Mc Carran International Airport is the airport serving Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada, USA. The airport is listed in the top 30 airport in the world in 2012. The airport has 2 Terminals connected by free bus shuttles. Terminal 1: The Terminal has 4 concourses namely A, B, C and D and has a total of 96 gates. Terminal 3: The Terminal 3 handle all International flight as well as some domestic flights. It has concourse D which has 14 gates. Terminal 3 is connected to concourse D by a people mover's system. ...more

Las Vegas, USA



Mc Carran International Airport is the airport serving Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada, USA. The airport is listed in the top 30 airport in the world in 2012.

The airport has 2 Terminals connected by free bus shuttles.

Terminal 1: The Terminal has 4 concourses namely A, B, C and D and has a total of 96 gates.

Terminal 3: The Terminal 3 handle all International flight as well as some domestic flights. It has concourse D which has 14 gates. Terminal 3 is connected to concourse D by a people mover's system.


5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States


+1 ((702) 261-5211

Prayer Facilities

There is no known prayer room within the airport,

Halal Food

Halal food availibility is not known. However, there are ample cafe's, bakeries and food outlets where you can find vegetarian options. There are many cafe's like Auntie Annie, Starbucks, Coffee & Tea leaf where youcan have a bite. There are also many juices and smoothies shop like Freshens which will give you some wholesome nutrition on your tiring journey.


The airport has charter buses taking you to many routes all through out Nevada. There are also inter city shuttles available from the airport. You can also rent a car or Limousine with many car rental facilities available. You can also hire a taxi to take you to your destination.

Route #108 takes you to downtown Las Vegas.

Route #109 takes you to downtown Las Vegas and Maryland Parkway.





There are alot of shops and restaurant spread throughout the airport in both the Terminals. In all Terminals you will surely find a vegetarian outlet and ample cafe's. You will also find shops of bookstores, newspapers, gift shops, souvenirs, cosmetics, perfumes, chocolates etc, There are Duty free shop in where you can shop and get good deals.


ATM's, currency exchange, lost & found, luggage, postal services, business lounges, airline lounges, Wi fi Internet access, charging stations, wheel chair, kids play area, aviation museum, airport art, gaming, pet relief area, mail boxes, spa,  airport lounges and etc.


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  • 7 Halal Restaurants in Las Vegas [Updated]

