Malpensa International Airport located in Ferno Varese is one of largest airport of Milan, northern Italy which has two main terminals.

Ferno, Italy



Malpensa International Airport located in Ferno Varese is one of largest airport of Milan, northern Italy which has two main terminals.


21010 Ferno Varese, Italy


+39 02 232323


Malpensa International Airport has terminals and those are not very much nearby each other. However there is a shuttle bus service between the terminals. Terminal 1 is the largest which divided into three sections. Malpensa International Airport staff within the terminal center is very helpful, active and the process is painless and efficient. Inside the terminal area is clean and has an open and bright surrounding where every traveler can relax after a journey. 

Prayer Facilities

Malpensa International Airport has prayer room and mosque facilities within the airport for ladies and gentlemen. Muslim passengers can do their meditation at second floor of terminal 1. 

Halal Food

More than enough food courts are available at Malpensa International Airport. Passengers have several options such as restaurants, cafes and fast-food outlets. No sufficient information about Halal friendly, alcohol free food. Muslim passengers better to inquire about Halal status of food before dine always.


Transport is not a problem at all here. Varieties of transport options are available at Malpensa International Airport for affordable price which are faster too. Easily travelers can get in to buses or else if interest can pick up a car or taxi which is also not hard to catch up from this area. Taxis are common and popular method of transport method which is cheap also. 


There is large range of duty free shops at Malpensa International Airport to buy goods. Specially passengers can purchase best perfumes and cosmetics, chocolate, jewelry, bags, fashionary items, sweets, eyeglasses, sun glasses and soft toys. There are varieties of shops including superstores, gift and crafts shops also clothing shops. 


All most all the facilities that required by a passenger are available within the Malpensa International Airport including baggage packaging, Tourism and aviation offices, staff assistance, ATMs and telephones, post office, banks, missed baggage offices, children play area, etc 

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  • A Trip of A Lifetime to Universal Studios Japan

    If you are looking for a trip of a lifetime when you travel to Japan, look no further than Osaka. Amongst the many attractions in Japan and delights that Osaka has to offer, Universal Studios is definitely the biggest one. Perfect for a whole day out with the family, you can select a one-day or two-day pass depending on your schedule. One day is not enough if you want to see everything! When planning where to go in Japan, block a whole day out for the amusement park. Do the necessary preparations beforehand – find out where you can purchase your tickets, check the website for closed attractions, locate food sources around Osaka for you to take with you into Universal Studios, and take prayer mats with you to the park. Even though Muslim-friendly travel to Japan is not as difficult as was previously expected, the park does not have it all.   Here are the Universal Studios Japan address and contact details to include in your itinerary:     Credit -   Address 2 Chome-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 554-0031, Japan   Phone number +81 570-200-606   Website   Ticket prices 1 Day Studio Pass: Adults (aged 12+) Yen 7038/-; Children (aged 4-11) Yen 4723/-; Seniors (aged 65+) Yen 6325/-   2 Day Studio Pass: Adults (aged 12+) Yen 11,852/-; Children (aged 4-11) Yen 7982/-   Opening hours Generally 9am-9pm, but timings differ daily (also depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend) so check the official website before you go   Must see: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™   Halal food No Halal-certified restaurants on-site, but snacks are available. Check with staff before purchasing   Prayer facilities There is no official prayer room, but don’t hesitate to ask officials (preferably one at a desk or reception) if they can find a quiet space for you to pray.   Halal food – There are no Halal hotels near Universal Studios Japan as the official hotels do not have Halal amenities. There are several Halal restaurants around Osaka though, which you should take advantage – ask them to provide boxes of food to take with you to the park as there aren’t any Halal eateries there, with the exception of some seafood.   Tips – When you visit Universal Studios Japan, you’ll want to be prepared. Make sure you get there early as the entrance queues are long, and try to get your hands on a map so that you can plan your route in advance. If you can afford it, purchase an Express Pass to cut down on your queue times at the rides. There are three different passes available, and they allow you once chance on selected rides to reduce your waiting time. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ requires a timed-entry ticket that lets you enter only at a specific time, so make sure you get your hands on those! Potter fans will not want to miss out! Tourists (non-locals) get tax-free entrance tickets to the theme park, so have your necessary identification ready when purchasing them. Download the Google translate app if you haven’t already to help you understand the signs. The staff on-site are pretty helpful too.   Attractions – With an incredible turnover of around 10 million guests a year, Universal Studios Japan has only gotten better since it opened in 2001.   The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ Picture Credit -   Home to Flight of the Hippogriff, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in 4K3D, Wand Magic, and more, Potterheads will go mad with delight as they live the experience. Make sure you get there on time as your timed-entry ticket is invalid at other times. Get yourself a (Halal) Butterbeer, explore the grounds, and relish in the magic!   Universal Wonderland Picture Credit - Perfect for small children, Universal Wonderland has three themed zones – Snoopy Studios, Hello Kitty’s Fashion Avenue, and Sesame Street Fun Zone. With rides, activities, and outdoor and indoor play, it is a must-do on your family tour to Japan.   Rides Picture Credit -   This is not for the faint-hearted. Incredible thrills like Jaws, Jurassic Park, Space Fantasy, Minion Mayhem, The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman in 4K3D, Hollywood Dream, and the Flying Dinosaur will have you screaming for your life and out of breath. Twists, turns, flying, and doing a whole rollercoaster backwards is not even half of what you will experience at the ride attractions. If you were wondering what to see and do in Japan, think no more because tummy-drops like this cannot be had just anywhere!   Shows Picture Credit -   Immerse yourself in the movies as you face an inferno in Backdraft, a series of stunts in WaterWorld, take a 4D journey with Shrek, and question reality in Terminator. These 4D experiences are so real that you cannot miss it. Let the little ones delight in the adventures of Woody Woodpecker, Sesame Street fun, and a Japanese special: Yo-kai Taiso.   Street and Stage Shows Picture Credit -   If you thought that rides and technology were all that Universal Studios had to offer, you hadn’t heard about the live shows. Ever wanted to meet a Minion? Well, you’ll get to here as the streets are filled with Minions at their Hacha-Mecha greetings. You can sing and dance with your favourite Sesame Street characters, you might encounter some dinosaurs, and you can feel your heart sing to the wonderful melody by world-renowned talented musicians. Some of the shows might be in Japanese, so embrace the experience! It’s not every day you get to witness shows in a foreign language.   Characters Picture Credit -  Universal Studios Japan has the licence to use characters from both Universal Studios and other parties, which is why you will see Hello Kitty, Peanut, and the Sesame Street characters as well. Don’t miss out on meeting Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt from the Peanut comics; Ernie and Bert, Big Bird and Elmo, Zoe, the Cookie Monster and Grover, Count von Count, Abby Cadabby, and Moppy (especially created for Universal Studios Japan) from Sesame Street; and Woody and Winnie Woodpeckers, Shrek and Fiona, the Minions, Hello Kitty, and the Pink Panther.   If Universal Studios wasn’t part of your Halal trip to Japan, it should be now! Dedicate a day to yourself – to the thrills and shrills of your insides churning, questioning reality, and sinking into your favourite movie setting....

