Top 10 Budget-Friendly Destinations to Travel to in 2024

By Meka Mona | 04, Jan, 2024
Top 10 Budget-Friendly Destinations to Travel to in 2024

New year, new adventure! There are so many great destinations and cities to visit in 2024. However, sometimes our exploring plans frequently come to a stoppage or fail due to multiple factors such as costs, unfamiliarity, or because some of the location that are yet proven to be safe for us to visit as Muslims. Usually, it leads to overthinking, which leads nowhere.

Now, I want you to stop overthinking. I'll make sure that your 2024 adventures won't take place solely at home. I will take you on a tour to these wonderful cities and destinations that are both affordable and safe to visit, making your 2024 even more thrilling!

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1. Bucharest - RomaniaBucharest romania

Image Credit: Hari Nandakumar on Unsplash  

Bucharest, known for its old and magnificent structures, is an ideal city tourism destination for individuals who like vintage and aesthetic items. No need to be concerned; if you go there, you will undoubtedly save a lot of money while also saving a lot of time! Consider this: if you stayed for 7 days, the estimated cost is $766, and you can already have accommodation, meals, and other tourist attractions! Isn't it very cost-effective?

If you want to find good street-style photo spots, Lipscani could be the choice. For you art lovers, don't forget to add Muzeul National al Satului "Dimitrie Gusti" to your list! After that, explore the beautiful architectural building of Ateneul Roman Bucharest, you are guaranteed to be amazed!

Bucharest is also very safe for halal travel. Because it is very close to the history of the Ottoman Empire, Muslim traces are automatically very visible there. You also won't have any trouble finding halal food there. Halal restaurants in Bucharest are very diverse. It's really interesting to visit, isn't it?

Estimated Budget: $766 for 7 days


2. Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei Darussalam

When it comes to budget-friendly tourist places, Bandar Seri Begawan, often known as BSB, should not be ignored! Bandar Seri Begawan has numerous lovely tourist sites that you should visit. Of course, on a tight budget.

Want to try a new atmosphere of traveling? You can make Kianggeh Park as your first destination. This traditional market is known to be very clean, and you will definitely find lots of traditional snacks there. For you Muslim travelers, don't forget to visit the beautiful and magnificent mosques there! Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Bandar Seri Begawan.

You can also go to Kampong Ayer, widely known as the "Venice of the East." You can get an experience similar to Venice by exploring the residences on stilts there by boat. There is no doubt that you can visit Bandar Seri Begawan on a super-friendly budget!

Estimated Budget: $381 for 7 days


3. Budapest - Hungary

Who would have believed that you could travel to Budapest on a budget? With a budget of roughly $130, you can travel for three days and have wonderful experiences.

Visit Buda Castle cave and learn about its unique geological structure while exploring the cave labyrinth. You can also visit other gorgeous buildings in Budapest, such as Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament Building.

For those Muslim travelers, Budapest also has vestiges of Ottoman Empire history! You can pay a visit to the tomb of Gül Baba, an Ottoman Dervish who took part in the capture of Buda in 1541. Aside from it, there are various mosques to visit, one of which is the Dar Al-Salam Mosque. Not only that, but halal accommodations and eateries are widespread. Budapest is definitely a wonderful city that will entice you to return.

Estimated Budget: $130 for 3 days


4. Krong Siem Reap - Cambodiacambodia

Image Credit: Edmund Lou on Unsplash

In truth, Cambodia has many lovely corners that can be your destination, and you don't have to spend a lot of money to satisfy them all. You may explore the splendor of Krong Siem Reap for as little as $658. There is a magnificent Cambodian Cultural Village there, as well as cultural performances at the Angkor Village Apsara Theatre.

Aside from that, Krong Siem Reap is a welcoming city to Muslims. There are various halal restaurants nearby that are easily accessible. You can also go to the Cham Community Project, which is a Muslim community.

Estimated Budget: $658


5. Buenos Aires - Argentina

Who is unfamiliar with the city of Buenos Aires? This city in the Rio de la Plata is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, magnificent architecture, and distinctive traditions.

If you visit the Teatro Colon, you will note the exceptional quality of the shows that take place there on a regular basis. There is also a great bookstore called El Ateneo Grand Splendid where you may have another book-hunting adventure.

Apart from that, Muslims will be able to find the Al-Ahmad Mosque and the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center there. This implies that Buenos Aires is a welcoming city to Muslims. What are you waiting for? Let's discover more of Buenos Aires!

Estimated budget: $676 - 2222


6. Skopje - North Macedonia (Balkans)

Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, is located on the Vardar River. Macedonia Square has beautiful architecture on the banks of the Vardar river. Don't forget to pay a visit to Macedonia Gate. There is also the Woman Warrior Park, which features a lovely garden that you can capture through your camera.

Skopje is also a hospitable town to Muslims. There are many halal restaurants and mosques in the area. This city is incredibly lovely and vintage. You must include Skopje in your itinerary!

Estimated budget: $56.90 per day


7. Santo Domingo - Dominican Republicsanto domingo

Image Credit: Haniel Espinal on Unsplash  

This city is well-known as one of the Caribbean's oldest. With the splendor of its different beaches, this city is really lovely, in my opinion. Playa de Guibia, Playa Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, Playa Najayo, and Guayacanes Beach are among the five excellent beaches found here.

There is no need for Muslim visitors to worry about finding a mosque because the al-Noor Mosque is located there. You can also go to Indian & Pakistani Desi Halal Food.

Estimated Budget: $3,300 per two people


8. Zagreb - Croatia

Zagreb city must be considered not only for its attractiveness but also for its natural beauty. The splendor of the Plitvice Lakes can be found there. Don't forget to learn about the history of the Croatian Homeland War. Then, if you return to the city center, take the Panoramic bus to explore the city's beauty.

Don't worry, Zagreb is a fairly Muslim-friendly city. The Islamic Center of Rijeka is the newest mosque structure in Zagreb, with a total of 27 mosques.

Estimated Budget: $1,154 for 2 weeks


9. Lusaka - Zambia

If you explore Lusaka, make sure to visit Lusaka National Park. After that, visit the Lusaka National Museum to learn about the country's history. There, you can learn about Zambia's diverse historical traces. Lusaka also offers the grandeur of Lake Kariba, which might be your therapeutic destination.

Lusaka is also a highly safe city for Muslim visitors. The Jame Mosque is easily found there. You may also readily find halal eateries, one of which is Bombay Longue.

Estimated Budget: &800 per week


10. Cape Town - South Africacape town

Image Credit: Tobias Reich on Unsplash

This city is ideal for those who appreciate natural beauty and like outdoor activities. This city, which is surrounded by mountains and beaches, is ideal for healing. The views from the top of Table Mountain are breathtaking! Beautiful moments can be had in this location. Don't forget to take the Cape Peninsula Tour while you're there!

Muslim visitors should not be concerned because Cape Town is home to numerous mosques. The Jumu'a Mosque in Cape Town is one of the city's most notable mosques. You'll also have little trouble finding halal restaurants, such as Cape Malay.

Estimated Budget: $2,769 per two people


So prepare your list, set your backpacks, and you are ready to travel!

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