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  • Top 10 Mosques to Visit in 2022

    Islam is one of the religions that has a large number of followers in the world. Nearly every country has adherents of Islam. The mosque is the place of worship for Muslims in every country, so it is not...

  • Top 10 Must-Visit Destinations for Solo Travelers in 2022

    Being a solo traveler is sometimes about finding something missing in your life, not just exploring stuff and having fun. If you wanted to have fun, traveling with friends/family would've been a better...

  • Family Getaway in Durban: uMhlanga Sands Resort

    Just outside Durban, South Africa sits the sunny town of uMlanga Rocks known for their stunning views of the sea, and year-round subtropical weather, it's a great place to drop by to relax and rewind....

  • Dubai World Expo: Hotels & Airbnbs to stay in Dubai

    The Dubai World Expo 2020 is one of the biggest events that will be held this year (or ever since the pandemic started). For six months, the best of the world’s culture, cuisines, and cutting-edge innovations...

  • The Halal Travel Podcast | Dr Suraya Zainul Abidin: The Bone Doctor

    We can't think of a better guest to have on our first episode of Season 4. An orthopedic surgeon, a mum of four, and a part-time Tik-Toker, Dr Suraya does it all. Her drive and passion for her craft are...

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