Malacca International Airport which formerly known as Batu Berendam Airport located in Melaka in Malaysia. The airport serves both domestic and international passengers.

Melaka, Malaysia

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    Best For: Roti Canai Mee Jawa Mee Goreng Mamak Char Kuei Tiau Satay and Others

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Malacca International Airport which formerly known as Batu Berendam Airport located in Melaka in Malaysia. The airport serves both domestic and international passengers.


 Jalan Batu Berendam, 75350 Batu Berendam, Malacca, Malaysia


+60 6-317 5860


Malacca International Airport terminal is a modern style place that serves all facilities to its passengers. Staffs within the terminal centers are very helpful, active and the process is painless and efficient. Inside the terminal area is clean and has an open and bright surrounding where every traveler can relax after a journey. 

Prayer Facilities

There is no sufficient information about prayer room and mosque facilities at Malacca International Airport for Muslim ladies and gentlemen.

Halal Food

More than enough food courts are available at Malacca International Airport. Passengers have several options such as restaurants, cafes and fast-food outlets. No sufficient information on Halal friendly, alcohol free food at Malacca International Airport. But there are plenty of places outside the airport which serves Halal friendly foods. However Muslim diners better to inquire about Halal status of food before dine always!  


Transport is not a problem at all here. Varieties of transport options are available at Malacca International Airport for affordable price which are faster too. Easily travelers can get in to buses or else if interest can pick up a car or taxi which is also not hard to catch up from this area. Taxis are common and popular method of transport method which is cheap also.


There are more than enough duty free shops at Malacca International Airport to buy goods such as gift shops, luggage retailers and fashion boutiques . Specially passengers can purchase best perfumes and cosmetics, chocolate, jewelry, bags, fashionary items, sweets, eyeglasses, sun glasses and soft toys. There are varieties of shops including superstores, crafts shops also clothing shops. 


All most all the facilities that required by a passenger are available within Malacca International Airport including banking facilities, internet access , public telephones, cafés, restaurants, duty-free outlets, pharmacy, first aid service, dentist, conference rooms, multi-purpose meeting and event centre, wheelchair service, staff assistance, ATMs, luggage facility and post office. 

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  • Best Aesthetic & Boutique Hotels for Your Staycation in Singapore

