Located on a man-made island in Osaka Bay, Kansai International Airport was first established in 1994 to reduce overcrowding at Osaka International Airport. The airport is also known as Kankū in Japanese and serves the Greater Osaka Area which is the...more

Osaka, Japan

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Rejoice! A Halal Ramen Restaurant at the heart of Tokyo!!

Halal Ramen Restaurant at the Heart of Tokyo's Shibuya [Video]

Halal Ramen Honolu restaurant is a great place to experience authentic Halal Japanese cuisine during your visit to Japan.

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Located on a man-made island in Osaka Bay, Kansai International Airport was first established in 1994 to reduce overcrowding at Osaka International Airport. The airport is also known as Kankū in Japanese and serves the Greater Osaka Area which is the second most populated urban region in Japan.


1 Senshukukokita, Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture 549-0001, Japan




Terminal 1 and 2 are located reasonably close to each other - approximately 4 km apart. Passengers are abele to use the free shuttle service between the terminals. Within the terminal, the airport staff is very helpful, active and procedures are highly efficient. The interior of the terminal area is clean and offers passengers open and bright surroundings. The airport also offers plenty of shopping opportunities which provide a chance to purchase traditional gift items and souvenirs. Clean restrooms are also available as well as several money exchange booths and other facilities that make travelling easier and more enjoyable. Several seating areas are available to relax - with free WiFi connection implemented throughout airport.

Prayer Facilities

Due to the high number of Muslim visitors, the airport introduced a main prayer area for Muslim travelers. The prayer room at Kansai Airport was established on the third floor of terminal 1. Two other prayer areas will also be available. If you are hard to find the player areas go to public area and find Korean air lounge. Next to that is the prayer area. Also Osaka and Osaka Ibaraki mosques are nearby Kansai Airport.


Halal Food

Kansai airport now serves fabulous Halal and alcohol-free dishes. Airport food courts offer a wide variety of traditional, authentic food for reasonable prices. Food places are clean and the food is sure to satisfy any Muslim diner. Recently in 2014 because of Islamic law this new segment brought up without alcohol and pork. In fact, now it’s very easy to find authentic Muslim friendly food within the airport.

Mainly Halal friendly foods are available at VIProom at Terminal 1, conference room at Hotel Nikko and Group Hall at Observation hall Sky View. Prior reversions should be made at least before one week. Food serves on a first come first served basis. Passengers can contact Kansai Airport Agency Co, Ltd. over +81-72-455-2328 within 10.00 to 17.00 hrs for more details.

Also there are two restaurants available with Halal food items, but not alcohol free. Those are Certified by Malaysia Halal Consultation & Training Agency and locates at second floor, Terminal 1 and third floor, Aero Plaza. Another 15 restaurants are there in Kansai airport which are pork free and alcohol free but those are not fully Halal friendly. Hotel Nikko within the airport also provides pork free and alcohol free meals which are not fully Halal. Hotel Nikko has a rental prayer equipment section. 


Transport is not a problem at all at here. Varieties of transport options are available for affordable price which are faster too. Kansai International Airport is locates very close to Osaka city not more that 50km.Pessengers can use either main road public transport facilities or railway. Even you can get into a high speed ferry, if you are really like to experience a difference. Also rental cars and taxi also can be found easily around here. More information can obtain via official website. 


Travelers have different interests and here around the airport you can fulfill any of those. People are more concern about gifts and souvenirs while travelling. There a more than enough shops available to buy gifts. If a traveler missed any travel goods even those can be buying nearby airport. 

For ladies there are fashion accessories stalls nearby. Any way most of your shopping needs will cover while going around the airport area and specially you can get in to duty free shops as well.  There are so many categories available such as F​a​s​h​i​o​n​/​J​e​w​e​l​r​y, C​a​m​e​r​a​s​/​E​l​e​c​t​r​o​n​i​c​s, B​o​o​k​s​t​o​r​e, S​o​u​v​e​n​i​r​s​/​F​o​l​k​c​r​a​f​t​s, I​n​t​e​r​i​o​r​ ​G​o​o​d​s​/​G​i​f​t​, T​r​a​v​e​l​ ​A​c​c​e​s​s​o​r​i​e​s, L​e​a​t​h​e​r​ ​G​o​o​d​s and t​o​y​s. Also there is a direct bus service available between the Airport and the premium outlets shopping center which is ideal for transit passengers. More information on this special bus service can get through official airport website.


Airport has banking facilities such as Banks / Currency Exchange, ATM / Cash Dispensers. Also available many facilities including Baggage Storage, Baggage Delivery Service(Baggage Delivery from Your Home to the Airport), Baggage Wrapping Service, Coin Lockers, , Baggage Carts, Mobile Phone Rentals, WiFi Router Rentals and Kids Playing Area.  Also other useful services available namely Police, Post Office, Dental Clinic, Meeting Points, Prayer Room, etc. Business support area and internet service implemented within the airport. More information available on official website also.                 

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