8 Great Tips For A Productive Hajj

By Halal Trip | 23, Aug, 2017
8 Great Tips For A Productive Hajj
The most common thing people forget when they go for Hajj is to make the trip as productive as possible. It's not just performing Hajj that counts, it's also your actions and behavior for the duration of the trip. It should be a spiritual experience that leaves you enlightened than before. The following tips are a must know, to prepare for your Hajj journey and make it productive.

1) Say Salaam to strangers

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Just because you don't know a person doesn't mean a greeting won't make them smile and respond. Whenever you see someone, you should always greet them by saying 'Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakathuh'. That's one thing added to your good deeds list.


2) Read Qur'an with Tafseer

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Read a Sura from the Qur'an daily along with the meaning. It will ensure that we become more familiar with the Qur'an and also get rewards for the effort.


3) Carry someone's bag for them

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If you see anyone having a difficult time with their luggage or any elders who find it difficult to handle them, you should always offer a lending hand. Their gratitude towards you will also be a reward towards you.

4) Use a Miswak

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Always remember to use a Miswak to clean your teeth before each Fard prayers. It is a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (sal).

5) Purify one's self of bad intentions

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Be a better person and purify yourself of all bad thoughts and intentions. Make sure you don't wish anything you regret later on! Make sure that you will not revert back to old habits.

6) Make Dua

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Always make Dua for your family, friends, relatives, those in need, etc. If anyone has requested a certain Dua to ask on behalf of them, make sure to fulfill it. And also ask Allah (swat) for a better and healthier life for everyone including yourself.


7) Pray to Allah (swat)

Pray to Allah (swat) daily by using his 99 beautiful names (Al Asmaa al' Husna). A beautiful prayer like that goes a long way.

8) Open your heart to forgiveness

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Let go of all anger, hate, and disappointment of those who have wronged you. Be able to forgive, forget and love even your enemies. Make sure to give them a second chance.
Though simple, the tips mentioned above may have a powerful effect on the productiveness of your Hajj trip. Always remember to socialize and interact with people and share the general knowledge you have with you. Go on this spiritual journey and collect more rewards and good deed for yourself and make sure to involve us all in your Dua's.
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