The Best 8 Halal Restaurants in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

By Muzna Noohu | 01, Nov, 2017
The Best 8 Halal Restaurants in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
Nuwara Eliya has to be at the top of your list of places to visit in Sri Lanka. It is one of the few places where you can escape the heat of the rest of the island. And that's not all, Nuwara Eliya has plenty of places to visit and things to see as well.
Of course, part of your trip would include finding Halal food places near you in Nuwara Eliya. You don't have to wonder where to find Halal food in Nuwara Eliya as you've got plenty of options. Just wander down the market streets of the chilly town and you'll see many hole-in-the-wall and local shops displaying the 'Halal' sign proudly in front. Most (if not all) of these places are not Halal-certified but are most often owned by Muslims themselves so you don't have to worry about eating there.
There are also many other “proper restaurants” in Nuwara Eliya that serve Halal and Muslim-friendly food in Sri Lanka. The local shops are ideal for takeaway, whereas these places are where you'd go for quality time with family, friends, and of course Halal food!
Here are the 8 best Halal restaurants in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka:

1. Milano Restaurant

milano restaurant

Image Credit: TripAdvisor
Don't be fooled by the name, the Milano restaurant is actually a great place to try authentic Muslim-friendly Sri Lankan food in Nuwara Eliya in a classy setting with your family. They serve such local classics like string hoppers, curry, Sri Lankan short eats (“snack foods” typically eaten at tea time or breakfast like buns and pastries), and Sri Lankan rice, curry and dhal. Finish your meal off with a bowl of wattalapam, a famous traditional custard made using local jaggery. The Milano restaurant also serves a few Chinese and continental dishes like fried rice, nasi goreng, sweet and sour chicken, and others.

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Address: 24 New Bazaar Street, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 52 2 222763

2. Indian Summer Nuwara Eliya

Indian Summer is an Indian restaurant that you cannot miss on your Halal trip to Nuwara Eliya. It is situated in a very nice location with a gorgeous view of Lake Gregory. The service is extremely friendly and attentive, and the décor is swanky and modern; even the menu comes on an iPad! This is one of the best restaurants to get Muslim-friendly food in Sri Lanka (they also have a branch in Colombo), and they do not serve alcohol. Some of the most popular dishes at Indian Summer include chicken tikka masala, mutton curry, dal makkhani, and naans. Finish off your meal with their famous kulfi ice creams!
Address: 96, Mahagastota, Badulla Road, Nuwara Eliya (Near Gregory Lake), Nuwara Eliya 00123, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 52 2 224411

3. Queens Wood Cottage

queens wood cottage

Image Credit: Agoda
Queens Wood Cottage is as, as the name suggests, a cosy cottage-style hotel that is a great place to spend the night in Nuwara Eliya. They also have a restaurant on the premises that is open to non-guests of the hotel as well, that serves Muslim-friendly food that is delicious and filling. They also have a breakfast buffet (if you do happen to stay there). The staff are courteous and accommodating, and the ambience is warm and cosy – a great place to escape the cold outside. Their menu of a mishmash of cuisines from all around the world include items like fried rice, burgers, curries, noodles, and more!
Address: 124/1 Queen Elizadath Drive, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 522 223 351, +94 777 706 808

4. Salmiya Italian Rest

Salmiya is a small cafe that serves up some of the best Halal Italian food in Nuwara Eliya. Now we know this is a bold statement to make, but if the reviews by locals and foreigners (even Italians) are anything to go by, they serve the best pizzas in Sri Lanka! The cafe might not look like much from the outside with it's exterior of green metal sheets, but don't let that stop you from going in and devouring their delicious pizzas and pasta. Friendly service, warm ambience, cheap prices, and incredible food – what more could you need?
Address: 122 Badulla Rd, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 77 913 5263

5. Araliya Green Hills Hotel

araliya green hills hotel

If you're out shopping in the main bazaar of the town and are trying to locate Halal restaurants near you, try the Araliya Green Hills Hotel. This hotel is beautiful, posh, has great service, and best of all, serves Halal food! Although the restaurant is not Halal-certified, they have assured that all the dishes at the restaurant and on the buffet menu are also Halal (better check with the staff to be sure). Sipping hot cocoa at the Araliya Green Hills Hotel amidst the cool weather and greenery of this charming hill town is one of the best experiences you can have on your Halal trip to Nuwara Eliya.
Address: No 10, Glenfall Road, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 52 2 224150

6. Adma Agro Fresh Strawberry Foods

One of the most unique experiences in Nuwara Eliya is visiting the strawberry farms situated near Lake Gregory. To see the strawberry farms, you'll have to take a bumpy ride on a tractor (it'll feel like you're on a roller coaster, but that's half the fun). You can enjoy some delicious dishes based around fresh strawberries grown at the farm right at the top. Try their strawberry milkshakes, strawberry ice cream, pancakes with strawberries, strawberry pizza, or pick up a pack of fresh strawberries. You get the idea, strawberries everywhere!
Address: Lakeside Nuwara Eliya, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 77 375 7787

7. Grand Indian

grand indian in grand hotel
Image Credit: Grand Indian
If you're in the mood for quality high-end Indian food and are looking for Halal restaurants in Nuwara Eliya, then the Grand Indian at Grand Hotel is a great place to be! This is a fine-dining restaurant, so the prices are a bit higher than most, but it's definitely worth it for the food, service, and ambience. Touted by some as the best Indian food in Nuwara Eliya, some of the dishes that are most often recommended are the Garlic Naan, Matar Paneer, Chicken Tikka, etc.
Note: They do serve alcohol at the hotel, although they have assured that the food is Halal. Please do check and dine at your own discretion.

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Address: Grand Hotel Rd, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 52 2 222881

8. Jetwing St. Andrew’s

The Jetwing St. Andrews hotel is most certainly older than most people that visit it these days. Despite the fact that it has been around since the British colonial period, it has been well maintained. It offers a historic charm that is rare to find these days and was quite popular amongst the British rulers. If you're planning a stay at Jetwing St. Andrews, then you don't have to look far to find Halal food places near you in Nuwara Eliya. The hotel serves Muslim-friendly food that is prepared separately. Take a walk outside the hotel and you'll find plenty of other Halal food places as well. There is also a mosque nearby, and you can even hear the adhan from some rooms, how awesome!

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Address: 10 St. Andrews Drive, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 52 2 223031
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