Tokyo Olympics 2020 | 9 Out-Of-This-World Things You Need To Know

By Shamilka Rasheed | 13, Feb, 2019
Tokyo Olympics 2020 | 9 Out-Of-This-World Things You Need To Know

Sports fans worldwide are getting all geared up to watch their favorite athletes in action at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, taking place from 24th July to 9th August in Japan.

This year’s event is set to be as interesting as ever, with Japan extending their reputed hospitality to visitors and making great efforts to create a welcoming environment. What is special about the 2020 Olympics is that Japan’s technology will be taking things to the next level. And yes! This does include robots and self-driving taxis!


Furthermore, organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have decided to make Japan a lot more Muslim-friendly which is certainly a great move when bringing different communities together. As first-time hosts, Japan aims to make the Tokyo 2020 Olympics a unique and memorable experience for everyone.

1. Look Out For The Mobile Mosque

Credit: Japan News-Yomiuri on Portland Press Herald

While the Tokyo Grand Mosque is easily the best place to perform your prayers, it might be time-consuming and a hassle to navigate your way back and forth the event venue and mosque. This is when the mobile mosque would come in really handy! The massive 48 square-meter mobile mosque can accommodate up to 50 worshippers. The 25-ton truck comes with a portable ablution area for worshippers to make wudhu. The mobile mosque was created to encourage Muslim travelers to Japan for the Olympics without having to worry about their personal needs.

2. Stay Tuned For The 2020 Paralympics

The excitement of the Olympics will continue on to the 2020 Paralympics which will be held from August 25th to September 6th. Not only will this event be an inspiring one, but two new sports will be added to the agenda - badminton and taekwondo. The 2020 Paralympics will also include the traditional torch relay, and events are set to take place at all prefectures that will be hosting the event in Japan.

3. New Sports Will Be Part Of The Agenda

If you are wondering what is special about the 2020 Olympics, look out for the sports that will be part of the agenda for the first time Baseball/Softball, Karate, Sport Climbing, Surfing, and Skateboarding. It’s well-known that one of Japan’s favorite sports include baseball, which will be marking its return at the 2020 Olympics along with softball as well.

4. Halal Meals Will Be Available

As one of the moves to make the Olympics more Muslim-friendly - athletes and visitors will find it easier to get Halal meals. So, you don’t have to worry about locating Halal restaurants, instead, you can focus on the thrilling sporting events. The Halal meals will be provided by the Muslim World League (MWL) which is also set to be the provider of Halal items in Japan under a new agreement with the country. The MWL has promised that quality products and services will be certified accordingly as well.

5. Let The Robots Take You Into The Future

Credit: Techspot

It’s no secret that Japan is among the most technologically forward countries in the world - so be prepared to let robots carry your luggage! This is all part of the 2020 technology to create a futuristic environment and with a swarm of robots performing tasks to make visitors feel welcome and enjoy a convenient stay during the major sporting event. Majority of the robots will be at the athlete’s Olympic village in the Odaiba area and at the airport, where visitors will get assistance with translation, directions, transport and even sight-seeing.

6. More Cutting Edge Technology

Credit: Voicetra

Part of the amazing 2020 Technology that Japan will be presenting includes an app that features real-time translation known as VoiceTra that is designed to translate 10 languages and will be available in public areas such as shopping spots and landmarks. Panasonic will also be introducing a palm-sized translator that can translate Japanese into 10 languages.

Finally taking things further for viewers at home, the NHK plans to broadcast the event in glorious 8k high definition where you can enjoy the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in a high-quality display.

7. Olympic Medals Will Contain Parts Of Old Electronics

With all this progress in technology, creating a unique experience for visitors to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Japan is also taking a sustainable approach to the medals for the event. The Japanese are encouraged to donate their old and unused electronic items which will be used to manufacture up to 5000 medals for the Olympics.

8. A Unique Take On Technology And Transport

Credit: Nikkei Asian Review

Japan plans to the next level once again by introducing the self-driving taxis to the streets. The taxis are installed with sensors, with more vehicles to be launched out in time for the Tokyo Olympics. Additionally, there are big plans to power the entire Olympic athletes’ village with hydrogen by using fuel cells and hydrogen-powered buses as well.

9. Artificial Shooting Stars?


Another fascinating feature of this year’s Olympics include plans to release an artificial meteor shower from a cubic microsatellite that will be operated from earth for the opening ceremony, which will be the very first of its kind.


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