Top 6 Cities for Hidden Gems and Art: Unveiling Artistic Treasures

By Meka Mona | 15, Jan, 2024
Top 6 Cities for Hidden Gems and Art: Unveiling Artistic Treasures

When we travel, we usually go to places that are often visited by other people, thus, we end up exploring those destinations less. So, have you ever been intrigued by the intricacies of a city that turns out to be a hidden gem that can create unforgettable and meaningful moments in your life when traveling?

Especially if the destinations or cities you visit are rich in art and culture. You can also obtain new knowledge and understanding of this matter. Thus, you can appreciate the city and everything in it much more. Furthermore, knowing the art and culture will make your vacation experiences far more valuable and meaningful. So, here are some cities with hidden gems and arts that might make your holiday unforgettable!

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The Beautiful Ancient City of Marrakechmarrakech

Image Credit: Jared Lisack on Unsplash

A fascinating fact about this city is that it is known as the bustling souks since its markets are always packed with visitors. Despite that, this city is also a city with a diverse range of traditions and cultures. When visiting Marrakech, you can experience one of their traditions, known as Henna artistry. Who isn't taken aback when seeing the exquisite Henna designs inscribed on our hands and fingers? Henna artistry is frequently associated with weddings, festivals, and religious rituals. You don't need to be concerned if you go there and try Henna Artistry because Henna is manufactured from Henna plants and is, of course, quite safe for the skin.

After trying Henna Artistry, don't miss the Fantasia Equestrian Show, one of Morocco's cultural heritage monuments. This wonderful show is usually performed by a group of people dressed in their traditional attire. You will be entertained by a spectacle of horse riders who will demonstrate their talents while firing weapons into the air. That is very fantastic, isn't it?

If you visit Marrakech, don't miss out on Medina Mystique. The magnificence of the building and the bustling marketplaces will quickly captivate you! The antiquity of this location will truly delight your eyes. Of course, Muslim travelers no longer need to be concerned about finding a mosque or halal restaurant because Morocco itself is a Muslim-majority country. Pack your bags, because Marrakech is eager to provide you with an incredible experience!


Discovering the Hidden Gem of Pushkar hidden gem of pushkar

Image Credit: Sudev Kiyada on Unsplash

As we all know, India has a highly rich and diverse culture and traditions, which make the cities there unique and distinct. One of them is in the city of Pushkar. In this city, you can see the unique style of the buildings, which are characterized by white and pastel colors. Apart from that, there is a lovely lake called Pushkar Lake. It is highly recommended that you take an evening walk along the lake and watch the sunset from there. You will witness the magnificence of the city at dusk.

Pushkar is also well-known for its Pushkar Camel Fair. The camels at the exhibition were decked out in brightly colored ornaments. You can attend the fair as a tourist and, of course, view the lovely colorful camels. Every November, the Pushkar Camel Fair is held. The fair was celebrated with tremendous pomp and circumstance. The riders, like the camels, wear traditional clothing with exquisite decorations.

It feels incomplete to visit Pushkar and not buy exquisite mementos such as jewelry, shawls, and other trinkets. Don't forget to go window shopping at Sadar Bazaar! For you Muslim travelers, don't worry because Pushkar is a Muslim-friendly city. So, what are you waiting for? Let's explore Pushkar!


Home of Street Art and Murals, Hong Kong

The vibrant urban lifestyle of Hong Kong, renowned for its dynamic energy and diversity, promises discoveries and adventures beyond the ordinary, especially in terms of the arts and its hidden gems. The charm of Hong Kong extends beyond its lively ambiance, delving into the realm of concealed artistic marvels and harboring a wealth of artistic gems, making it a coveted destination for every traveler. Hong Kong is also a Muslim-friendly destination, where Muslim visitors shall not worry as mosque and halal restaurant are easy to spot in Hong Kong!

When exploring Hong Kong, a must-visit destination is Sai Ying Pun and the particularly enchanting Art Lane, renowned for its captivating street art and murals adorning every corner. These artistically pleasing streets are decorated with diverse forms of murals and street art, an expression of creativity that graces every corner with an artistic allure, making anyone who lays eyes on it can't help but express admiration. The area is famed for its diverse and distinctive mural designs.

Sitting well with the energetic vibe and artsy side of Hong Kong, Sheung Wan is another stop that invites you to capture its essence through vibrant, kaleidoscopic stairs that add a burst of color to the urban landscape. Venturing further into the city's artistic veins, Wong Chuk Hang is another intriguing stop that boasts rustic industrial buildings, each telling a unique visual story.

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The Jewel of the Pacific, Valparaísovalparaiso

Image Credit: Tyler Gooding on Unsplash

Did you know that Valparaso is known as the "Jewel of the Pacific?" It is because this city is notable for its stunning hidden gem architecture. There are multiple wall murals and graffiti painted skillfully in various places. Don't forget to go for a walk to Cerro Bellavista. There are about 20 or more stunning murals and to be found there.

If you are interested in screen printing, it is highly recommended that you visit Cerro Concepcíon to see the screen printing workshop. Don't forget to see the beautiful city of Valparaíso from Cerro Alegre. You will see beautiful views from there.

Valparaso is a city filled with stunning art, architecture, and even panoramas. Whenever you come here, you leave with wonderful memories.


City of Gastronomy, Jeonjujeonju

Image Credit: rawkkim on Unsplash  

South Korea is not only famous for its metropolitan city of Seoul, but it is also a beautiful and comfortable city far from the hustle and bustle that usually characterizes capital cities. Did you know that this city was named by UNESCO as the City of Gastronomy in 2012?

Its name is Jeonju. The magnificence of Hanok house construction may be seen here. Don't forget to go for a walk and enjoy the scenery. These structures have significant cultural significance. It is also highly advised that you try on the traditional Korean clothing known as Hanbok. After that, take photos of each structure and street corner. You can also pose in the photo booth. For culinary delights, you can visit Nambu Market and try various typical Korean street foods.

If you visit Jeonju, you should attempt hiking the Omodae viewpoint to get a great perspective of the city. There is also a mural village in Jeonju named Jaman Mural Village. The beauty of this city will truly pamper you.


The Old City of Dobrich

If you go to Dobrich, you will definitely be amazed by every corner of the old town. Dobrich has an antique and impressive building structure. Remember to visit the Yordan Yovkov Literature Museum to explore the history of Bulgarian literature. Then, take a walk around Dobrich Old Town. The place is very beautiful. 

You might want to try the tastiest pretzels in Dobrich for culinary delights, as pretzels are the city's specialty cuisine. Then continue with shopping for typical Dobrich souvenirs, namely Dobrich pottery. Also, visit the Bulgarian Embroidery Shop to see beautiful Bulgarian embroidery that you can make as souvenirs. Dobrich's historic town should be on your bucket list. It is absolutely one of the suggested destinations!


Final Words

Every city has its own set of hidden gems. Nature, culture, dress, and even cuisine are all wonderful and unique. You can also find beautiful and distinctive architecture, surroundings, traditions, clothing, and even food. All of these things are going to be valuable travel experiences. In addition, your holiday experience will be more meaningful.

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