THTP Season 5 Ep. #5 | Nur: Leaving Life Behind Bars

By Halal Trip | 04, Jul, 2022

Nur faced hardship at a young age, from being a victim of abuse to falling prey to drugs. She's been incarcerated thrice and with the help of YRSG, she is currently employed for the first time in her life and on the road to rebuilding her life with her children.

If you've not heard our other YRSG special with Syafiqah, a career coach, you can check it out here!

We hope you love this episode and Nur as much as we do! If you are an ex-offender struggling to find a job, please visit Yellow Ribbon’s website at for details on contacting the Employment Assistance Unit. To get in touch, call 6513 1537 to make an appointment or email your inquiry to [email protected]

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What to Listen For

  • Introduction to our guest - Nur
  • What she does and her recent promotion in the workplace
  • How it felt being incarcerated for the first time?
  • What led to that first incarceration? 
  • The loss of a family member and going through a tough time
  • Experiencing it for the first time
  • The process of incarceration and the scary stories about prison
  • Sharing the cell with her cell-mates
  • The documentaries about prison and how accurately it portrays the prison life
  • Having jobs while in prison and buying things inside
  • Syafiqah - "Employment is a way to give individuals the feeling of empowerment"
  • Building back their self-confidence and other qualities
  • "Teaches us that we are not useless"
  • Learning the practices of Islam and getting closer to the religion in prison
  • Learning surah Al-Fateha, Bismillah and reading Arabic
  • Meeting a kind-hearted Ustazah
  • What's different when teaching in prison and outside of prison?
  • A different image to what was portrayed during the lesson
  • Applying for religious classes
  • Some of the other classes, other than religious classes, that are available inside
  • Having the niyyah of becoming a Muslim even before being incarcerated
  • How did Yellow Ribbon help Nur reintegrate into society?
  • The different jobs she was paired with in the program
  • A chance encounter with a company that she worked for before being incarcerated and reapplying at the company with the help of Yellow Ribbon Singapore
  • Syafiqah going the extra mile to support Nur as a career coach
  • What is the process like when someone applies for the program with Yellow Ribbon?
  • Finding support from friends and family
  • What can we as a society or as an individual do to show some support? - Never label


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