A visit to Nagkalit-Kalit Fall is a must for tourists who enjoy adventure and trekking, since a visit to this magical waterfall requires visitors to hike through rice fields, rivers and forest trails and the journey generally takes approximately 45 minutes. Located deep in the forest, about an hour from the city of El Nido, past lush green forests, this cascading waterfall with a small natural pool at the base is quite a lovely sight and a swim in this cool fresh water will definitely be quite refreshing after the long trek. Tourists visiting this beautiful water fall should wear comfortable footwear that will be suitable to trek through the jungle trails as well as cross rivers. These trekking tours are usually scheduled between June and December; tourists visiting El Nido during these months should definitely include a visit to Nagkalit-Kalit Falls when in the city....more

El Nido, Philippines



A visit to Nagkalit-Kalit Fall is a must for tourists who enjoy adventure and trekking, since a visit to this magical waterfall requires visitors to hike through rice fields, rivers and forest trails and the journey generally takes approximately 45 minutes. Located deep in the forest, about an hour from the city of El Nido, past lush green forests, this cascading waterfall with a small natural pool at the base is quite a lovely sight and a swim in this cool fresh water will definitely be quite refreshing after the long trek. Tourists visiting this beautiful water fall should wear comfortable footwear that will be suitable to trek through the jungle trails as well as cross rivers. These trekking tours are usually scheduled between June and December; tourists visiting El Nido during these months should definitely include a visit to Nagkalit-Kalit Falls when in the city.

Ticket Price

Charges will vary depending on chosen tour package and guide

Opening Hour

Throughout the day

Recommended Visit Duration

Around 2 to 3 hours

Suitable For

Adults, senior visitors, young adults, families, children

Must See

The natural beauty

Prayer Facilities

Muslim tourists will not find prayer facilities in the city of El Nido since there are no mosques in the city, however Muslims visiting Nagkalit-Kalit Falls could offer their prayer in a clean open space if necessary. If unable to find a secluded spot, Muslim visitors will have to return to their hotel rooms at prayer times.

Halal Food

While Muslim tourists will not find food outlets near Nagkalit-Kalit Falls they will be able to locate restaurants in the city of El Nido with a few Halal options on their menu. They could also dine at the numerous seafood restaurants in the city. Muslim visitors should however ensure the ordered item does not contain any non-Halal ingredients.

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  • 5 Muslim-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations You Never Thought Of

