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Jakarta's most admired Fried Rice with Lamb. ( Nasi Goreng Kambing), Served on pathways near Kebon Sirih street, open only in the evenings, Famous for authentic taste. Be prepared to wait for long time as this place is crowded almost every time.

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At a glance, Rujak Aceh is similar to rujak in other areas.Pieces of fruit such as mango, bengkuang, pineapple, papaya and cashew water.Everything is mixed with peanut sauce, which has been sprinkled with salt and brown sugar first.As for the spicy flavor, buyers can order according to taste.

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Profile image Arif Hamza reviewed Dapur Kita 7 years ago

Dapur Kita serves homely Indonesian dishes with buffet like options. The restaurant is located within Apartment Suntetpark view compound with 1600 residential units. Delicious food with affordable price tag. .

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    yummy :)

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