Florence is a beautiful city with history written all over the city. It has attracted scholars, historians, leisure travellers, foodies, and people from all sects of life. The city feature slively piazzas where locals and visitors can be seen bonding and having fun. There are also a number of museums depicting the artistic lifestyle of Florence. The Uffizi is the most popular museum that takes visitors through the most distinct collection of Renaissance sculptures and paintings. \r\nThe old town center has some historic sites like the Palazzo Vecchio, which is the old city palace and the Ponte Vecchio, which is among the oldest bridges and the only bridge in Florence that survived WWII. The Boboli Gardens has some interesting sculptures and visitors can get some fantastic views of the city. To get a complete view of Florence visitors can take a ride to the Fiesole Hill located around 15-20 minutes from the city center. From here they can get complete views of the entire city. The Giotto's Tower also offers magnificent views of the city. \r\nThroughout the city there are numerous souvenir shops where visitors can get beautiful gifts to carry home. Glass beaded jewellery is one of the best souvenirs that one can buy in Florence. The San Lorenzo Markets are good for those shopping on a budget. There are also some excellent shops around Oltrarno. There are also some excellent shops on Ponte Vecchio where visitors can buy jewellery....more

Florence, Italy



Florence is a beautiful city with history written all over the city. It has attracted scholars, historians, leisure travellers, foodies, and people from all sects of life. The city feature slively piazzas where locals and visitors can be seen bonding and having fun. There are also a number of museums depicting the artistic lifestyle of Florence. The Uffizi is the most popular museum that takes visitors through the most distinct collection of Renaissance sculptures and paintings.
The old town center has some historic sites like the Palazzo Vecchio, which is the old city palace and the Ponte Vecchio, which is among the oldest bridges and the only bridge in Florence that survived WWII. The Boboli Gardens has some interesting sculptures and visitors can get some fantastic views of the city. To get a complete view of Florence visitors can take a ride to the Fiesole Hill located around 15-20 minutes from the city center. From here they can get complete views of the entire city. The Giotto's Tower also offers magnificent views of the city.
Throughout the city there are numerous souvenir shops where visitors can get beautiful gifts to carry home. Glass beaded jewellery is one of the best souvenirs that one can buy in Florence. The San Lorenzo Markets are good for those shopping on a budget. There are also some excellent shops around Oltrarno. There are also some excellent shops on Ponte Vecchio where visitors can buy jewellery.

Nearby Airports

Florence is served by the Amerigo Vespucci international airport, which is located about 5Km from the city center. From the airport the city center can be reached easily by buses or taxis. The bus service ideally costs 5 Euros. Taxis ideally charge 25 Euros for a ride to any part of the historic city center.

Halal Restaurants

There are a number of halal restaurants in Florence where visitors can find delicious Italian food and also cuisines from around the world. Some of the best halal restaurants in Florence include Pak Halal Kebab, ZamZamPizze& Kebab, Noor Doner Kebab, Mini Market, etc.


There are a couple of mosques in Florence. These mosques include the Comunita' Islamica Di Firenze E Toscana and the AssociazioneIslamica Di Firenze.

Things to Do and See in Florence

  • Ponte Vecchio
  •  Uffizi Gallery
  •  Piazza della Signoria
  •  Palazzo Vecchio
  •  Boboli Gardens
  •  Piazzale Michelangelo
  •  Palazzo Pitti
  •  Mercato Nuovo
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  • Dear Architecture Lovers, You Must Visit These 10 Destinations!

