Top 7 Food Trends of 2022 Recap

By Anna Tan | 20, Oct, 2022
Top 7 Food Trends of 2022 Recap

Welcome to our 2022 Food Trends Recap!

2022 Food Trends saw the rise of healthy meals, viral TikTok recipes from 2020, and food hacks that will change how you prepare your meals forever. While more people are dining out this year, there are still many others who enjoy experimenting with food in the kitchen while creating simple and fun recipes that everyone can try.

Let's look into some of the TikTok food trends, viral cooking recipes that everybody is raving about, and the best food trends of the year:

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1. Butter Board butter board

Image Credit: SFGate

The next charcuterie board is here! The butter board is perfect for vegetarians and omnivores alike: just spread your favorite softened butter on the board and decorate it with any edible sides to make it pretty. Whether it is a side of homemade bread slices, fruits, nuts, honey, jam, or cured meat, you can put anything you want as long as the butter is the main star!


2. TikTok Viral Raw Carrot Saladtiktok viral raw carrot salad

Image Credit: Kale Junkie

2022 is the year when people equate health-conscious food as viral tasty meals! This TikTok food trend promotes the benefits of carrots that will help with hormonal imbalance and reduce belly fat. All you have to do is shred the fresh carrots and toss them with some sesame, oil, vinegar, and some salt and pepper, and voila! Your meal is served.

You can find the recipe for the TikTok Viral Raw Carrot Salad here.


3. Air Fryer Toastieair fryer toastie

Image credit: Jay Gajjar from Unsplash

Your breakfast sandwich will never be the same again with this food hack! The air fryer toastie is great for working professionals needing a quick fix before bolting out the door, minimal washing up is required.

This food trend cooking recipe is simple: make your usual sandwich with two slices of bread, and create a dent on top of your sandwich to place your raw egg. sprinkle some cheese on top, and then cook it in the air fryer for 5 minutes at 180 degrees, and you are done! We weren't kidding that this is a game-changer to your breakfast meals.

TikTok video by @lee.wakey


4. Lotus Biscoff Lasagna

lotus biscoff lasagna

Image Credit: @walla_abueid on Instagram

Lotus Biscoff Lasagna went viral on Muslim TikTok, especially during Ramadan! Lotus Biscoff is a dessert favorite among Muslims and when an Australian baker posted her version of a Biscoff lasagna, the TikTok crowd went wild. It is a sugar paradise with Lotus Biscoff biscuits as the base in a glass pan, cover it with a layer of heavy cream, and then repeat the process until it is filled to the brim.

Find the Lotus Biscoff Lasagna recipe here.


5. Lemon Pastaingredients of lemon pasta

Image credit: Ron Lach from Pexels

Last year we had baked feta pasta, this year we have lemon pasta! Most pasta recipes will leave you feeling full and sluggish but this one-pot pasta will bring a refreshing flavor to your tastebuds. Cooking the butter first with olive oil and then later adding the pasta, a splash of water, and plenty of lemon zest and basil at the end, this is the perfect simple meal for a romantic date night at home.

TikTok video by @mammaculinaria


6. Hailey Bieber's Pizza ToastHailey Bieber's Pizza Toast

Image credit: Beat the Budget

Hailey Bieber is well-known among fans as the wife of famous superstar Justin Bieber, a model, an entrepreneur of a skincare line, and a social media influencer. So when she started showing her carb-load Pizza Toast recipe, everyone was surprised that she enjoys carbs just like everyone else!

It has plenty of burrata and parmesan cheese, tomatoes, truffle oil, and tomato pizza sauce on a nicely grilled toast. Honestly, I am salivating just thinking about it. Try it out for yourself and let us know how it tastes in the comments below!

TikTok video by @haileybieber


7. Grated Egg Avocado ToastGrated Egg Avocado Toast

Image credit:

How would you like your eggs on toast? Instead of over-easy, poached, or scrambled, you should try grated egg on your avocado toast. The presentation may look like grated parmesan but trust me, it tastes way better with the egg texture.

Simply toast your bread and layer it with some Kewpie mayonnaise and avocado slices. Then, take your hard-boiled egg and shred it all over the toast. You will love it!

TikTok video by @healthyishfoods


Final Bites

And there you have it, the top 2022 food trends recap. Try out some of these recipes and impress your friends and family with your creativity and skills. I am sure they will be amazed by these viral TikTok meals and food trends, and they will soon be attempting their own as well!

Do share this article with your peers so you can make these recipes together. If you are curious about last year's food trends, check out our 2021 Food Trends Recap.


Cover Image Credit: Borzoo Moazami on Unsplash


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