    It is the holidays again, with the travel restrictions remaining as they are, staycations are the next best thing! Fill your Instagram feed with these aesthetically pleasing hotels which are definitely Instagram-worthy. Here are some hotels that are so aesthetic and artsy that they will surely have you snapping away like an influencer.    The Barracks Hotel Image Source: Sentosa If you are planning to replicate the feeling of going overseas, this hotel might be the one you’re looking for. Tucked in a corner in Sentosa, the Barracks Hotel is technically overseas (Dad joke alert). Transport yourself back in time with the Barracks Hotel with its Colonial design and architecture thanks to the fact that it was once a British Artillery outpost. A classic design with modern comforts, this hotel truly screams luxury and class by bringing the best of both the old and the new.  Location: 2 Gunner Lane, Palawan Ridge, Sentosa Island, 099567 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim. The closest mosque is on mainland Singapore but there are suraus in Sentosa itself. Halal Food Options Nearby: Halal food options are quite limited near the hotel but there are some Halal food options in Resorts World Sentosa and a Mcdonald’s on the island. However, Food deliveries such as Grabfood do deliver to Sentosa.   The Warehouse Hotel Image Credit: The Warehouse Hotel This entry to the list comes to no surprise to anyone. Situated along the Singapore river in a warehouse built in the 19th century, the Warehouse Hotel offers a unique setting that beautifully reflects the rich history and heritage of the area. Historically a spice warehouse, The Warehouse has been restored into a hotel that blends contemporary and industrial design that will surely be a unique experience for your Singapoliday. Location: 320 Havelock Road, Robertson Quay, 169628 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   The Sultan Image Source: Tucked away in the fancy neighborhood of Kampong Glam, The Sultan is a boutique hotel that is definitely not limited in terms of the availability of Halal food nearby. There are a number of great eateries nearby serving a wide range of food. Check out the list of cafes and eateries in and around Haji Lane here! Location: 101 Jalan Sultan, #01-01, 199002 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Sultan Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   The Great Madras Image Credit: The Great Madras Located in the quaint alleys of Little India, The Great Madras is really a Hotel that stands out especially if you are into the retro-looking vibes of the hotel. From the facade to the rooms to the pool, the whole hotel just oozes the retro 70s vibe. Another big plus that this hotel has is the rich flavourful choices of halal eateries nearby. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to leave the hotel, Halal food is also served by the hotel themselves. Location: 28 Madras Street, 208422 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Abdul Gafoor Mosque Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   The Outpost Hotel Image Source: TripAdvisor Perched on the highest point in Sentosa, The Outpost Hotel brings the experience of an island-getaway to another level. With stunning sea-views paired with the peace and quiet of the area that it’s in, The Outpost Hotel is one of the best ways to escape the buzz of our city lives without leaving the comforts of modern-day amenities. If enjoying the view from the room is not enough, visit their main attraction, the rooftop pool. Take in the beautiful views of Sentosa and the other islands nearby, a great place to destress and unwind. The interior is adorned with a clean and contemporary design, a contrast to the look and feel of Sentosa island. Location: 10 Artillery Avenue #03-01 Palawan Ridge, Singapore 099951 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim. Similar to the Barracks Hotel, the closest mosque is on mainland Singapore but there are suraus in Sentosa itself. Halal Food Options Nearby: Halal food options are quite limited near the hotel but there are some Halal food options in Resorts World Sentosa and a Mcdonald’s on the island. However, Food deliveries such as Grabfood do deliver to Sentosa.   The Scarlet Singapore Image Source: The Scarlet Singapore Located in Chinatown, The Scarlet Singapore is classy on the outside and lavish in the inside, the Scarlet Singapore has to be one of the oldest hotels in this list. Housed in one of the oldest conservation buildings in Singapore, The Scarlet Singapore pampers its guests with modern-day comforts fit for royalty. Especially if you go for one of the seven themed suites that they offer, there’s even one with an outdoor jacuzzi. With a good blend of heritage and style, it comes to no surprise that The Scarlet Singapore has numerous awards and accolades to their name. Location: 33 Erskine Road, Singapore 069333 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Jamae Chulia, Masjid Abrar Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   Hotel Mono Image Source: Hotel Mono Staying with the theme of Shophouses in Chinatown, Hotel Mono is a minimalist’s dream. Lending its name from the term “Monochromic”, the hotel has a strong amount of neutral colors paired with clean lines prominent in all their rooms, makes it really pleasing on the eyes. Location: 18 Mosque St, Singapore 059498 Website Nearby Mosques: Masjid Jamae Chulia, Masjid Abrar Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   Lloyd’s Inn Image Credit: Lloyd's Inn Clean lines and monochromatic design flows over to this listing. Lloyd's Inn brings out the best in urban living with its concept, enabling you to escape right in the heart of the busy city. With a great offering of amenities such as a Roof Terrace, Garden Deck, and Dipping pool, Lloyd's Inn looks to be interesting to stay for your next staycation. Location: 2 Lloyd Road, 239091 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Al-Falah, Masjid Bencoolen Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   Hotel Soloha Image Credit: Hotel Soloha Quoted as following the concept of an Urban Chic Jungle, Hotel Soloha is a clear contrast to the previous listing, This is the hotel to go to if you are a fan of colorful displays and art. Decked with beautiful artwork and wide pop art murals by local artists, the hotel will definitely have you snapping away when you are there. Another major plus with the rooms in Hotel Soloha is that the rooms are equipped with digital conveniences such as Spotify and Netflix access and smart room controls. Location: 12 Teck Lim Road, 088387 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Jamae Chulia, Masjid Abrar Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   If you’re looking for other hotels and attractions to visit on your Singapoliday Staycation, check out our blog on the ongoing SingapoRediscovers campaign by the Singapore Tourism Board here! So there you have it boutique and aesthetic hotels that are definitely photogenic and pleasing to the eyes. Tell us what are your favorite aesthetic or boutique hotels in the comments below!...

