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  • 5 Tempat Bersejarah di Melaka, Malaysia

    Dengan semakin banyaknya bentuk atraksi dan destinasi liburan, membenamkan diri Anda dalam tempat-tempat bersejarah adalah salah satu kegiatan terbaik yang bisa Anda lakukan saat ini. Salah satu tempat...

  • 7 Muslim-Friendly Attractions in Cyberjaya, Malaysia

    Are you looking for Muslim-friendly attractions in Cyberjaya, Malaysia for a short getaway? Or maybe you are having thoughts on what to do in Cyberjaya? Look no further as we explore the many unique destinations...

  • Swensen's Mochi-Snowskin Ice Cream Halal Mooncakes 2022

    Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching and what better way to be part of the celebrations than to indulge in mooncakes? A yearly affair now, Swensen's is releasing a new line-up of their ever-popular...

  • Halal Bakeries in Singapore

    Psst! Do you know any good Halal bakeries to get some good pastries? I mean specifically treats like tarts or croissants. There are so many bakeries to choose from so this list will help you find what...

  • Halal Foods That You Should Try: Singaporean Hawker Style

    Hawker centers are seen as important community spaces in Singapore. Just imagine, stepping into a space bustling with people, the wafting fragrance of freshly cooked food, and the sizzling sound of a wok....

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