Top 5 Muslim Travel Apps to use in 2022

By Leo Galuh | 05, Jan, 2022
Top 5 Muslim Travel Apps to use in 2022

Traveling with family or friends is considered important. At least to unwind from the activities we do every day. For destination choices, you don't need to worry. In today's sophisticated era, you can easily choose the best tourist destinations around the world, just by using a smartphone.

Currently, many applications provide information on tourist attractions and guides. The uniqueness of destination, travel routes, prayer schedules, mosque locations, and halal food information for Muslim travelers.

As a guide to traveling abroad, here are 5 apps that will make it a lot easier for traveling Muslims.


Verify Halal
Verify Halal App JAKIM

Image Credit: Verify Halal on Facebook

The Verify Halal application does what its name implies, ensuring whether the food we are going to eat is halal or not. This application is an initiative of JAKIM Malaysia (Malaysian Islamic Development Council) to help Muslims find halal products.

Interestingly, the Verify Halal application connects with 6,000 local companies and 60 global certification bodies from Australia to Taiwan and South Africa. This number continues to grow from hundreds to thousands from all over the world.

To use this application, users have to do a scan of the product or type a name in the search field. This app also helps when shopping in supermarkets for food products like snacks and chocolates.

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Halal Navi
Halal Navi App

Image Credit: Halal Navi on Facebook

The next application that must be owned by Muslim tourists when traveling is Halal Navi. This app provides all the information you need to find halal restaurants around the world, especially in Japan.

Well, if you can't check the ingredients on the menu, you don't have to worry. Because you will get halal information from our user restaurant reviews. Like other Muslim-based apps, Halal Navi can also help you navigate to the right restaurants, mosques, and Qibla direction.

Just use the nearby feature to search, Halal Navi will list all restaurants and mosques, around you in a few seconds. And to make sure the food ingredients that you will eat can also be obtained in this application.

Please note, for restaurant reviews are collected based on user experience. And to note, some restaurants may also offer non-halal menus. To ensure compatibility with your halal standards. Regarding the preparation of ingredients and questions and confirmation of ingredients, you can ask directly to the restaurant at any time.

With this halal travel application, it is guaranteed that your vacation will feel relaxed. And easily use it with the features that have been provided according to your needs and desires, making it easier to access what you want to know.

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Crave Halal
Crave Halal App

Image Credit: Crave Halal

The Crave Halal app is an app that covers restaurants in South Korea, the United States, and Canada. They offer up-to-date and reliable databases. To ensure this, the team behind the Crave Halal app directly contacts each restaurant manually to verify their halal status.

This is quite extraordinary because their database has more than 13,000 halal restaurants. In this application, users can also see the most popular halal restaurants in a particular area, as well as open a map to check how many choices of halal restaurants are closest to them. The Crave Halal app is available on iOS and Android.

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Zabihah App

Image Credit: Zabihah on Facebook

Zabihah is an application that is quite familiar to Muslim tourists. Zabihah itself is a website that claims to be the largest guide to finding halal markets and restaurants in the world.

The website continued to grow from the late 1990s to become one of the most popular apps with a loyal following. Zabihah features restaurants, markets, and mosques in North America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Africa.

Users of the Zabihah application can also check restaurants in detail, from the authenticity of their halal certificates, addresses, opening hours, prices to ratings.

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HalalTrip is an all-in-one application to guide the journey of Muslim tourists. In this application, you can find out which hotels or inns are Muslim-friendly. In addition to looking for hotels, this application can also be used to search for flights that are also friendly to Muslim tourists.

You can choose halal travel packages to non-Muslim countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Jordan. Of course, all the food and facilities offered are guaranteed to be halal.

Not only that, but with the HalalTrip application, you can also find the location of halal restaurants around you.

For those of you who want to find tour packages, HalalTrip also provides various packages that are guaranteed to be halal and comfortable for Muslims.

HalalTrip provides prayer times and Qibla direction tracking where you are. Both on the ground and in-flight.

Learn more about the HalalTrip app here!

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