    A city can be defined by its food, its people and culture, however, nothing tells the story of a city better than its architecture. It takes you on a journey through the history of the city, its changing cityscape adapting to cultural movements and modernization while still preserving its old world charm. If you are a lover of architecture this list of 10 destinations is especially for you.   1. St. Petersburg, Russia Credit: Tama66 on PixabayRussia’s eclectic center also known as the Venice of the North is a mixture of architectural styles – from Neoclassical to Gothic, the city is a treasure trove of architectural delights. Witness the glory of imperial palaces, stunning cathedrals, and churches decorating the skyline, romantic bridges, and pathways that the many characters of Dostoevsky’s novels have taken. There is an abundance of Baroque style buildings in the city – intricate gold embellishments against pale pastels. The most worthy contender for the Baroque style would be the beautiful Winter Palace that was home to the Russian monarchy since the 1760s to 1917. It is now the home of the second largest art museum in the world – The Hermitage. You can find the Neo-classical style in Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Yelagin Palace, as well as the Imperial Academy of Arts. Style Morderne – Russia’s take on Art Nouveau – can be clearly seen in the ornamental styling of the Singer House (the Russian headquarters of the Singer Sewing Machine Company), as well as the Eliseyev Emporium. The grim, dystopian architecture style of the Stalinist and Soviet eras can be witnessed in the House of Soviets – referred to as the “buried robot” by locals – and the Red Banner Textile Factory. The Gothic turrets and spikes of the cake-structure shaped Cheseme Church is a great example of Russian Neo-Gothic architecture.   2. Brasilia, Brazil Credit: David Mark on PixabayIf you are a fan of futuristic architecture, Brasilia is the place to head to. President Juscelino Kubitschek’s decided to build a futuristic city in what was once just barren land back in 1956. He commissioned architect Oscar Niemeyer to commence the project, he built residential, commercial and government buildings within a matter of months. The Cathedral of Brasilia is one of the most notable structures within the city and perfectly shows Niemeyer’s style of architecture. The elegant curving structures, with exposed concrete, bold but simple design elements. The most visited site in the city is the Templo da Boa Vontade, it is a seven faceted white marble pyramid designed by the architect and engineer R. R. Roberto. The pinnacle is set with the largest stone of pure crystal in the world, at a weight of 21 kilograms. Inside the temple is a spiral which represents the journey a human takes in the search of balance and transcendence. Other notable structures are the President’s residence and the Attorney General’s Office.   3. Miami, Florida Credit: Holgi on PixabayWith more than 800 Art Deco buildings in their pastel hues, Miami’s South Beach is a must visit for all those who love the 1930s glamour! In an attempt to make Miami a luxurious holiday destination in the 1920s and 1930s architects looked to Art Deco’s symmetry and geometry as well as colorful floral and animal motifs. You can see quintessential Art Deco design in the Webster, designed by Henry Hohauser who was one of the master architects behind the Deco styling of South Beach. The building follows the architect’s “rule of three”, and is built in thirds. Another famous building is The Carlyle, it has played a starring role in many films like Scarface and Bad Boys II – it is just a 100yards from the famed former mansion of Gianni Versace. Other Art Deco gems are Essex house – built to look like the landlocked ocean liner, the neon-lit Colony theatre, and Miami Beach Post Office.   