Useful Apps When You Are In Hong Kong

By Nurul Shamin | 18, May, 2020
Useful Apps When You Are In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well-known for her stunning views (Victoria Harbour, Skyline and many more), tasty food (oh, dumplings!) and being a cosmopolitan city. If you're someone who loves exploring the culture and history of a country, you love trying out local food and delights, or you just simply love shopping - anything you name it - Hong Kong is definitely the place for you! Here are 10 useful Apps that you should download so that you can navigate your way easily, eat heartily and enjoy Hong Kong to the fullest since she has so much to offer. 

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1. Uber

Credit Image: Uber 

Uber is available in Hong Kong (YES!). You can download it prior to your trip and still be able to use the App once you have reached Hong Kong. Travelling using Uber would make your life easier as you could simply key in your destination then you are set to go. This way of travelling makes it easier for people who do not have a great command of Cantonese as you don't have to explain the place you are headed to, to the drivers. They are well aware of your destination and the GPS on Uber would aid you in the direction to head towards.

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2. Hong Kong Disneyland

Credit Image: Hong Kong Disneyland on Apple

Hong Kong Disneyland is definitely at the top of the list in most people’s bucket list. In order to enjoy your time there, we recommend you to download the Hong Kong Disneyland App.

Benefits of the App 

  • Check waiting times which will allow you to make better decisions on how to optimize your time there 
  • Locate your favourite Disney characters by checking when-and where-Disney Characters are appearing in the park so that you can get your camera ready. 
  • Find your way around the park easily by using the GPS-enabled map to locate attractions, restaurants, shops and more near you.
  • Find details that you need such as the park's opening hours, schedules, attraction descriptions and even entertainment. 
  • Make restaurant reservations on the spot 

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3. MTR

Credit Image: MTR

The best and cheapest way to travel around Hong Kong is via public transport. We suggest you get the Octopus Day Pass as it is more value for money since you could use it for the MTR rides as well as other public transports like the bus and tram. On top of that, download the MTR mobile app so that you could travel with more convenience. 

Benefits of the MTR App 

  • Trip planning made easy when you put in your origin and destination then let the app do the rest (suggested route from the station exit and estimated journey time to your destination)
  • Fare information at your fingertips 
  • Tourist information like airport routes and shuttle as well as tourist spots to visit 
  • Alighting reminder (this is a new feature in the latest app update) 

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4. OpenRice

Credit Image: OpenRice

When looking for somewhere to eat in Hong Kong, OpenRice is a useful resource. You could read other people's reviews (which often include photos of the food), get updated address information, operating hours, and make reservations through the app. Simply key in 'Halal' in the search filter and you will be provided with a list of halal food available around the area. 

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5. Eatigo

Credit Image: Eatigo

Budget is definitely a very important aspect to consider when travelling as it may not be as easy to access the money in your bank account while you're overseas. With the Eatigo app, you can save some money on your meals by making reservations. You could get between 10% to 50% discounts on your food bill. The app also allows you to browse your favourite cuisine or restaurants closest to your location (even better, save money on transport costs). 

Use the filter in the search engine so that you could locate the Halal food near your location while in Hong Kong. 

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6. Google Maps

Credit: Google Maps on The Verge

Wherever you are and wherever you are going, Google Maps will be there to help you get from one point to another. Even better, Google Maps has tabs which you could click on to locate takeaways, petrol stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, coffee places and hotels closest to you. On top of that, you could click on the delivery tab to locate food delivery services that are available. Imagine how convenient life would be especially at an unfamiliar place like Hong Kong with such information made readily available to you, only on Google Maps.  


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7. Hong Kong Observatory

Credit Image: Hong Kong Observatory

Hong Kong is an island-nation in the tropics which has a pretty unpredictable weather condition (especially during the wet season from May to September). Hong Kong Observatory has a mobile app called ‘MyObservatory’ which gives you everything you need to know about the current weather situation, as well as forecasts. In times that typhoons do hit in the wet season, you would get weather warnings, as well as updates on when the typhoon is likely to pass. 

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8. HalalTrip

While in Hong Kong, you may be wondering what to do, where to pray and what are the prayer times. You may also be interested to find out where to get Halal food in Hong Kong. Fret not as you could get all of this information on our HalalTrip App. When you are looking for ideas on what to do while in Hong Kong, click on the Travel Articles icon and search for travel guides in Hong Kong, or look at articles that list down the halal food places in Hong Kong and prayer places in Hong Kong. Additionally, the HalalTrip app has Qibla direction which makes praying anywhere easy as you would be able to determine the correct direction to face. There are also praying guides for travelers while on flightsupplications while being a traveler and search engine for mosques nearest to your location.

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9. Cantonese by Nemo (Free or Upgraded Version)

Credit Image: Cantonese by Nemo on Google Play

While on the plane, you could spend some time learning Cantonese which is the language of the locals in Hong Kong. Even though English is prevalent, it can be helpful to learn a little bit of the lingo ahead of your trip. Cantonese by Nemo is a handy language app to use. This app provides word packs which groups the true essential language knowledge that you need while travelling in Hong Kong. Native speaker audio is available to help you work on your pronunciation (remember to use headphones while on flight). 


10. iDiscover Hong Kong 

Credit Image: iDiscover Hong Kong on Facebook

When travelling, it is very important to be immersed in the history and culture of the places we visit. iDiscover Hong Kong is an app that has a plethora of historical insights about Hong Kong that could open visitors’ eyes to see Hong Kong in a more enlightened manner. This app is created by locals, designed by locals and powered by locals. Who else would know the country if not the locals themselves? Take a walk (virtual as well as physical) around Hong Kong by utilising the maps on iDiscover as well as the insider stories provided by the locals. Instead of always focusing on the bustling city side of Hong Kong, why not take a nature walk at the places recommended by iDiscover Hong Kong? 

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There you have it, 10 apps recommended which can be very useful for you when you are in Hong Kong! We hope that with all of these apps listed, you will have a better trip planned to Hong Kong which combines both travelling (discovery and entertainment) with the deen (prayer, supplication and remembering the Creator of the world). 

'Be in this world as though you are a stranger or a traveller' Prophet Muhammad SAW