    There are many unique honeymoon destinations for Muslims that may not first cross your mind when deciding where to go for a honeymoon trip. Instead going for the more common destinations, you can enjoy a romantic and unique experience that differs from everyone else’s. The destinations listed below are slowly become more prominent as great spots for a Muslim-friendly honeymoon. Travel Guides For Muslim Travelers - Honeymoon Dreams 1. Turkey Turkey is quickly becoming a top honeymoon destination for Muslim travelers with the country’s rich Islamic history, beautiful architecture and rural scenery. Turkey makes for a great honeymoon trip especially for couples who would enjoy immersing themselves in rich history and culture. Muslim couples can enjoy their honeymoon trip by staying in luxurious accommodation in Istanbul and enjoy the city’s main attractions – that include the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. The coastal city of Bodrum could be your dream honeymoon spot, where several beautiful resorts and villas are surrounded by coastal scenery. With some of the most scenic and beautiful beaches, Antalya is also worth a visit with historical ruins and bazaars too. Better yet, have a romantic and unique experience at Cappadocia by going a hot air balloon ride and taking in the gorgeous mountain scenery, staying in a cave hotel or exploring the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. 2. Philippines  Visiting the Philippines would make a honeymoon trip a romantic and unique experience with interesting and uncommon attractions. Places like Borcay, Palawan, Bohol and Cebu have some of the most gorgeous beaches surrounded crystal clear waters with beautiful coral gardens. In Palawan, El Nido and Coron are some exotic spots that are excellent for snorkeling and diving. Island hopping is another fun experience to try too. There is also some amazing seafood that can be enjoyed at these coastal areas. Baguio City known as the Summer Capital is another great place for a honeymoon trip with its cold climate and natural landscapes. 3. Fiji This exotic island in the Pacific Ocean is popular for serene beaches and tropical beauty. There is no shortage of simple and stylish or luxurious accommodation including several gorgeous ecofriendly resorts to choose from. The capital city, Suva offers an easy going relaxing experience with museums and bazaars to visit. Kula Eco Park is the ideal place for an outdoor romantic and unique experience where couples can enjoy wildlife tours to observe all kinds of flora and fauna. The Sabeto Hot Springs and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant should be visited at least once when passing through Nadi city too. 4. Croatia With many idyllic holiday destinations in Europe, Croatia may not have crossed your mind. From luxurious accommodation with beautiful suites, museums, shopping areas and a choice of restaurants – Zagreb could be your dream honeymoon spot where you can walk around to experience the city. The Zagreb Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Europe that you must visit too. The oldest city in Croatia, Split has a rich cultural history and it is where UNESCO heritage site - the Plitvice Lakes National Park is located too and the formation of the sixteen lakes are considered to be a natural wonder. At Hvar you can take speedboat rides to the Pakleni Islands and enjoy snorkeling and swimming at the beaches. Dubrovnik and Zadar boast of a rich history and natural beauty too with many unique sights to see. 5. Peru Spend your honeymoon in the South American country of Peru if you are looking for a romantic and unique experience. A honeymoon trip in Peru should include a visit to the Andes where you get you see the famed Machu Pichu. The coastal city of Paracas in the south of Lima has a beautiful beach where couples can enjoy the gorgeous sunsets or the romantic star-filled night sky, there are also several types of beautiful resorts and luxurious accommodation to choose from. Boat cruises to the Islas Ballesta is a great way to spend the time observing wildlife and nature. Historical sites such as the Valley of the Incas and the magnificent Colca Canyon are a must visit to complete a romantic and unique experience. ...