    EDIT: This article has been updated to include notes referencing the sources on the Muslim community in Las Vegas, chiefly from a chapter written by Dr Aslam Abdullah.  Last updated 23 February 2018. The words ‘Halal’ and ‘Las Vegas’ probably don’t come together in one's mind, so one may be surprised to know that Las Vegas houses an estimated 18, 000 Muslim population of multiple ethnicities1. Some are the families of political refugees, while others are immigrants seeking opportunities as doctors, students, cab drivers, businessmen and entertainers2. The city itself happens to be surrounded by majestic mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys and parks, the most famous of them being the Grand Canyon. Also, while 9/11 and the Las Vegas shootings have increased scrutiny on the Las Vegas Muslim community, the city's Muslims have worked hard with the local communities to forge strong ties and expand its outreach efforts in raising awareness about Islam.  There are now five mosques in Las Vegas, the fifth one functioning also as an Islamic Information Centre.   Muslim-friendly travel to Las Vegas is thus plausible in spite of the city's reputation, and it is now possible to find Halal food spots in Las Vegas on The Strip, food courts across malls, and private establishments. Mediterranean cuisine is what is mostly available, with a number of Indian and Pakistani joints coming in a close second. Here is our list of what we think are the 7 Best Halal restaurants in Las Vegas: Find a Halal Restaurant near you in Las Vegas   1) Maza Mediterranean and Turkish Halal Grill  Picture Credit - As far as Turkish food goes, this is about as authentic as you can get. Some Turks recommend it as the best Turkish restaurant in the area, with some patrons even going so far as to say it is the best Turkish restaurant in the country. If the dishes seem a bit pricier than other places, be assured that they have the best quality. They have spot-on flavours from appetisers to main grills, breads, and side dishes, to desserts and coffee. A portion is more than enough for one person, and platters are available to share as well. Good food and great service makes this a must-visit restaurant. Cuisine: Mediterranean & Turkish Halal GrillAddress: 2550 South Rainbow Blvd Ste W1, Las Vegas, NV 89146-5180Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 11am to 11pmContact: (702) 912-0050Website:  Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Medium   2) The Halal Guys Las Vegas Picture Credit - From the streets of New York come The Halal Guys, finally bringing their famous gyro to Las Vegas. A definite upgrade from the food truck where extra-long lines are constantly visible, The Halal Guys have set down some roots in the brick and mortar structure in Las Vegas. Typically serving Arabic food, The Halal Guys are the fast-food version of a proper Arabic restaurant. A Combo Platter with mixed meats is your best bet if you are unsure of what to order, and you can mix in their speciality sauces to your satisfaction to any dish to achieve flavourful perfection. They might not be as cheap as their roadside establishments in New York, but their outlet off The Strip is cheaper than the one found at Caesar’s. They also offer vegan-friendly dishes. Cuisine: American Halal FoodAddress: 3755 Spring Mountain Rd, Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89102-8662Opening Hours: Sun - Wed 10am to 12am / Thursday - Saturday 10am to 2amContact:  (702) 848-6162Website: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter   3) Shalimar Restaurant Picture credit - For food that tastes like it came straight out of Punjab, Pakistan, head to Shalimar Restaurant. Owned by a delightful couple, the simple restaurant focuses more on taste than décor. Their Chicken Biryani is recommended, as is their Chicken Jalfrezi. If you want food that tastes like authentic Pakistani cuisine, request for it to be made spicy. While the service is nothing to write home about, it is definitely made up for in terms of food. If you want to feel like you are being fed a home-cooked meal, head straight to Shalimar Restaurant. Cuisine: Indian and PakistaniAddress: 4001 S Decatur Blvd, Ste 31 & 32, Las Vegas, NV 8910Opening Hours: Tue - Fri (11:30 AM to 10:00 PM) / Sat - Sun (12:00 PM to 10:00 PM), Closed on Mondays Last Order