  • 10 Best Bakeries That Offer Halal Cakes For Delivery In Singapore 

    No special occasion is complete without a cake. There's just something about the sweet taste of cakes that compliments a special occasion. Be it a birthday celebration, a graduation party, a simple gathering, or even the upcoming Father's Day celebration, a cake would be perfect to commemorate these occasions. But then again, you never really need a special occasion to buy a cake right? I don't know about you but the sweet and delicious taste of cakes is enough to make my day! Even if you feel like eating cake on any normal day, you definitely could with these 10 best bakeries that offer halal cakes for delivery in Singapore! via GIPHY 1. Swensen’s  Image Credit: Swensen’s Recently, we tried out Swensen’s Cake Delivery for a beloved family member’s birthday. Despite the circuit breaker, we managed to have a family-only mini celebration and we were so glad to have gotten a birthday cake from Swensen’s! Here is a picture of the birthday cake for you to ogle:  We definitely recommend getting birthday cakes from Swensen’s as their birthday cakes are made from ice cream (OMG!). On top of that, they have beautiful designs such as Marvel characters, Spiderman, Star Wars and even classic designs. Swensen’s also provides quality packaging (dry ice etc) and customisation like choosing cake flavours and writing birthday messages to your liking. Click here to look at the different cake flavours and designs available. For the birthday person who does not fancy ice cream cakes, you could choose to buy them a local-flavoured cake, like Kueh Lapis (layered cake). You're definitely spoiled for choice!   Website | Facebook | Instagram  2. Butter Studio Image Credit: Butter Studio Fathers’ Day is coming real soon. Butter Studio has an array of Fathers’ Day cake selections which look really yummy! If you are planning to celebrate Fathers' Day at home with your family, why not order a cake from Butter Studio? A special occasion is never complete without a cake!  Butter Studio is a great place to order cakes as their cakes are handmade and you could definitely taste the baker’s love from the quality of the cakes. Butter Studio offers a plethora of flavours, namely, chocolate, caramel, raspberry praline and so many more. Image Credit: Butter Studio on Facebook On top of that, their cakes have such lovely designs like a unicorn (our personal favourite), superheroes, Netflix (how cool is that?) and many others. The cool thing about Butter Studio is that you could order tall cakes (taller than the usual cake). These tall cakes do not just look beautiful; they are tasty and worth the money as you could share the goodness with your loved ones.  Website | Facebook | Instagram  3. Modern Warung  Image Credit: Modern Warung on Instagram Modern Warung is a home-based cake shop that is Muslim-owned. They specialise in Burnt Cheesecakes which is definitely the cake flavour of the year as the cheesecake is gooey and the flavours would just burst in your mouth (awesome!). Some of their flavours include Lotus Biscuit (Cookie Butter Cheesecake), Cheesecake and chocolate. Be sure to place orders in advance as they have a maximum order quota per week.  Visit their Instagram page for more information. To place your orders, click here! Instagram  4. Julie Bakes  Image Credit: Julie Bakes on Facebook For the Ondeh-Ondeh cake lovers like us, Julie Bakes is a must-try! We definitely think that Julie Bakes’ Ondeh-Ondeh cake is the best in Singapore. The cake is not just airy, it is also decadent (wonderful mix). Upon eating the Ondeh-Ondeh cake, you would most probably stop doing anything else but eat and enjoy it. Additionally, Julie Bakes pride themselves as bakers who bake signature traditional cakes.   Julie Bakes also offer other flavours like: Durian Cake Chendol Cake Badak Berendam  Chocolate  and many more Simply drop them a Whatsapp at 9647 9027 for orders. They are offering a 10% discount on all cake orders right now so do not miss this chance to tease your taste buds. Facebook | Instagram  5. Cat & the Fiddle Singapore Image Credit: Cat & the Fiddle on Facebook Cat & the Fiddle Singapore specialises in cheesecakes offering 17 gourmet flavours. As of 10 November 2019, Cat & the Fiddle has been certified Halal by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS). For cat lovers like us, you would be pleased to know that Cat & the Fiddle gives back to society like the Cat Welfare Society. On top of that, Cat & the Fiddle also gives back to children in need through The Children's Aid Society as well as those who are differently enabled through SPD and The Purple Parade.  