  • 10 Reasons Why It's More Fun in the Philippines

      While traveling is a fun and an incredible experience in general, sometimes you come across a destination that manages to capture your heart and soul, and before you know it, you’ve visited it 5 times in a row. To us, without hesitation, that destination happens to be the picture-perfect Philippines. A destination unlike any other that we’ve been to, the Philippines gave us more than just an exciting holiday; it helped us create memories that will never be forgotten. And that is why we decided to list out why it really and truly is more fun in the Philippines, just in case you’re in need of some travel inspiration! . The Food   While Filipino food is not as well-known around the world, as we think it should be, there is no way a trip to the Philippines is complete without sampling the wide array of street food available. Filipinos absolutely love food, and we guarantee that once you sink your teeth into a couple of their delicious dishes, you are sure to leave the country with a couple of inches added to your waist.   Starting off with dessert, ‘cause who doesn’t like a sweet treat? Am I right? The oh-so-delicious Halo-halo is a combination of shaved ice and evaporated milk and a variety of add-ons like jelly, fruits and beans. Even if you’re not much of a foodie, this dessert is a must-try. Other foods you cannot leave the Philippines without trying, include; Adobo, Sinigang, Pancit, Kare-kare and Taho. While pork is widely used In Filipino cuisine, Muslims are sure to also find Halal or completely vegetarian street food. . The Fruits     The fruits in the Philippines are so spectacular that we just had to give it a separate place on this list. Fresh, sweet, delicious and cheap, fruits can be found throughout the country. From juicy mangoes, sweet papayas and creamy avocados to refreshing watermelons, spiky pineapples and stinky but mouth-watering durians, the Philippines has it all! . The Beaches   If there is one thing that the Philippines is known for, it’s for the stunning beaches, known to be some of the best and most beautiful, in the world. With thousands of beaches featuring crystal-clear water and pristine white sand, to choose from, you’re really spoilt for choice.   Known to be the finest beach in the world, the White Beach in Boracay is an absolute must-see. Other dream-like beaches can be found in, El Nido, Puerto Galera, Panglao Island, Caramoan, Samal Island, Siargao Island, Bantayan Island, Palaui Island, Coron Island, Pagudpud and Mactan Island. . The Affordability   If you’re planning on traveling with a tight budget, the Philippines is a great destination for that. From transport to food to accommodation and leisure activities, everything is quite affordable, especially if you are coming from a developed country with higher currency exchange values. . The People   In our opinion, the attitude of people and their hospitality always make or break a visit to a country. Filipinos are probably the nicest and most considerate people you will meet on your travels to anywhere in the world. Incredibly hospitable and always ready with the smile, the people of the Philippines will make you feel right at home in no time, without invading your space. . The Shopping   All you shopaholics out there planning on visiting the Philippines will be pleased to know that shopping is a Filipino’s favorite pastime. Home to some of the biggest malls in the world, such as SM City North EDSA and the SM Mall of Asia, that feature a wide array of stores from across the globe, as well as numerous markets, the shopping scene in the Philippines won’t disappoint. . The Nature & Wildlife If you are a nature lover, the Philippines will leave you breathless. Home to natural surroundings that are unbelievably picturesque, wherever you go in the Philippines, you are sure to come across a natural attraction that will take your breath away; such as the picturesque Chocolate Hills of Bohol, or the renowned Rice Terraces of Banaue.   The Philippines is also known for its incredibly diverse array of flora and fauna. If you are an animal lover, the small and cute Philippine tarsier is a must-see! . The Colorful Transport   When in the Philippines, a ride in a jeepney is an absolute must. The most common means of transportation throughout the Philippines, a ride on a jeepney is not only affordable, but it also offers you an experience like no other. Jeepneys are painted in also sorts of colours and decorated with ornaments, and are just plain fun to ride in! . No Language Barrier   Do you always worry about not being understood well, or not being able to find the things or places you’re looking for when traveling because of the language barrier? A large percentage of the population in the Philippines speak English, so you don’t have to concern yourself about things getting lost in communication. Even those who aren’t well educated manage to communicate in English sufficiently. . The Climate   The weather in the Philippines doesn’t get too hot nor does it get too cold, which means if you’re looking to beat the heat or escape the cold, wherever you are, the Philippines is the perfect place to go. While there is a monsoon season in Philippines, all we can say is, who doesn’t like the rain! If you however don’t want the rain to limit your activity during your holiday, the best time to visit would be between November and May.   Planning a trip to Philippines? We've got you covered with all the information you need on the tropical country here!  ...

