I enjoy travelling and discovering new and exciting halal places to eat.


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Parking - difficult to park near mosque but you can park in Morrison, £1 for 2 hours, which is only 2mins walk to the Mosque Wudu facilities- clean, underground and well maintained Capacity - ground floor only and fits about 200 people. No area for ladies. Location - in the town centre so very close to all the amenities. Imam - Jamat

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Profile image Shaz Islam reviewed Fat Burger 5 years agoUnited Kingdom

I ordered the Buffalo wings with hot mustard sauce and a skinny burger with fries and drink. The total order came to £19. The host were welcoming, informative and friendly. The food options were laid out clearly and ingredients used are easy to identify. The place was clean, to a fast food standard. Burger quality was good. It was cooked fresh and took around 6-9 minutes. Wings were average, did...Read More

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