Image Credit: Cat & the Fiddle on Facebook Cat & the Fiddle allows for customisation of cheesecake flavours for up to 10 flavours in one box. This allows you to continuously be teased by the different tastes on your taste buds. If you were to join the membership over at Cat & the Fiddle, you could enjoy a 7% discount.    Website | Facebook | Instagram  6. Swee Heng 1989 Classic Image Credit: Swee Heng 1989 Classic Swee Heng 1989 Classic is a name not alien to Singapore as they have been around for a long time and has been a hot favorite amongst Singaporeans for as long as we could remember. Swee Heng offers tasty and fine cakes that are quaint and delicious. They never disappoint regardless of the flavour of the cake. So order just any of the delicious cakes here! You will surely come back for more. Some flavours that they offer include:  Original New York Cheese Classic Mango Tiramisu Lots of others too Website | Facebook  7. PrimaDeli Image Credit: PrimaDeli  PrimaDeli is a prominent halal cake shop in Singapore. Honestly, Prima Deli has the best known crispy yet soft waffles. However, in this article, we are not discussing their awesome waffles (unfortunately) but something a little more interesting...their mouth-watering cakes!  Prima Deli offers loads of flavours such as:  Fruit cakes Chocolate cakes  Special treats  And many more!  Image Credit: PrimaDeli on Facebook PrimaDeli definitely offers quality cakes at affordable prices. So it is a good place to get larger and affordable cakes to share with your loved ones at home. PrimaDeli also offers premium collections such as rainbow cakes and so on.  Website | Facebook | Instagram  8. SPATULA Image Credit: SPATULA  Image Credit: Fathers’ Day Cupcake Gift Box by SPATULA If you have not heard of SPATULA, it could only mean that they are underrated despite their high quality, beautiful and delicious cakes. We would definitely recommend SPATULA for special occasions as their pretty cakes are priced at very affordable prices.  With the upcoming Fathers’ Day celebration, SPATULA is offering cupcakes in a box at an affordable price of $25. You could thank your father in such a simple and tasty manner by buying him this gift box consisting of flavours such as:  2 x Double Nutella Rocher 1 x Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (our personal favourite) 1 x Pandan Gula Melaka Coconut 2 x Dark Chocolate Fudge Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the government’s regulations that prevent larger celebrations and gatherings, SPATULA opens up weekly weekend bake sales consisting of special handmade curated items for your safe and comfortable enjoyment at home, from now till July. So be sure to check them out and order early to avoid disappointment. Website | Facebook  9. Riz Delights Image Credit: Riz Delights on Facebook Riz Delights started out as a small business. But they have found a way to share their delicious bakes with cake lovers. They pride themselves in using quality ingredients and creating unique cake designs, especially when it comes to memorable events such as weddings.  Additionally, what we found unique about Riz Delights is that they sell cakes in a jar! So if you are in the mood for cake but cannot afford to finish a bigger cake, why not just go for the bite-sized cake jars?  Their cake in a jar flavours consist of:  Red Velvet (our personal favourite) Chocolate Indulgence Caramel Mango Ondeh-Ondeh  Oreo  Strawberry Shortcake Website | Facebook | Instagram  10. Sooperlicious Cakes  Image Credit: Sooperlicious Cakes Last but not least, we would like to mention Sooperlicious Cakes which is definitely a must-try as they are able to customise just about any cake design according to your preference! They are willing to take on any of your creative and adventurous ideas and turn it into a reality (in the form of cake). They believe that delicious, fabulous cakes should be affordable. Therefore, Sooperlicious cakes are for everyone with any budget!  Website | Facebook | Instagram    We hope that with this article, you would have a better idea of where to get the great-looking and even better-tasting cakes for your special occasions or daily satisfying-your-cake-cravings day. Perhaps for this upcoming Father's Day celebration, you could order a cake from one of these Halal Bakeries to celebrate the special occasion. On top of that, we hope that while you enjoy delicious cakes, you also do it responsibly by not having large gatherings and still observing safe distancing measures. So eat cake at home and most importantly, stay safe!  via GIPHY ...

