Top Places to Visit in Bangka Belitung Before They Get Famous

By Riri Anggraheni Eka Rimandasari | 17, Jan, 2018
Top Places to Visit in Bangka Belitung Before They Get Famous

Have you ever visited Bangka island? Well, Bangka Belitung or Bangka Island is one of Indonesian Province which located on Sumatra Island. 

Though not as popular as Bali or Lombok, it has beautiful beaches, white sands, amazing Coral Reef, and giant granite Rocks. Some of them in fact, are rarely visited at all. To experience the untouched splendour of the "Island of the Gods" at its finest, travel with an experienced local guide, or arrange your own transport. 

Let’s discover top things to do in Bangka Islands:


Enjoy White Sands of Bembang Beach in West Bangka

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Since Bangka-Belitung has plenty of attractive beaches, it should not be a surprise that most of its attractions are seaside ones. Most people who visit the islands go there to swim, sunbathe and to enjoy the wonderful views. 

But, have you ever visited untouched beaches? Yup, there are beautiful beaches that rarely visited in Bangka. Visit these places before they get famous and who knows, you could be the travel trendsetter after visited Bangka Island. One of the beautiful beaches in West Bangka is Bembang Beach, located in West Bangka. Bembang Beach is lined with an arrangement trees along the coast. Each week, primarily on Saturdays and Sundays the beach is filled with young couples and families who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach and feel the sea water that is cool and clear. The location of Bembang Beach can be reached by using both two-wheeled and four wheels vehicles.


Snap a Picture on Mount Manumbing

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Traveling to Belitung Island is not complete until you visit Mount Manumbing. Mount Menumbing has a height of 333 meters above sea level. Located on top of the mountain is a historic house named Wisma Menumbing. The house was used by former Indonesian President, Sukarno, during his exile.

Wisma Menumbing was built during the Dutch colonial period from 1928-1933. There is a note in the house that states that Soekarno was exiled along with Mohammad Hatta, Mr. Ag. Pringgodigdo, Commodore Surya Darma and Mr. Assa’at from December 22, 1948, to July 7, 1949. Mount Menumbing is located at Air Belo Village, Muntok District, West Bangka Regency. The price of entrance ticket is Rp 2.500. So, visit Wisma Menumbing and snap a picture on Mount Manumbing.


Discover the History of Bangka in Tin Museum Pangkal Pinang

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The Tin Museum was officially opened on August 2, 1997. The museum shows the history of tin mining in Bangka Island containing historical objects and dioramas on tin mining. In addition, visitors can also watch the manufacturing of handicrafts made from tin. Up until now, Tin Museum still relies entirely on PT.Timah Tbk. for funding. The company also has cooperated with Tourism Department and Education Department.The Tin Museum is located at Ahmad Yani Street, Pangkal Pinang City. The best part is that entry to this museum is free.

Also, if you want to find Halal food near you in Bangka Belitung, there are many dining establishments to choose from. The selection of dining choices available in Bangka-Belitung would satisfy any hungry traveller. After visiting Tin Museum, you can head out to Kampung Bintang Seafood Restaurant located in Bintang Dalam subdistrict or Asui Seafood Restaurant in Bintang Street to find Halal food and delicious seafood. You can also try Tan Kasteel Restaurant in Pangkal Pinang, near the museum, located in Ahmad Yani Street Number 187, Pangkalpinang.


See Flora and Fauna in Bangka Botanical Garden

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If you want to spend a memorable Halal holiday in Indonesia, then you should visit Bangka Botanical Garden. It’s a beautiful place to visit with your family. Bangka Botanical Garden promotes the development of unproductive lands such as former tin-mining land and peatland. The garden turns the lands with a pH level (acidity) under 5 to become fertile soil filled with various plants, fish ponds, and a cattle farm. Bangka Botanical Garden features red dirt roads lined with cypress trees towering on either side, a fishing pond, an organic farm, a greenhouse, farms and a ranch for cowboy-style riding.

There is also a restaurant providing fresh milk and seafood. Bangka Botanical Garden is located at Raya Pasir Padi Street, Bukit Intan District, Pangkal Pinang City. If you want to find mosques and prayer places near you in Bangka Belitung, you can visit Jami’ Muntok Mosque, the oldest mosques in Pangkal Pinang. The mosque was built in 1879 at the initiative of Tumenggung Kartanegara II as the representative of the Sultanate of Palembang, assisted by local community leaders. The mosque was built on a land area of 7,500 m2, a land endowment from Tumenggung Arifin and H. Muhammad Nur.


Take a Selfie in Batu Rusa Bridge

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Other interesting attractions in Bangka Belitung is Batu Rusa Bridge. It is a unique bridge with a total length of 784.5m, Locals call it Jembatan Batu Rusa or Jembatan Emas. It is hoped that the bridge, a major landmark in the area, will help the development of tourism as well as commercial development within the region. Do take a selfie photo won the bridge.

Nightlife in Bangka Belitung is not particularly lively, mainly because night-time activities in Bangka-Belitung are limited. Most establishments close early, making the island very quiet at night.  You can also find Halal Hotels easily on Bangka Island. Make sure you don’t forget to bring Bangka Island map in your bag when you are travelling around.

Now that we've got everything down pat, all there's left to do is to pack your bags for next weekend! If you'd really like to avoid the weekend crowd, you can even opt for taking leave during the weekdays. Have a great Halal Holiday!

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