4. Tokyo, Japan Credit: sayama on PixabayA city that has been through a lot of change from old wooden houses to the concrete and glass jungle it is now, Tokyo has a signature style of architecture. The modern transformation has given rise to many new buildings; the Nakagin Capsule Tower is a great example of rare Japanese Metabolism architecture. The tower is an apartment complex of 140 apartments – only 10m2 each. The funky Reversible Destiny Lofts was built with the idea of helping people attain longevity. It is inspired by Helen Keller; therefore it was made with features for people with different physical abilities and has something for every age group. Another must visit is Tokyo Camii, the largest mosque in Japan. The Mosque is inspired by Ottoman architecture and was designed by the architect Muharrem Hilmi Senlap, with materials such as marble brought in from Turkey. It was completed in 2000 and was built as a replacement of a Mosque previously built by Turkish immigrants in the 1930s. Other notable sites to visit are Reiyukai Sakaden Temple – a temple that looks more like a space-ship, SunnyHills – a pineapple cake shop built with a weaving wooden facade, Tsujiki Hongwanji – a Buddhist temple with a mix of Indian and Japanese design elements, and St Mary’s Cathedral – a futuristic looking modernist structure created by Kenzo Tange.   5. Tel Aviv, Israel Credit: avnernagar on PixabayTaking into account the city’s Mediterranean climate and the influx of Jewish immigrants, Bauhaus trained architects designed and built buildings in the cost effective style. The ‘white city’ is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with 4000 buildings within the sea side city. There are many buildings in Tel Aviv to be admired by the Bauhaus fan, some of the notable ones are the Bruno House, Rubinsky House, and Avraham Soskin House as well streets dedicated to this modern style.   6. Chandigarh, India Credit: David Mark on PixabayProbably not an obvious contender for this list but every student of architecture would know this city for its eccentric concrete designs. After the partition of India in 1947, the country’s first Prime Minister J. Nehru tasked Swiss architect Le Corbusier with building a modern city that is fast moving away from its past into the future. Le Corbusier is a modernist architect and him along with a few other architects like Pierre Jeanneret, Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry changed the cityscape. The city is designed on a super grid, buildings with exposed concrete and masonry as well as modernists sculptures located around the city. a great example of planning and design, it is a must visit if you are a student of architecture.   7. Oxford, England Credit: David Mark on PixabayMedieval era inspired architecture mingling with modern sentiments; Oxford is an academic city but will take your breath away with its beautiful Gothic Revival architecture. Referred to as “the city of dreaming spires” by poet Matthew Arnold, the city stays true to this description with many mid 19th century towers creating Oxford’s skyline. The city offers many sites to see – from the churches to its markets. You can witness military style stone architecture at St George’s Tower, the University Museum which is an example of one of the first non-religious Gothic buildings, the Radcliffe Observatory and many more spread across the city.   8. Barcelona, Spain Credit: Kirk Fisher on FacebookHome of Catalan Modernism, Barcelona is peppered with the world famous architectural structures of the father of this movement – Antoni Gaudí. Some of his notable works are the Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, and his masterpiece the La Sagrada Familia – which has been under construction since 1892, he kept building up until he passed away in 1926 and it is still under construction and will not be finished till 2026 to commemorate his centenary death anniversary. Barcelona is a beautiful city and is definite visit for anyone, even if you aren’t a fan of Gaudi’s peculiar architectural style.   9. Florence, Italy Credit: Michelle Maria on PixabayFlorence is world famous and its architecture has been appreciated in film, and book alike! It is also the birthplace of the famed Master, Leonardo Da Vinci. A city that celebrates art, you will find many architectural monuments here, some of the most famous ones are The Florence Cathedral or Duomo – a great domed cathedral, the Pitti Palace and the Palazzo Vecchio – which was home to Niccolo Machiavelli’s office at one point in history.   10. Hanoi, Vietnam Credit: Leon_Ting on Pixabay Once occupied by the French, the city boasts quite the collection of French Colonial Architecture, a city oozing with old world charm it will appeal to the romantic in you. Three of its most notable buildings are the St. Josephs Cathedral, Hanoi Opera House, and Hotel Metropole. The country may have had a devastating history steeped in blood, but it’s people have been resilient and the romance of the French Colonial era has managed to remain to this day. All you architecture lovers or just travel lovers should definitely add these destinations to your list!...

