Shanghai handles the largest number of international flights in China and thus becomes the entry hub for most people traveling to China. Shanghai Pudong International Airport was opened in 1999 to replace the existing airport which was unable to adequately...more

Shanghai, China

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It's a sharing dish between two, could be three accompanied by others!

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    Deepakkumar kumar

    Awesome food

This well marinated, succulent mouth watery grilled lamb chops is the Signature dish at the restaurant. This is one of many you'd want to try, I've been there almost over a ten times and I'm yet to try everything on the menu! Love the place!

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The Friend beef rice and mutton soup is delicious

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The meat pau is really nice

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    Can't wait to try!


Shanghai handles the largest number of international flights in China and thus becomes the entry hub for most people traveling to China. Shanghai Pudong International Airport was opened in 1999 to replace the existing airport which was unable to adequately service the increasing international traffic. It is considered among the busiest airport in the world in respect to cargo handling.

The new airport boasts of two massive terminals while the third one is currently under construction. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located at a distance of 30 kilometres from the city centre. This distance, however, can be covered in just over seven minutes if passengers are taking the world-famous Maglev Train. 


China, Shanghai, Pudong, S1


+86 (0) 21 68347575

Prayer Facilities

Despite its grandeur, Shanghai Airport does not have any arrangement for prayer rooms, whether Muslim or other faiths. Muslims, however, need to find secluded areas of the departure or check-in areas. Good to check with Airport staff where one can do this.

Halal Food

The Airport does not have any certified Halal restaurants listed.

There are a number of Halal restaurants in the City if travelers are stopping over: Dong Yi Shun (Middle Zhejiang Road, Shanghai) Dong Lai Shun Fan Zhuang (9, Si Nan Lu, Shanghai) Huifenglou Muslim Restaurant (353 Henan South Road, Shanghai) Shanghai Xinya Muslim Restaurant (301 Tianmu West Road, Shanghai) Andalu (Hengshan Road 4-7, Shanghai) 1001 Nights (4 Heng Shan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai)


Shanghai Airport has an excellent transportation system that connects the airport with the city centre and other locations. The most reliable option is that of the Maglev Train a state-of-the-art magnetic levitation train that is one of a kind. In fact, it is the only place in the world with a commercial-scale Maglev train. It covers the distance of 30 kilometres to Shanghai Central in 7 minutes and 20 seconds at a peak speed of 431-kilometres/hour. The Maglev train is affordable for most international travelers and there is ample space for stacking heavy luggage in the coaches.

If passengers are not interested in taking this train or have missed the train, they would have to spend at least an hour in commuting to the city centre due to frequent traffic jams. Taxis are available 24/7 and charge a moderate price. Car hiring options are available from the dozens of booking agents present in the international and domestic arrival lounges.

Airport buses travel to different locations in the city but they also stop running after 10 pm. Taxis are thus the best mode of commuting for most travelers, especially if they have arrived at midnight. Taxis are available at all times and passengers can book them by contacting the dozens of counters present in both the domestic and international arrival lounges. They can also hire Limousine services from the respective booking counters at the airport this, of course, is the luxurious and most expensive option of commuting to the city centre.


There is no shortage of shopping options at Shanghai Airport. Two major duty free shops are located near the 15-20 Gates of the international departure loungeƒ??s public area. Additionally, Shanghai Airport has allocated separate spaces for both local and international stores that sell a large variety of products.

While local stores concentrate on traditional Chinese items, international stores offer the same products as one would find in London or Sydney. Cosmetics, electronic goods and packaged food items are available from these outlets.

Pharmacies are also located in the business street as well as the domestic departure and arrival lounges. Books and magazines can be bought from bookshops and newsstands in the departure and arrival lounges of domestic terminal and the business street. There is a major duty free shop in Terminal 2 that offers tax-free shopping options to customers.

Thanks to a recent renovation, it now boasts almost every imaginable item for purchase and is world renowned as the place to shop in Shanghai Airport. 


Shanghai Airport has good banking and money changing facilities available at the international arrival and departure lounges.

Nursing rooms are available in the domestic and international terminals for passengers traveling with children. Strollers are also available in some of these rooms. Bassinettes are available in every female washroom facility. Kids play areas have also been set up in Terminal 2.

It also offers accommodation facilities for transit passengers as well as regular travelers. There are transit rooms available in a three-star hotel located in the transfer area of the main terminal. It offers rooms on an hourly basis.

Smoking rooms are present in the domestic and international lounges of the terminals. Smoking has been banned in all airport restaurants and public areas. Violators of this restriction face heavy fines.

Clinics are present in the domestic arrivals and departure lounges and at international arrivals area. A business centre is located between the international and domestic arrivals, providing telephones, and fax/Internet facilities. Wireless Internet access is available at the departure lounges of both domestic and international terminals.

Retiring rooms are also available for customers that do not want to spend money on hourly room rentals. Wheelchairs are available on rent and the airport is compliant with handicapped-friendly rules and regulations.

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