Useful Apps You'll Need This Ramadan

By Halal Trip | 14, Jun, 2017
Useful Apps You'll Need This Ramadan
Take a look at some of the must-have apps this Ramadan, which have been created to help you observe the Holy Month and come with a range of features designed to be a part of your lifestyle. These must-have Ramadan apps for Android and iOS have a range of great options – from prayer and habit trackers to help you find some great spots for Iftar and locate nearby mosques.

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The Halal Trip Mobile App

HalalTrip mobile app

This app is one of the must-have Ramadan apps for Android and iOS – especially for those who will be traveling during the Holy Month. The app features an in-flight prayer time calculator complete with the accurate Qibla, and you can easily locate the nearest mosque with the Mosque discovery feature. Another feature to look out for includes the collection of Travel Duas too.
You can also get organized for Iftar or Suhoor since the app will inform you about the prayer facilities and Halal food options that are available after you have entered your flight details.
The Halal Trip app can be very helpful for Muslims who are looking for Halal eateries in a different country or for those who would like to find Halal-friendly restaurants nearby for Iftar – with the Halal Food Spotter feature.

Ramadan Legacy

Ramadan Legacy app

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Ramadan Legacy is one of the essential apps for Muslims during Ramadan – as you will be able to track your habits and goals during the Holy Month.
This app will encourage you to make positive changes in your daily life too, with the Interactive Planner feature that tracks your fasting habits and Quran recitations, which will then be featured on your Legacy Board.
This engaging app also includes a Journal Option where you can record your goals, updated prayer times, and the Qibla direction as well. The Reflections Stream feature will let your share your Ramadan experiences through photos and stories, while the Content Feed will contain information that will direct you to Ramadan blogs or videos.

Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro App

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Muslim Pro is one of the best Ramadan apps for Android and iPhone with some excellent features such as the availability of the entire Holy Quran with audio recitations and many other options to assist with recitation. Language translation options and fasting times are also part of the app.
Muslim Pro will also help Muslims locate Halal dining options and mosques that are within the areas closest to them quite easily. The app will also inform you of the prayer timings based on your location and provide an animated Qibla compass too.

Athan Ramadan

Athan Ramadan App

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This app is specially designed with features to track your prayer and spiritual progress during the Holy Month of Ramadan. You can also create an Athan profile and then start a prayer log to track your progress with the Prayer Book feature throughout the month.
Athan Ramadan features prayer alerts with prayer times for different countries for the entire day - and the app comes with an Islamic Calendar too. Some other features of the app include the Mosque finder - and Athan Ramadan is also equipped with a Qibla indicator.

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