Top 5 Countries to Visit in Europe for Nature Lovers

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 23, Dec, 2021
Top 5 Countries to Visit in Europe for Nature Lovers

While most people go there for the majestic cities with iconic architectural landmarks, only a few realize that nature in Europe is actually top-notch.

Some natural landscapes in Europe will fascinate you more than all the man-made stuff and historical cities. You just have to know where to look for. That call to nature inside your soul will guide you.

This article will only focus on European countries with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes (according to me). So, here are the top five countries to visit in Europe for nature lovers.

2022 might be your year when you travel to the most remarkable natural landscapes in Europe (spoiler alert, they're cold, mountainous, and there's lots of green).


1. Switzerland
Luzern Switzerland

Image Credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

A trip to the Alp Mountains is a must-do for anyone who can afford a vacation there (it's super expensive), period.

You simply cannot miss the opportunity to take a glimpse at the rural parts of Switzerland.

The soaring mountains, green hills, and beautiful lakes of Switzerland are all waiting for you to chillax in them.

You can also ski, but that's just another cliché about Switzerland. There's nothing wrong with doing what everyone else is doing, especially when it's a lot of fun and excitement like skiing down the mountains and the snow.

Speaking of clichés, don't forget to grab some chocolate.


2. Norway
Tromso Norway Northern Lights

Image Credit: Lightscape on Unsplash

Norway has all it gets to get inspired by nature. From glaciers to mountains and northern lights, every natural attraction in Norway is worth the time.

It might feel a little bit cold up there in the north, but that should be a silly reason to stop you from taking that journey to Norway to witness all the natural beauty.


3. Iceland
Iceland Seljalandsfoss

Image Credit: Robert Bye on Unsplash

Iceland is super unique when it comes to nature, to say the least. Earth is very active in Iceland. It looks magical sometimes – fairy tale style.

There are lots of hot springs, active volcanos, and geysers that explode with water every once in a while.

Is it dangerous? Not entirely so would be the answer. You shouldn't find an excuse to go to Iceland at least once in your life.


4. CyprusRock of Aphrodite Cyprus

Image Credit: Anastasius on Unsplash

Cyprus is a mythical/mystical island as far as the people in the Mediterranean are concerned. Even in Islam, Cyprus is considered a holy place worth pilgrimage.

While the spirituality of Cyprus might be a good incentive to visit the island, nature is also essential.

Cyprus has that Mediterranean quality to it that you find in North Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Europe. There are plenty of impressive waterfalls, namely Adonis Baths and Caledonia.

The beaches are also worth mentioning, especially for those who love Greek mythology and are interested to see the Rock of Aphrodite.


5. SloveniaSlovenia Bovec

Image Credit: Nathalie Sevillia on Unsplash

Slovenia is the perfect vacation to nature location for those who like to be immersed in shades of green from all sides.

The climate in Slovenia couldn't be better. It's a balance between friendly cold and friendly hot.

As far as camping in the forest by the mountains and feeling like a European nomad are concerned, you couldn't find a better than Slovenia.



The point behind my list is to provide you with some places that most people wouldn't think about when you mention Europe.

While most lists about visiting Europe usually mention France, Britain, Italy, and whatsoever as rites of passage, I'm thinking about something more unique.

Imagine telling your friends about your trip to Cyprus to see the Mythological Adonis Baths.

It's definitely more interesting than saying I went to Paris to see the Eifel Tower; Everyone knows that story, not that visiting Paris is lame or anything.

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