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Profile image Oğuz kağan şen reviewed Fatih Cami 6 years agoTurkey

Fatih Camii located in Fatih/istanbul is dedicated to Fatih Sultan Mehmet. But it does not remain from his time. Because of earthqueke his mosque was demolished and today-moesqu remains from 17th century.

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Profile image Oğuz kağan şen reviewed Dürümzade 6 years agoTurkey

Dürümzade is one of the most known restaurant in İstanbul. Even American diplomats, russian tourist, english students are their customer. It is also suggested by the most famous gurme Anthony Bourdain.

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It was founded in 1777 by Ali Muhiddin who served in Topkapı Palace as a producer of Turkish delight. He is known of the creater of today's turkish deligt. You must visit it and eat its lokum and demirhindi şerbet

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Sultan Ahmet was a six-minarets mosque constructed by a student of Sinan The Architecture. Before constructed there was one six-minaret mosque which is known Mescid-i Haram. Sultan Ahmet was accused of being proud because he had a mosque which had more minarets than The Prophet's mosque. And he ordered architecture to add one more minaret to Mescidi Haram.

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