  • Here Are 10 Best Family Road Trips In Malaysia

    Planning a family trip where everyone can enjoy themselves can be exciting but stressful as well. After Covid-19, it is expected that domestic travel will recover first. Why not use this time to plan for a road trip in Malaysia? Going on a road trip is a great way to bond and spend quality time with your family! Whether you are planning for a short weekend getaway or a vacation, Malaysia has so much to offer! Malaysia is ideal for family road trips as there are so many destinations that you can explore and enjoy with your family. Here are 10 best family road trips in Malaysia!  via GIPHYAlso Read: Here Is What Travel Will Look Like After Covid-19 1. Kota Tinggi to Desaru Image Credit: Kota Tinggi Waterfalls Resort It will take approximately 50 mins to drive down from Kota Tinggi to Desaru, hence making it an ideal short weekend getaway to enjoy with your family. Bring your family for a picnic and take a dip in the Kota Tinggi Waterfall. This spectacular view offers serenity, allowing us to relax and unwind. If you have more time to spare in Kota Tinggi, you can also visit the Kota Tinggi Firefly Park. Participate in outdoor studies with your family and get close to nature. This can be a fun yet enriching experience for the family! Image Credit: Desaru Fruit Farm More family-fun activities await you in Desaru. Drive down to Desaru Fruit Farm and learn how to grow various kinds of fruits. On top of that, you can even do a taste testing of the fruits you have picked. You can also bring the kids to feed the ostriches at the Desaru Ostrich Farm. My best pick will be the Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages - adults and kids alike.    2. Port Dickson to Malacca Image Credit: Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson This trip is another ideal short getaway that you can consider. Stay for a night in Port Dickson and the following day, you can drive down to Malacca in less than 1.5 hours. Port Dickson is the best place to relax and rewind. Book one of the water chalets available like Lexis Hibiscus and enjoy a night stay. Nothing can go wrong with spending quality with the family in a private pool. Image Credit: St. Paul's Church on Lonely Planet The following day, you can take a drive to Malacca. There are many historical sites that you can visit in Malacca, which is known for its rich history. Head down to A Famosa and walk up the small hill to reach St. Paul's Church. Image Credit: Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum There are also plenty of museums around the area that you can visit too, like Flora de la Mar Maritime Museum and the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum. If you happened to be in Klebang area, you must not miss the Klebang Original Coconut Shake! Nothing can beat teatime with some traditional Malay kuih (delicious!) and a cup of coconut shake topped with vanilla ice cream (yummy!). 3. Kuala Lumpur to Penang Image Credit: Wayne Chew on Unsplash No matter how long you are planning to stay in Kuala Lumpur, there are always things to see and do. It has become mandatory to take a trip to PETRONAS tower whenever one is in Kuala Lumpur. There are various things to see and do around the area like exploring Aquaria KLCC, visiting the aquarium, or shop at Suria KLCC. After spending some time sightseeing and shopping at Kuala Lumpur, continue your journey down the road for about 4 hours to reach a UNESCO heritage town, George Town in Penang. Image Credit: Dark Mansion More fun-filled activities await you in Penang. Visit Dark Mansion, a 3D trick art museum unlike the normal, because they glow in the dark! Your kids will definitely enjoy this, we promise!  Image Credit: Penang Hill on Facebook One of my best take in Penang will be Penang Hill. Ride up the funicular ride to enjoy breathtaking views, learn heritage and culture, and enjoy mother nature. Make sure to feast on their local delights like Char Kuay Teow and Assam Laksa. Penang houses some affordable cafes too so be sure to check that out with your family! 4. Ipoh to Cameron Highlands Image Credit: Old Town Ipoh on Lonely Planet  If you are looking for a lush greenery view on a trip, this road trip is made for you. The drive from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands takes about 2 hours. Firstly, wander down Old Town in Ipoh and discover the street arts and cute streets. You can also visit the city's gem such as Kellie's Castle and Birch Memorial Clock Tower. Once you're done exploring Ipoh's beautiful landmark and art, take a trip to Cameron Highlands. Image Credit: Strawberry Farms on Meanwhile, at Cameron Highlands, you can bring your family out for some outdoor activities. Don't miss out on fun activities like strawberry picking in the strawberry farm, visiting the butterfly farm, and exploring the lavender garden. At the end of the day, spend some quality family time over steamboat in Cameron Highlands.  5. Johor Bahru to Mersing Image Credit: Legoland Malaysia on Facebook Our trip down to Johor Bahru will always be about the food or groceries on the usual days. How about a short getaway, let's say a 2-days 1-night trip with a detour to Mersing? In less than 2 hours drive, you can get to Mersing from Johor Bahru. Over at Johor Bahru, you can visit Legoland, a popular theme park that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Spend a day with your family here; enjoy the rides and attractions it has to offer.  