  • The Best 10 Honeymoon Destinations for 2016

    From exotic beach destinations like Bali and Maui to Paris, the City of Love, here are our picks for 2016’s best honeymoon destinations! . Bali, Indonesia Renowned as one of Asia’s best destinations for couples, and attracting visitors all year round, Bali is our pick for number one spot for honeymooners in 2016. A destination that most of us only dream of visiting, Bali is an island that has a little bit of everything. Known for its towering volcanic mountains covered in lush greenery, beautiful rice paddy fields and white sandy beaches that slide into gorgeous turquoise water, Bali draws many different types of visitors, especially those looking for something different and unique. Honeymooners will find that this tropical paradise has not only the most fantastic landscapes but also has plenty of fun and exciting activities to enjoy and of course not to forget the world class resorts. Stay at one of these palatial oceanfront resorts with amazing ocean views, private pools, and Balinese decor and indulge in decadent cuisines and luxurious spa treatments amidst exquisite and mind blowing surroundings. Dream no more, book your ticket and live the dream! . Maldives There is no doubt that honeymooning in the exotic settings of the Maldives is going to be romantic and memorable. Picture this - a private villa standing over crystal clear water, days ending with the most dreamy sunsets, dream-worthy room service and masseuse just a phone call away! The only thing that may encourage you to leave your luxurious comforts are the beautiful sea creatures and breathtaking coral reef just outside your porch. Aside from the candle lit dinners, walks on the beach and breathtaking sunsets, couples will also find island-hopping, scuba diving, swimming and other water sports are all possible in Maldives. . Bodrum, Turkey Once a charming Turkish fishing village, today Bodrum is a favorite getaway and a haven for the rich and famous. Located on the southwest coast of Turkey, this quaint little town is full of whitewashed houses with blue trims that take you back to a different time. It’s a great place to experience and explore a little culture and history, as the town is home to many ancient ruins, museums, Ottoman Mosques and even a castle! However a trip to Bodrum is not complete without spending a few nights sailing in a gullet –a handmade wooden boat. Honeymooners will find this to be the highlight of their trip, as it is said to be one of the most incredibly romantic things to do in Bodrum. . Ko Tao, Thailand Ko Tao, with its secluded bays and spectacular mountain ridges is yet another picturesque destination that has retained a rustic charm that honeymooners are sure to love. Home to over 35 diving sites, the relatively small island in the past used to mainly draw tourists geared towards diving, however with many boutique resorts and villas cropping up all around the island, Ko Tao today has become the perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds looking for that postcard-perfect, romantic setting! . Hayman Island, Australia Nestled in the spectacular Whitsunday Island, in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Hayman Island has the reputation of being one of the top destinations for honeymooners. If a luxury island getaway is your dream honeymoon experience, then look no further than Hayman Island to make your dream come true! The exclusive resort housed in this private island is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and idyllic coral fringed beaches with crystal clear water. While couples will be able to relax and enjoy each other’s company here, they will also find plenty of activities to enjoy, including a variety of water sports, and a sea plane excursion over the Great Barrier Reef is not to be missed! . Zanzibar, Tanzania Zanzibar, in Tanzania is another destination that offers couples the whole idyllic beach honeymoon experience. While the archipelago of Zanzibar has over 50 islands, visitors will find Zanzibar is definitely the best known and most visited. The east coast of Zanzibar is filled to the brim with resorts, however for honeymooners looking for the ultimate private getaway, Mnemba Island is undoubtedly the top destination in Zanzibar. Home to gorgeous powdery white beaches and offering all the privacy you’ll ever need, it’s no surprise that Mnemba Island has been voted several times as the most romantic destination in the world! For some history and culture, couples can explore the labyrinth of narrow alleyways in Stone Town, the heart of Zanzibar Town, where they will discover lovely small shops, mosques, bath houses and even a palace that has seen better days. . Paris, France Who could ask for a better destination to spend their honeymoon in than Paris? Renowned as the City of Love, Paris has always been and always will be a popular destination for honeymooners. While its amazing sites and iconic monuments like the Louvre and the Eiffel tower will definitley impress visitors, what makes Paris romantic is its incredibly rich culture and its eternal charm. The streets filled with charming boulevards, cozy cafés, inviting patisseries and great bistros, the art and architecture, the romantic walks through the various Quarters, the time spent in the cafés sipping coffee and people watching, all combined together make Paris one of the most romantic city’s and greatest honeymoon destinations ever! . Palawan, Philippines Another great options for couples looking for a romantic beach honeymoon is Palawan in the Philippines. This exquisite island is home to plenty of breathtakingly beautiful beaches and stunning seascapes. El Nido and Coron in Palawan are among some of the most visited beaches, while couples wanting complete privacy and seclusion will have options too, as they could visit one of the small islands nearby and have it completely to themselves. Couples can spend their days enjoying the abundance of water sports available, then take a romantic stroll on the beach at sunset, and enjoy a blissful candle-lit dinner on the beach at night. .       Maui, Hawaii Well known for its laid-back ways, stunning scenery, endless adventure and great accommodation, it is definitely no surprise that Maui made our list of the best honeymoon destinations for 2016. Maui has been voted ‘Best Island’ for many years and attracts visitors from around the world. The island is in fact, perfect as a honeymoon destination, with its stunning sunsets, spectacular waterfalls and amazing beaches. Couples are sure to be fascinated by its beauty and are sure to enjoy exploring as much of the island as possible together. . Corfu, Greece Corfu is possibly one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan Mediterranean islands in Greece. Its rich multicultural heritage, its spectacular landscape, its historical monuments, its crystal clear seas and its fantastic weather all year round would be reason enough for its popularity. Honeymoon couples are sure to love the charming Venetian style town that looks very much like an Italian town. Strolling through the Old Town will definitely be interesting while exploring the natural beauty of the island is a must as well. . Check out more of HalalTrip’s Best 10 lists of 2016 here!  ....

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