World Cup 2018: We Predict That These Guys Will Definitely Get To The Round Of 16

By Amina Fukeerbucus | 29, Jun, 2018
World Cup 2018: We Predict That These Guys Will Definitely Get To The Round Of 16

The world cup fever is on! For next few days, all eyes will be on Russia for one of the greatest sports events ever created. Since the beginning of this phenomenal event, many players have demonstrated incredible talent and skills on the football pitch. Here's who we think will definitely make it to the Round of 16. Grab your popcorn and flags and let the games begin!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Picture Credit: Diario Gol

One of the most exceptional players so far. With a few Ballon d'Or in his record and an impressive record of 85 international goals, Cristiano Ronaldo has conquered the heart of many football adepts by demonstrating his impressive skills. During the world cup, Ronaldo played for Portugal and scored a hat-trick, which instantly qualified the team for the next round. With impressive skills and tactics, it seems like Ronaldo stands a chance to be in the Round of 16.​

2. Harry Kane

Picture Credit: Eurosport Asia

This player is more likely to be a hurricane. Having scored a triple goal in one go, he has taken everyone by surprise. Coming from the English team, Harry Kane has proved his skills while playing last week against Argentina. According to FIFA's official website, Kane has been the one who has reworked England's record book. With the shoots he recently scored, the 24-year-old football promises to make the world cup interesting. Let's keep an eye on him.

3. Lionel Messi

Picture Credit: Telegraph

One of the most prized players of Argentina's team. Rated as one of the best players, Lionel Messi has an impressive record of 65 international goals under his belt. He is the one weapon Argentina has got to accede to the Round of 16. Spectators will definitely discover the fully deployed arsenal of Messi during the World cup, who of course, promises to live up to the expectation of the team and his coach.

Upcoming matches:

Uruguay vs Portugal

Date: 1 July 2018 (Sun)
Time: 02:00 (SGT)

France vs Argentina

Date: 30 June 2018 (Sat)
Time: 22:00 (SGT)

Expect nail-biting and jaw-dropping moments at these matches​. Make sure you don't miss out on these! Witness a real clash of titans with promising talents and be a witness of the incredible willpower of football players.

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