Image Credit: Kishor on Unsplash After having some fun at Legoland, you can drive to Mersing. Mersing is all about the beautiful beaches and white sands. You can opt for snorkeling and island hopping in Mersing if your family is up for it. My best take in Mersing is to book a resort and enjoy a relaxing time at the beaches with your loved ones.  6. Sepang to Genting Highlands Image Credit: Sepang International Circuit  If you think that Sepang is only home to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, you are wrong. There are some fun-filled activities that you can do with your family here. In less than a 2 hours drive, you can get to Genting Highlands and the fun continues. Sepang is known for its Formula One race circuit, but if you're not in Sepang to watch one, head down to Avani Gold Coast Resort. You may choose to stay a night here or visit the Extreme Park for some activities like Go-kart, archery, and ATV jungle trail. Image Credit: Resorts World Genting Next, take a 2-hour drive to Genting Highlands. Enjoy the rides and attractions at the outdoor theme park, which caters to both kids and adults. You might also want to check the indoor theme park and video game park. Hop on the Awana Skyway; you can enjoy the spectacular view from a distance together with your loved ones. 7. Kuantan to Kuala Terengganu Image Credit: The Sungai Pandan Waterfall on Hotel Grand Continental Kuantan For me, Kuantan is an underrated city. Not many tourists visit this beautiful destination. In less than a 3-hour drive from Kuantan, you can reach your destination, Kuala Terengganu. In Kuantan, you can find several beautiful waterfalls. In my opinion, Sungai Pandan Waterfall will be an ideal spot if you are on this road trip with young kids or the elderly. Make a trip to Kula Cakes to eat the local's favorite Mango Cheesecakes. This store should be in every cheesecake lovers' list as they serve other unique flavors as well. Image Credit: Terengganu State Museum on After all that fun, drive to Kuala Terengganu for a heritage tour. Visit the Terengganu State Museum to learn about the history and culture of this place. Don't forget to also visit Pantai Batu Burok to enjoy the scenic beach view. 8. Bukit Tinggi to Kuala Selangor Image Credit: Berjaya Hills on Another two locations that are off the beaten track should be on your list if you want to have a unique experience. It takes a 1.5-hour drive to get you to Kuala Selangor from Bukit Tinggi. The Japanese Tea House in Bukit Tinggi, also known as Berjaya Hills, offers you a soulful retreat. Explore the French-themed Colmar Tropicale and the zen-inspired Japanese garden. The rabbit farm is a must-visit for families; you can play and feed the cute little furry friends. Image Credit: Mount Melawati on The Star Next, drive to Kuala Selangor which takes about 1.5 hours. You can hike up Mount Melawati with your family and learn more about the history behind this notable hill. Also, make time to visit the Kuala Selangor Nature Park and walk through the mangroves. You can spot various species of birds here too! You should also try the Cendol Bakar. The preparation of the gula Melaka in this cendol is different from those of the normal cendol out there. 9. Banting to Sekinchan Image Credit: Tadom Hill Resorts This trip is catered to you if you're bringing along pre-teen kids or older who are adventurous and love outdoor activities. It takes 2 hours to reach Sekinchan by car from Banting. First, enjoy various adrenaline attractions in Banting. Head down to Tadom Hill Resorts, where you can enjoy activities like ATV and water swings. If you want to try some paragliding, you can hike up Bukit Jugra. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the scenic view from the peak with your family. Next, take a 2-hour drive to Sekinchan. Expect to see the lush green field of paddy in Sekinchan as it is home to the Paddy Processing Factory. Don't forget to drop by any of the small businesses selling tropical fruits nearby. The juicy giant mangoes, soursops, and guavas can quench your thirst over the hot day (Yum!). 10. Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang Image Credit: Sosodikon Hill on Facebook Located in Sabah, both Kota Kinabalu and Kundasang offers you scenic locations with fresh mountain air. Just about a 2-hour drive, you can get from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang. You don't always have to hike up Mount Kinabalu when you're in Kota Kinabalu. If you still want to enjoy some mountain views but don't want to break a sweat, visit Sosodikon Hill. Don't forget to visit the Asquare Kota Kinabalu, the first creative container night food market in Kota Kinabalu. You will be spoilt for choices with over 60 varieties of food to choose from different street vendors. Image Credit: Desa Dairy Farm on Facebook Next, take a 2-hour drive to Kundasang. You can visit Desa Dairy Farm in Kundasang with the kids and feed the calves and goats while enjoying some freshly made gelato. I'm sure your kids will enjoy this activity! Also Read: 10 Tips On How To Prepare For A Road Trip There you have it, the 10 best family road trips in Malaysia. So what are you waiting for? Start planning for your next road trip to Malaysia now! via GIPHY     ...

