7 Essential Things To Pack For Your Journey to Hajj

By Halal Trip | 24, Aug, 2017
7 Essential Things To Pack For Your Journey to Hajj
Sometimes, the excitement and expectations of going to Hajj make almost everyone ultimately forget to pack up the essential products a Muslim should pack for Hajj. To ensure that doesn't happen, you should always make a Hajj packing list and checklist of things that should be taken on your Hajj and Umrah journey. After packing up the basic of necessities, always double check if you have packed up your most essential items. The survival kit for men and women during Hajj includes the items below:

1) Documents and Tickets

It's not like you can travel without your ticket and passport! Always double or triple check to see if you have taken those items along with copies of your passport and visa. Make sure to take your identity card as well. It never hurts to be prepared.

2) Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is always necessary to be kept close to you. You should include the typical medicines (or any medicine that's prescribed if you have any conditions), some extra cash that's at your disposal, a small towel, toiletries, chapstick, etc.

3) Pocket sized Guidelines, Qur'an and Prayer and Dua Books

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In case of any confusion, you should have the Guidelines for Hajj with you at all times, so that it will be easier for you to go through the pilgrimage. Also, get a pocket-sized Qur'an so it can be easily carried around and also Prayer and Dua books so you wouldn't have to search for it in times of need.


4) Extra sets of (Ihram) Clothes

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Pack around 2-3 extra sets of Ihram clothes before leaving. This will be necessary during the Hajj journey. Be sure to always carry around an extra set of clothing to carry around in case of emergency.


5) A travel sized Suitcase

This will come in handy when you are traveling between Arafat, Muzdalifah, Mina, and Mecca. Make sure it isn't too bulky or hard to handle. It will be preferable to carry a backpack or side bag, but for those who have difficulties carrying bags would do well with a medium sized travel suitcase.

6) Water Bottles and Snacks

Take water bottles and little snacks with you so that when you are parched or are experiencing little hunger pangs you can easily satisfy those needs. You cannot travel well if you are dead on your feet! So be on the constant look out for yourself as well as those around you. Also, take extra water bottles so that you can take Zamzam water with you.


7) Prayer Mats and Garb

It's always convenient to have your own set of prayer mat and garb. It will ensure that you are always prepared to perform Salah anywhere at a moment's notice. You can also take a Miswak with you so that you can use it before taking Wudu.
If all these things are with you, then all the essentials you need will be with you and ensure you have an uninterrupted Hajj journey. Have a great and blessed journey!

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    Hajj is once in lifetime worship done to please Allah (SWT) for the very reason we should pack in such a way that we should try to cover almost all the things to carry if the person intends to go for the pilgrimage so that it makes to do maximum ibadah without any hassles. Here is a brief list of recommended travel items for Hajj sarainternationaltravel.com