for both Take-out & Dine-in: 9:30 PMContact: tel: 702 202 0333 / mobile: 702 327 5895Website:  Facebook   4) Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill Picture Credit - A pleasant enough restaurant for Indian food, they offer a good selection of vegetarian and meat dishes, as well as a good lunch buffet. Take away and delivery are most patrons' choice as the best thing about this restaurant is the food. Service is moderate depending on the time of day you visit, but they are accommodating and receptive to suggestions and complaints. Chicken Tandoori, Mutton Biryani, and the Chicken Samosas are some of the most recommended dishes at Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill. Cuisine: Mediterranean & the Indian-Pakistan Sub-continent with many Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten free optionsAddress: 8560 W Desert Inn Rd, Ste 3, Las Vegas, NV 89117-4408Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm dailyContact: 702-778-1613Website: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Google+   5) Baladie Café Picture Credit - A great little café owned by a couple serving Greek and Mediterranean food. The cafe has been a delight to those who frequent it often. And if Greek food does anything to your taste buds, you WILL be frequenting this place. Even though the café is self-service, the owners always deliver with a smile. This really casual place will leave you licking your lips and wanting more, because they are one of the best places that do Mediterranean food. Their simple dishes boast quality and authenticity. Try the Shawarma, Gyros, Falafel and Moussaka. The portion sizes are perfect for the price you pay. Cuisine: Greek and MediterraneanAddress: Lone Mountain Plaza, 4872 W Lone Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89130Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 8am to 8pm /  Sun: ClosedContact: (702) 658 0024Website: Facebook   6) Sorrento Pizza Looking for a Halal pizza place? Well, you’ve found it! Sorrento Pizza has a great array of Halal pizzas so you don’t have to stick with the seafood, cheese or vegetarian options – although those are pretty good too. Appetisers include flavoured breadsticks, mac-and-cheese bites, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings and more, and the menu also sports hot and cold submarines, pastas and salads, and Halal burger in Las Vegas. Cuisine: Pizza, Pasta, BurgersAddress: 860 N Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89107-1103Opening Hours:Contact: 702-870-1205Website:    7) Island Malaysian Cuisine Picture Credit - Recommended by Malaysians and Singaporeans, Island Malaysian Cuisine has some of the best Malaysian food around. Located on the second floor of the Las Vegas Chinatown strip mall, it is a little haven of Malaysia. The owner and chef hails from Penang Island and he knows how to delight his diners’ taste buds whether they are looking for a piece of home or it’s their first time. Staples like Beef Rendang, Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak and more can be found here. The place is well worth the price with their quality and portion sizes. A pool table and dart board give the diners something to do while they wait. Island Malaysian Cuisine will get you warm and fuzzy feelings like you’re devouring home cooked food. This is the closest you can get to Halal Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas. Cuisine: Malaysian and SingaporeanAddress: 5115 Spring Mountain Rd Ste 217, Las Vegas, NV 89146-8720Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 10am to 11pmContact: (702) 898 3388Website: Facebook With all these delectable delights, you are spoilt for choice if you are a Muslim traveller in Las Vegas. There are plenty of grilled meat options available as well as a few other cuisines. Be sure to use to our Halal Trip App to find Halal food near you in Las Vegas, and leave reviews so that your fellow travellers can enjoy it, too! Notes 1. Most of the information on Las Vegas' Muslim community was retrieved from the following book chapter by Aslam Abdullah:Aslam Abdullah, "The Muslims," in More Peoples of Las Vegas: One City, Many Faces, eds. Jerry L. Simich and Thomas C. Wright (Nevada: University of Nevada Press), 2010 2. Peter King, “Islam in Las Vegas,” Los Angeles Times, August 7, 2004....