  • Get Swensen's Earthquake In A Box For A Sweeter Ramadan

    You know what’s better than cake?    Cake AND ice cream.  via GIPHY Now that we are all safe at home, celebrating birthdays during this period of time may be a little different. On the bright side, we have multiple delivery services to have our food delivered at our doorstep. Thank you! We’re so happy to share with you that Swensen’s sundae ice cream, Earthquake In A Box and Jumbo Banana Split, is now available for takeaway at all 23 outlets and via delivery. A not so little twist to the Jumbo Banana Split is that this is the upsized version of the dine-in favorite.  The deliveries are now available on Deliveroo and from 23 April onwards, it will be available on Deliveroo, Grabfood and Foodpanda. Earthquake In A Box The Earthquake In A Box (S$25.47) comes with eight scoops of ice cream and eight toppings. Customize your earthquake from an extensive selection of 24 ice cream flavors the classic Sticky Chewy Chocolate and Durian King, later additions like Butterfly Pea Flower Milk Tea and Dark Chocolate Truffle, and if you’re on a strict diet, you can opt for the low-sugar options! Spice up your ice cream with their eight toppings – hot fudge sauce, butterscotch sauce, strawberry sauce, pineapple sauce, blueberry sauce, marshmallow sauce, hot caramel sauce as well as cold fudge, along with almonds, whipped cream and maraschino cherries.   Chocoholic  Salted Gula Melaka  Coffee Fix  Sea Salt Caramel  Durian King  Sticky Chewy Chocolate  Chocolate Peanut Buttercup  Strawberry  Thin Mint  Tangy Lime Sherbet  Vanilla  Yammy Coconut  Macadamia Nut  Salted Butterscotch Crumble  Mango  Guilt-Free Chocolate  Cookies 'N' Cream  Guilt-Free Strawberry  Mocha Almond Fudge  Guilt-Free Vanilla  Nutty Hazel  Butterfly Pea Flower Milk Tea  Rocky Road  Dark Chocolate Truffle  Jumbo Banana Split Their upsized version of the hit Banana Split is also available for delivery. The Jumbo Banana Split (S$19.05) comes with three classic scoops of Strawberry, Chocoholic and Vanilla ice cream, sandwiched between fresh bananas, accompanied by a trio of gooey chocolate fudge, strawberry sauce, and pineapple sauce, and finally finished with chocolate sprinkles, almonds, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries on top. New to the ice cream team, Swensen’s has also introduced two brand new tasting flight sundaes, exclusively available for takeaway only at all outlets and delivery via Foodpanda and Grabfood from 1 April 2020! The Topless (S$17.98) is the way to go if you are not a fan of toppings.Take your pick and choose 15 sampling scoops of ice cream out of the 24 ice cream flavors. Just like its name, the limelight of this box is to mainly indulge on the ice cream so no toppings allowed! If you’re a chocolate lover, the Chocolate Fantasy (S$16.91) is your favorite thing on their menu. This creation sees three scoops each of five different types of Swensen’s chocolate ice cream flavours. The fifteen luxurious scoops of Chocoholic, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Rocky Road, Sticky Chewy Chocolate and Guilt-Free Chocolate ice cream are then finished with a separately packed side of almonds. Swensen’s has revealed an all new appearance for their famous pint tubs. There are seven popular flavours available for takeaways namely the Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Lower Sugar Chocolate, Mocha Almond Fudge, Rocky Road, Strawberry (S$11.80/ pint) and the Durian King (S$16.80/ pint). And the best news is from now till 30 April 2020, their two pints are going for S$19.80* (usual price S$23.60) exclusively via Grabfood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo!    *Additional $4 per pint for Durian King   So, get yourself the Swensen’s Earthquake In A Box and make staying home a little sweeter. Or! You might even want to order the box as a dessert treat this Ramadan with your family! May you have a blessed Ramadan Insya Allah!  ...

