Why Camping is so Popular These Days, and Why You Should do it too

By Muhammad Jodi Pratama | 25, Aug, 2022
Why Camping is so Popular These Days, and Why You Should do it too

Camping is an example of a returning trend from the past, where it just keeps on getting better. Camping used to be a popular activity amongst families, retirees, and those with a higher sense of adventure. However, nowadays we can also find the younger generations hopping on to this “retro” trend, resulting in an increasing number of campers. Whether through the sheer joy that they get or the enjoyment of trying new things, here are 6 reasons why camping is so popular these days and why you should do it too! 

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1. Temporarily disconnecting from the “ordinary” life and focusing more on the beauty of nature

the beauty of nature

Image Credit: Adam Kool on Unsplash

A regular-boring life is something that most people are trying to get out of, either from the grueling amount of work to the number of unnecessary and unhealthy social life. By staying away and departing on a camping trip, you’ll forget the need of stressing about work or being (negatively) conscious of yourself, especially during the weekends! Nature is where your home is and offers you with lot of things to do, either by swimming in a lake, admiring a rainbow, or even seeing wild animals. Focusing on nature and Allah’s blessings has never been much more beautiful.


2. An escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily life

Sitting in front of a desk from 9-to-5 (or even more :<) for at least 5 days a week plus the upsetting traffic may be tiring for some, both physically and mentally. While following a routine sounds like a great long-term plan, escaping from it once in a while would be fantastic! During your camping activity, you’ll be exposed to the beauty of nature, with many things to do that keep you busy. Guaranteed you’ll forget about the stress that you’re currently having. Positive vibes only.


3. The sense of community and socializing

people gathering in front of campfire

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Even if you’re disconnected from your “ordinary” life, meeting new people with the same purpose and hobby is a change of the environment that you never know you’ll need. Interacting with new people with the same goal may lift your mood up! Catching up and having an intimate talk with close friends, family, or partners during your getaway would also be a good idea! All you need is a campfire and some snacks to accompany your well-deserved intimate moments.


4. Health benefits

As more and more youngins nowadays lack exercise, going for a camping trip would lead to a healthier lifestyle that you and your body deserve. Other than forcing your way to walk through nature, camping is also seen as a way to relax! It is also common for campers to also partake in several activities such as hiking or kayaking, partaking in those kinds of activities will make sure your body stays active during your trip.


5. Increasing forms of camping

camping with a view

Image Credit: Dominik Jirovský on Unsplash

While some love the basics, some might want a different camping experience. Nowadays you’ll be able to see the increasing trend of van camping and glamping, and you might want to try them too! Choosing these alternatives allows you to stay close to nature without having to sacrifice the luxury of a bed. Sounds like a plan!


6. A story to tell yourself and the others

a collection or polaruid

Image Credit: Iwan Shimko on Unsplash  

Although a camping trip is always fun, we should always remember that all good things will come to an end. Reminiscing your trip through photos and sharing your great experience is also a great way to remember how happy you are and the fun that you have during your trip! Going back to the basics and getting close to nature, you’ll hopefully learn a thing or two and appreciate your life more by going back to the “ordinary” life with a positive mindset. 

That concludes the reason why a camping trip is so popular these days, and why you should do it too! Before your camping trip, don't forget to download the HalalTrip Mobile App to help you know the qibla direction and time of prayers. You can also use the application to also find all the mosques and halal restaurants nearby and have a better experience as a Muslim during your future travels.

A young and inspired boy who is on his way to becoming a man, Jodi enjoys studying and writing under the moonlight and prefers a calm ambiance. He pours his love into travelling through HalalTrip.

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