6 Tips to Maintaining Good Habits After Ramadan to Avoid Complacency | Ramadan Goals

By Saniya Baxi | 22, Apr, 2021
6 Tips to Maintaining Good Habits After Ramadan to Avoid Complacency | Ramadan Goals

The holy month of Ramadan is all about becoming a better version of yourself by being more compassionate, thoughtful, and getting closer to the Almighty. However, this pious month is also about self-introspection and continuing with healthy habits even after Ramadan.

Does it sound like a tough task? Well, trust me, it isn’t once you know how to achieve those Ramadan goals. So, read on to find out the 6 best tips to maintaining good habits post-Ramadan.


Tip 1: Have a Fixed Time For Reciting Quran
Reciting Quran Ramadan

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Even if we all offer Salah five times a day, many of us often forget about reading Quran daily, until Ramadan.

Reading Quran has ample benefits. First of all, every letter you read contributes to your good deeds. Moreover, reading Quran can also bring about peace and patience or Sabr in a world that’s constantly engaged in a rat race.

So, consider setting a fixed time for reciting Quran. Keep in mind that even if you can’t, use any free time that you have to recite Quran. This will help in forming a proper habit.


Tip 2: Give Sadaqah Whenever Possible
Give Sadaqa Ramadan

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You may give Sadaqah or Zakat during the month of Ramadan but do you continue with this habit post-Ramadan? If not, then now is a good time to start!

Giving Sadaqah regularly and helping the needy can definitely help you earn rewards in the Afterlife. However, it can also fill you with a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and peace, knowing that you have helped someone get through their day.

This, in itself, is a very big act of compassion no matter how small the amount of Sadaqah is.

So, if you have the resources to help the needy, always try your best to help them without shying away.


Tip 3: Fast Once or Twice a Week and Prevent Overeating
Fast Once or Twice After Ramadan

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The whole point of fasting in Ramadan is to steer clear from worldly pleasures and to invest in the Hereafter by purifying our souls. So, why keep it limited to Ramadan only?

By fasting once or twice a week, preferable Mondays and Thursdays, you’ll grow spiritually. Additionally, it will also benefit your health as fasting is known to increase concentration, improve sleep quality, and make you feel active throughout the day too.

If not fasting, you can also try to prevent overeating by appreciating the food on your plate and Allah’s (SWT) blessings.


Tip 4: Understand and Implement Teachings From Quran
Understanding Quran Ramadan

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After Ramadan, try to make an effort to understand the Quran while reciting it. This will make you feel closer to Allah (SWT) and understand the teachings of the Holy Quran in a much clearer way. Thus, the Quran will provide you guidance that no one else can.

Apart from understanding the teachings of the Quran, make sure that you’re implementing them in every step of your life. This way you will always stay under the protection of Allah (SWT) and never stray from the path of righteousness.


Tip 5: Believe in the Power of Dua
Power of Dua Ramadan

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Many of us make Dua to Allah (SWT) for various reasons during the month of Ramadan. So, continue making Dua and asking for Allah’s (SWT) help in both good and bad times.

Along with making Dua, it is also a good practice to be grateful to him for everything that you have.


Tip 6: Stay Kind and Humble Always

Lastly, the true essence of Ramadan is in being kind and humble to everyone around you as this month is about becoming a better version of yourself in every way possible.

So, always help whosoever is in need, be polite to everyone, and never harbor any ill feelings towards anyone. After all, being a Muslim and a follower of Islam is about being a pious and kind soul.


Final Thoughts

To conclude, Ramadan may come to end in 2023 but when it does, it is your duty to keep all the teachings of this Ramadan for the many years to come!

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