  • 4 Restoran High-Tea dan Brunch Halal Paling Hits di Singapura

    Ini dia tempat-tempat High-Tea Halal di Singapura terbaik menurut HalalTrip - karena banyak tempat yang mungkin menawarkan High-Tea tapi belum tentu Halal! via GIPHY Kalau kamu berasal dari Asia atau Inggris, pasti kamu sering atau suka minum teh – yah, paling tidak hidangan teh bukanlah sesuatu yang asing bagimu. Adanya teh di meja, menjadikan hari lebih hangat, kita bisa berkumpul menghabiskan waktu, bercerita tentang hari ini atau kabar kehidupan masing - masing, bahkan mungkin hanya sekedar ingin bersantai saja, tanpa harus memakan makanan yang terlalu berat. Lebih serunya, hidangan High-Tea ini akan membuat makanan besertanya menjadi dua kali lebih menarik. Bayangkan saja jika hidangan halal yang biasanya hanya bisa dilihat di MasterChef tiba-tiba disajikan didepanmu, pasti akan jadi sebuah pengalaman yang tidak mudah terlupakan! via GIPHY 1. Carousel di Royal Plaza on Scotts Kredit Foto: Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore di Facebook High-Tea ala Carousel bisa dilihat dari buffet makan siangnya – pilihan bervariasi dengan citarasa yang istimewa. Restoran halal hits yang satu ini punya berbagai macam makanan sesuai dengan selera kamu. Makanan laut? Ada. Makanan pedas? Ada juga. Masih banyak yang lain, termasuk Chinese food, hidangan Singapura, wafel, makanan penutup yang panas, dingin, atau makanan dengan nama yang sangat unik, membuatmu bahkan tidak yakin apa yang kamu masukkan ke dalam mulutmu, Carousel punya semuanya! Mampirlah di Royal Plaza on Scotts untuk menyelami lezatnya masakan Carousel. Nah, harga pada hari kerja dan akhir pekan berbeda ya. Harga High-Tea Rata-Rata: Hari Kerja (Sen-Kam): Dewasa $ 49,43 nett, Anak $ 31,78 nettAkhir Pekan (Jumat-Minggu) & Libur Umum: Dewasa $ 56,50 nett, Anak $ 37,66 nettWaktu High Tea: 03:30 - 17:30Alamat: 25 Scotts Rd, Tingkat Lobi, Royal Plaza on Scotts, Royal Plaza, 228220Tempat Beribadah Terdekat: Royal Plaza on Scotts @ 2nd floorTelepon: +65 6589 7799 Situs Web  2. Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant di Furama City Centre Kredit Foto: Tiffany Café & Restaurant di Facebook Walaupun Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant hanya menyajikan high-tea di akhir pekan, kafe ini adalah salah satu pilihan terbaik untuk menikmati high-tea. Makanan yang mereka sajikan memang tidak terlalu bervariasi karena harga yang mereka patok untuk cukup murah dibandingkan dengan tempat lain. Meskipun begitu karena banyaknya menu dessert mereka, kurangnya variasi makanan gurih mereka menjadi tidak signifikan. Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant terkenal dengan masakan Melayu internasionalnya, dan cita rasa yang mereka hidangkan lebih condong ke citarasa lokal daripada citarasa lainnya. Harga High-Tea Rata-Rata: Dewasa: S $ 19,90 ++, Anak: S $ 12,90 ++ (per orang)Waktu High Tea: Sabtu & Minggu, 14:45 hingga 17:30Alamat: 60 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapura 059804Masjid Terdekat: Masjid Jamae Chulia dan Masjid Omar Kampong MelakaTelepon: +65 6531 5366Telepon: +65 6531 5366 Situs Web 3. Penny University Foto Kredit: Penny University di Facebook Penny University ini adalah salah satu restoran yang dimiliki oleh orang muslim. Tempat ini cukup terkenal dan selalu ramai dikunjungi orang - orang. Tak heran, karena makanan yang mereka sajikan cukup menggugah selera. Walaupun tidak menyajikan menu High-Tea, tempat ini menyajikan menu sarapan dan makan siang, lebih singkatnya Brunch dan berbagai macam desserts yang manis. Disini kamu bisa mengajak keluarga kecilmu untuk datang karena menu yang mereka sajikan cocok untuk semua umur. Ada berbagai macam kreasi waffle, kue, sandwich, salad hingga Mediterranean Breakfastnya yang bikin penasaran. Selain itu, mereka juga menyajikan teh dan kopi loh! Harga Brunch Rata-Rata: $ 6 - $ 16Waktu Brunch: (All Day Brunch) 8.30 - 10 PMAlamat: 402 E Coast Rd, Singapura 428997Masjid Terdekat: Masjid KassimTelepon: +65 6345 9055 Situs Web 4. Lynn's Cakes & Coffee Foto Kredit: Lynn's Cakes di Facebook Jika kamu mencari tempat untuk bersantai bersama pasanganmu, maka Lynn's Cakes & Coffee-lah tempat yang harus kamu kunjungi. Karena ukuran bangunannya yang mini, disini, kamu bisa lebih dekat mengobrol dengan suami atau istrimu. Manjakan satu sama lain dengan hidangan manis mereka yang yummy! Selain itu, mereka salah satu kafe dengan sertifikasi Halal juga lo, jadi tidak perlu ragu. Disini, kamu bisa pesan Carrot Cake dan Dark Chocolate Heavennya yang pasti akan membuat Quality Time kamu di akhir pekan bersama pasangan lebih menyenangkan. Selain desserts mereka juga menyajikan menu makan siang mereka, yaitu macam - macam kreasi Pasta sampai Nasi Lemak. Jangan lupa pesan teh dan kopinya ya! Harga menu rata - rata: $6 - $22Waktu Buka: 11.00-19.00 (Selasa-Kamis), 11.00-21.00 (Jumat & Sabtu), 11.00-20:00 (Minggu), tutup pada hari SeninAlamat: 11 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapura 598983Tempat Sholat Terdekat: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Masjid Ar-RaudhahTelepon: +65 6314 2886 Situs Web Bonus! Asian Market Cafe di Fairmont Hotel Foto Kredit: Asian Market Cafe di Facebook Walaupun menu high-tea sudah dihapus oleh pihak Asian Market Cafe, di akhir pekan, mereka telah memperpanjang jam makan siangnya, loh! Memang sih, waktu menikmati high tea itu di ada diantara jam makan siang dan makan malam, tapi hidangan buffet disini cukup mengenyangkan, dengan menu favorit seperti biryani dan dhal, sup mie, salad DIY, ayam tandoori dan banyak lagi. Sejak sertifikasi Halal pada 2010, Asian Market Cafe telah menjadi hotspot bagi pecinta makanan Muslim. Suasananya santai meskipun merupakan restoran di hotel bintang lima, stafnya ramah-ramah, dan makanannya lezat. Orang – orang yang datang kebanyakan merupakan langganan karena sekalinya mencoba, kamu pasti akan ingin kembali. Kalau diantara makanan ini; Asia - Chinese, Melayu, Jepang, dan India adalah favoritmu, pasti kamu restoran ini akan menjadi restoran favorit barumu. Banyak makanan tersedia khusus untuk memanjakan lidahmu – makanan manis, makanan laut, atau makanan porsi besar semuanya ada! Jangan lupa untuk pesan meja terlebih dahulu ya, supaya kebagian tempat! Harga Makan Siang Rata-Rata: $ 58 ++ (Dewasa), $ 31 ++ (Anak)Jam Makan Siang: Senin hingga Jumat: 12:00 hingga 14:30, Sabtu & Minggu: 12:00 hingga 16:00Alamat: 80 Bras Basah Rd, Fairmont Singapore, Level 2Tempat Sholat Terdekat: Swissotel The Stamford Hotel @ lantai 2 antara G2000 dan Gudang, Peninsula Shopping Centre @ keluar di seberang toko # B1-08 dan Masjid Burhani.Telepon: +65 6431 6156 Situs Web...

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