The Top Halal Cosmetics You Need To Add To Your Collection Today

By Hooria Tahir | 01, Jun, 2022
The Top Halal Cosmetics You Need To Add To Your Collection Today

Our skin is the largest part of our entire body. - Evidently, we need to take utmost care of it. Oftentimes, we forget that the cosmetics we use daily can cause more harm than good. It is because of the long list of toxic and sometimes even Haram ingredients (Alcohol, Gelatin) are added to them. 

Yes, you read that right. As Muslims, it is our job to choose what goes inside our and on our bodies. The beauty industry’s laws and regulations are not up-to-date, and as consumers, it is now our job to examine the cosmetics we buy and choose them according to the listed ingredients. 

Fortunately, many brands have begun creating a range of Halal-certified cosmetics for Muslim consumers. It is religiously significant, but it is also vital to take care of our bodies. ingredients like alcohol have been shown to do more harm than good. 

People globally have begun to ditch products that contain dangerous ingredients that can harm us in the long run. Below, we have listed some of the top Halal cosmetic brands for you to invest in and build your collection. 

Muslims no longer have to live in fear of the dangerous Haraam cosmetics that have long ruled the beauty industry. 


The difference between Halal Cosmetics and other cosmetics 

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The primary difference between Halal cosmetics and normal ones is that Halal cosmetics are targeted toward Muslim consumers and allow them to use them freely. Many people still forget that Muslims have to follow certain paths in their lifestyle, and avoiding Haram cosmetics is one of them. 

Haram cosmetics could contain significant contents of ingredients such as alcohol or gelatin, both of which are Haram for Muslims to the consumer. 

And because of this, Muslims get to struggle by not taking part in various beauty products. Nowadays, more brands are gaining this perspective to reach their Muslim audience by producing Halal cosmetics. 


What is Halal Certification, and how do you get it? 

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A Halal Certification proves that a product is targeted toward Muslims. It allows Muslims to consume them. Whether the product is edible or not, like a face cream or body wash. Halal Certification is absolutely legit done by genuine inspecting companies. 


Cosmetic Brands That Carry Halal Products 

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1. INIKA Organic 

INIKA Organic is an Australian-based beauty brand that carries organic, vegan, and Halal cosmetics. The makeup company has been operating since 2006 and is now well settled in the beauty industry. This brand develops all of its products ethically and sources them to a set consumer market who trust and enjoy its work. 

There is no doubt that INIKA Organic will become one of the leading brands in makeup very soon due to its inclusive and well-made line of cosmetics. 

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2. 786 Cosmetics 

786 Cosmetics is easily one of the fastest-growing and most reputable Halal brands in Pakistan. The brand has made it its mission to serve its Muslim audience with Halal-certified nail polishes which can be worn during ablution. 

Although there is still debate whether or not nail polishes (of any kind) should be worn during Namaaz, 786 Cosmetics took an excellent first step. Plus, these nail polishes can still be worn otherwise by females.

These nail polishes are Halal, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

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3. Amara Halal Cosmetics 

The name says it all, Amara Halal Cosmetics is a U.S Based company that produces cosmetics with natural, Halal ingredients. Their line is made up of zero animal by-products or alcohol, making it the perfect cosmetic range for Muslims! 

They have an extensive collection of items to choose from, including lipsticks, blush pallets, and makeup brushes. The brand has rapidly grown since it first began operating and has since collaborated with several famous influences. 

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