  • Do You Have What it Takes to Climb Mount Everest?

    Climbing Mount Everest is quite often a challenge that every adventure traveler dreams of. But how can you climb Mount Everest? What are the difficulties that you will face? Is it a risk worth taking? These are some of the questions that always arise. This article explores some of the things you need to know before you decide whether you should climb Mount Everest. Since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first climbed Mount Everest in 1953, the Himalayan peak has become both the literal and the figurative pinnacle of any high-altitude climber's career. Mount Everest is located in the Mahalangur region of the Himalayan range, with its summit bordering China and Nepal. The height of mount Everest is 8,848 meters and it is said that its height increases each year by a few millimeters due to geologic uplift. How hard is it to climb Everest?  Climbing the tallest mountain in the world will indeed pose a challenge. Interestingly however, it has been noted that the more inexperienced climbers tend to reach the summit on their first attempt. It is chance-taking due to the unawareness of dangers and of course it is extremely hazardous. Even the long-term climber will find the unfamiliar conditions quite a battle to face. A crucial thing that Mountain climbers should be weary of  is bad weather and how it can turn an easy, sunny climb into a horrible, fatal inferno. The change in weather is often fast and unforgiving. Suddenly you will be blinded, with the wind freezing the blood in your veins, where you can’t think or find your way anywhere. Rules for survival It is of utmost importance to follow guidance on the rules of surviving when climbing mount Everest. On prolonged climbs, bad weather might strike unexpectedly, contrary to forecasts of fine conditions. The mountain creates its own weather, impossible to predict well by current models, especially with no weather station on the summit. Trust forecasts for general weather system predictions but always keep an eye on the mountain. Place fixed ropes everywhere possible. Bring a compass, provide for a security light in camp. Minimize the risk any way that you can. Make sure to clip in. Almost yearly, climbers die in the Himalayas due to old rope. It is important to not climb together with large numbers of climbers on a single rope. Health problems at high altitudes such as headaches, edema, frostbite, confusion and such are actually more often related to dehydration than lack of oxygen. A lot of strange feelings, reactions and symptoms occur at altitude. For instance; reaching high heights causes your brain to lack oxygen. A brain short on oxygen reacts in a different way. The knowledge of different situations at high altitudes and your own reactions to them is important for your self-confidence and is essential for survival. That’s why experience with altitude is so important prior to an Everest climb. Whilst there are some ways to read the snow, and various digging techniques for avalanche situations, there is really not much to do about it. Avoid climbs following heavy snowfalls. Especially on the Lhotse wall or the North wall. Climb swiftly past the dangerous parts, don’t climb the icefall too late in the day, and well keep your fingers crossed. ...

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    Alsalam alaikom i was in Maplensa airport today & asked the infomation desk, unfortunetly there is no mosque. But i am surprised there is not. Thank for your hard work. Gazak ALLAH khayra