  • The Halal Guys - Meat Maestros

    How It All Began   The Halal Guys is a name that is known many places in America and around the world, offering a safe haven for locals and tourists looking for Muslim-friendly food in places where it might not be as widely available. In fact, that's exactly how they got their start all the way back in 1990. Starting as a humble American-style hot dog cart on the south-east corner of West 5th and 6th Avenue in New York City, the Muslim cab drivers in the city would seek this bright yellow food cart out to fulfil their pangs of hunger, and to get a taste of Halal-friendly American food.     Credit -   What's The Special?   The Halal Guys might have begun as a simple hot dog cart, but today their most famous menu item is the chicken or gyro meat platter. Their food is unique because they’ve come up with their own distinctive recipes that take influences from American, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. They don't bother themselves with fancy plates or too many varieties of food; they just want to do what they do and make it the best!   Their signature platter consists of fragrant basmati rice soaked and cooked in spices, topped with delicious, tender chicken or lamb meat, fresh vegetables, crispy fried falafel, and pita bread. Apart from the Halal meat, their white (yoghurt based) and red (super spicy) sauces that come along are also a worldwide favourite, so make sure to grab some extra!   In NYC, their most famous outlet, The Halal Guys are the #1 Yelped business and the 3rd in all of USA! The New York Post has also said that they are “perhaps the city's most famous open-air dining destination”, and they're right because nowhere else can you see people lining up for many blocks just to get a plate of street food!   Where to Find The Halal Guys   26 years later, The Halal Guys have expanded and had further plans to expand on an impressive scale with over 200 franchise and restaurant locations all around America and the world. In 2014, they partnered with Fransmart, a franchise development company to launch restaurants all around America (California, Louisiana, Florida, Arizona, Los Angeles, etc.), in Canada, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. They have also been certified Halal around the world by many Halal-governing bodies such as the International Halal Food Council.   These are some of the most famous The Halal Guys outlets in the world:   New York City   Although there are 3 different The Halal Guys outlets just in NYC, we chose to talk about this one because it is THE original stand; i.e. where it all began! You can guess that there's something special coming when you're walking towards the corner of West 53rd Street and 6th Avenue because you'll see a massive line of people waiting to grab their grub long before you see the simple red and yellow stands of the iconic street food stand. And you'll want to join in line (and wait however long it takes), for one of two reasons: a. you've had the food before and can't wait to try more, or b. you want to see what all the fuss is about. If you fit into that second category, we guarantee you'll be in the first pretty soon!   If you're a first-timer, here's some advice: the wait is worth it, but have your order ready (chicken, lamb, or combo), and load up on the delicious white sauce. As for the red sauce, you definitely don't want to miss it (cause yum!), but be wary because it sure is super, duper spicy!Click here for more information about The Halal Guys Address: W 53rd St 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019. Theater District, Midtown West. Phone: +1 347-527-1505   Seoul, South Korea   Walking from the Itaewon Station (Exit 2), the bright yellow brick building with the name spelt across the top in red is sure to catch your attention. With a menu that consists of the classic chicken gyro and rice platters as well as sandwich options, this is where you can find the simplest and most satisfying Halal food in South Korea. The platters come in three sizes (small, regular, and new york); go for the small if you want to have a regular meal, the regular if you want a filling meal, and the New York if you want to share with a friend and you're both really hungry! Click here for more information about The Halal Guys Address: 187 Itaewon-ro, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Phone: +82 2-794-8308   Montreal, Canada   Situated right next to Concordia University’s downtown campus on Mackay Street, this outlet that's been up and running only for a little more than a year is almost a clone of the famous New York City outlet. In fact, they get the special sauces down from NYC and even source their meat from the same places! And you know what, the incredibly long lines are also pretty similar to the original.   Click here for more information about The Halal Guys Address: 1448 Mackay St, Montreal, QC H3G 2H6, Canada.   Phone: +1 514-933-8225   Manila, Philippines   If you're in Mandaluyong City and looking for where to find Halal food, this is the place for you! Certified by the Halal Development Institute of the Philippines, this The Halal Guys outlet in SM Megamall is just as buzzing as all of their famous outlets. They source their Halal beef from the same supplier as the NY outlet in Chicago and season the locally-grown chicken to the same standards as the original. The only difference is the switch from basmati to jasmine rice, to cater to the local palate. The staff are also trained by the New York team as well, so you can be sure that there's no lack of authenticity. Click here for more information about The Halal Guys Address: 5L Mega Food Hall, SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Epifanio de Los Santos Ave, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines. Phone: +632 941-4158   Jakarta, Indonesia   The Halal Guys outlet in Jakarta probably has one of the most bearable queues, but they serve some of the best Halal food in Indonesia for sure. They also have a limited seating area, so you can enjoy your food right there! The menu here is typical to The Halal Guy outlets everywhere, with sandwich and rice platter options, and you can also get something to drink and finish the meal off with baklava for dessert! Click here for more information about The Halal Guys Address: Senayan City, Lantai 5, Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta.   Phone: 021 72782270     These are just a few of the places where you can find the Halal Guys outlets around the world, but they are available in so many places. If you're in a city in America, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, etc. and are looking for some affordable, yet awesome Muslim-friendly food, all you have to do is log on to their website and put in your location, and you'll be directed to their nearest location.   If there isn't a The Halal Guys outlet near you, don't worry, because they are always expanding. Some of the cities where plans have been put in places for new outlets to open are Chicago (IL), Washington (DC), Austin (TX), Las vegas (NV), and more in the United States of America; and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Manila (Philipines), Toronto (Canada), and Jakarta (Indonesia) internationally.   They have no intention of stopping there, so watch out for The Halal Guys; there might be an outlet coming to a location close to you very soon!  ...

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