around a couple of times, a trip to India may sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

Therefore HalalTrip recommends some useful India travel tips which will help you with getting around in India to have the most enjoyable holiday experience.

Options of Public Transport in India

Once you arrive in India, you will be able to see for yourself how busy the roads are. Especially close to major cities you will find that the hustle and bustle creates an extremely busy and somewhat chaotic setting. Once you have planned out your tour itinerary it is very important that you focus on how you will be getting around in India so that you can manage your time spent on travelling in the best way possible. The following are some options of budget transport in India you could consider using. 

1. Rickshaws

The first form of rickshaws introduced to India were cycle rickshaws. Since they took to the streets in the 1940s, these vehicles have showed no decline and are therefore one of the most popular forms of budget transport in India. With time these vehicles too got slightly modernized and have evolved into an auto rickshaw which is a 3 wheeled vehicle with no doors. Most of these come with metered fares so are a great way to travel between cities and enjoy sightseeing along the way.

2. Train

The railway system is the most used form of public transport in India, having the highest passenger density in the world amounting to nearly 6.3 million passengers a day. Therefore you might want to avoid using this mode of travel during peak times but is an experience worth trying out even once during your stay. 

3. Bus

Like trains, the bus system is another highly used form of budget transport in India, making up over 90% of public transportation within the city locations. The facilities on most of the buses are limited but much efforts are being taken by the national government to improve their quality to encourage private vehicle owners to use public transportation with the hope of reducing congestion in the streets. 

Other Important Things to Note When Traveling In India

Apart from deciding on how to travel in India you might want to prepare yourself to the very different experiences you will encounter during your travels. Try to plan ahead and pick the perfect route so that you don’t waste too much time travelling between attractions you plan on visiting. Also during certain times of the year the weather outside might reach high temperatures so make sure you keep yourself well hydrated while travelling.

Remember, things can get extremely hectic and noisy in the busy streets of India, so it would help to be cool and slow down when needed so that you could have the best holiday you desire. Also, it may be a little helpful to keep some extra cash here and there so that you are always ready to change your mode of transport in case of an emergency.


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