  • Art Junkies, Boy Do We Have Good News For You!

    Are you a travel junkie with the soul of an art lover? Then this list of top ten art destinations is curated just for you!Fulfill your travel and art dreams by planning a trip to an art destination which can offer the best of both worlds. If you love contemporary art, modern art or a classical art, this list has got you covered so keep reading!   1. Paris, France Credit: Pexels Home to the most famous art museums and galleries like the Louvre Museum, this city is a must-visit for any art enthusiast. The Louvre has been romanticised by the likes of Kanye to Lorde to countless films and documentaries, so why not be a part of its pop culture history? It houses the world famous Mona Lisa by the Master Leonardo Da Vinci as well as other masterpieces. The Louvre was once a royal fortress and was turned into a Museum in the 1700s and now, it displays around 35,000 art pieces. Be sure to drop by the Musée d’Orsay, it has the largest collection of Impressionist and Post-impressionist art in the world. The Museum has been showcasing art since the 1800s and houses works by prominent French artists such as Van Gogh, Cézanne and many more. If you are more of a Contemporary arts patron, check out the Modus Art Gallery, Yvon Lambert, Galerie Xippas, and La Maison Rouge. If you are looking for a more authentic experience, minus the queues and tickets head over to Bellville neighbourhood which is home to a collection of street art and graffiti.   2. Berlin, Germany Credit: Pexels A city with a controversial political history, this city is now one of the most popular art destinations in the world! Home to the longest open-air street art gallery in the world - the Berlin Wall. A part of it can be found in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. The city is an ever-changing landscape with urban buildings co-existing with Gothic architecture. Berlin is intriguing, unique and will leave you with a sense of giddy wonder and excitement. The city’s busiest spot is the East Side Gallery, which is 1000 metres of kaleidoscopic murals. However, if you want to avoid the more touristy areas, it is not difficult to find world-class street art around the city. Every neighbourhood has its own unique art identity and you can find art adorning every wall, door, and roof, a great place to start would be at Kreuzberg. Street art is a crucial part of its history and a great example of how it is not condemned and has managed to persevere and survive in one of the world’s most famous cities. If you are looking for a more museum or gallery art setting, look no further than Museuminsel or Museum Island – and it lives up to its namesake. A whole island situated in the centre of the city is dedicated to art galleries and museums. It is home to five world-renowned museums. The Alte Nationalgalerie houses works by greats like Monet, Renoir and Manet. The Neues Museum showcases Egyptian art, while the Altes Museum is home to the largest collection of Etruscan art outside of Italy!   3. New York City, USA Credit: @metmuseum on Instagram The city that never sleeps is home to some of the world’s famous Museums: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum and MoMA. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was famously referred to as the MET as it hosted one of the fashion world’s most flamboyant events – the Met Gala. Every year, the Costume Institute holds an exhibit at the Met Gala with a huge fundraising event opening the exhibit . Thus, this place is a must-visit for any fashion lover. The Guggenheim Museum has appeared in many postcards and been the backdrop for many TV shows and films throughout the years. This museum houses artwork by Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Kadinsky, as well as paintings by Monet, Van Gogh and Degas and photography by Robert Mapplethorpe. The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) houses the best Modern art world. It houses works by Andy Warhol, Frida Khalo and Monet to name a few. However, you don’t always have to visit the world best museums to see the best of Contemporary art; you can also visit other numerous art galleries within the state, especially at Chelsea, Tribeca, SoHo and Lower East Side to witness amazing artwork. You can experience a more immersive art scene in Bushwick, Brooklyn, for interesting street art and have one-on-one sessions with the artists themselves.   4. Miami, USA Credit: @wynwoodartsdistrict on Instagram The USA’s second contender on this list - This vibrant seaside city has a lot to offer for everyone, especially art lovers. Miami boasts an energetic art scene that can be best experienced through one of the world’s most prestigious art fairs: Art Basel. The city also has a whole district dedicated to the arts (Wynwood Arts District) and this houses over 30 contemporary art spaces and studios! You can even enjoy a street art tour at the Wynwood Art Walk Block Party. If you want to witness the best Modern and Contemporary art that Miami has to give, head on over to the Perez Art Museum.   5. Tokyo, Japan Credit: @moriartmuseum on InstagramA city where the traditional co-exists with the Modern, it is definitely an exciting place to visit. You will find a myriad of galleries scattered across this fast-paced city, in between its skyscrapers, old houses and back streets. In an old, traditional Japanese neighbourhood lined up with wooden houses and temples, you can find SCAI The Bathhouse, one of Tokyo’s most prestigious contemporary art galleries. As its name suggests this was once a bathhouse and has been standing for 200 years. It has housed works by prominent artists such as Anish Kapoor and Tadanori Yokoo. If you are looking for a little more thrill, head to the skyscraper where Mori Art Museum resides at the 54th storey. The museum once exhibited the world famous polka dot art of Yayoi Kusama.   6. Florence, Italy Credit: Pexels Every Renaissance art fan should definitely visit Florence, home of some of the pioneers of the movement. Florence is home to the famous Uffizi Gallery which houses the vast art collection of the infamous Medici family, along with works by the masters like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli and more. Be sure to pay a visit to the Accademia Gallery to witness Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the world famous David sculpture. If you want a taste of authentic Contemporary Italian art, head over to the Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina, which is also known as the “Anti-Uffizi”.   7. Barcelona, Spain Credit: @museupicasso on Instagram Home to the Museu Picasso, which houses the biggest Pablo Picasso collections in the world, it is a must visit for any avid fan of Cubism or art in general. Apart from the Picasso Musuem, Barcelona has a lot more to offer in the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles. You can find them displayed at the Museu Nacional d’Art. Also, don’t forget to check out the fantastical architectural designs of Gaudi, a Master of Catalan Modernism.   8. London, United Kingdom Credit: Pixabay An eclectic mix of art styles and movements, London will keep you enthralled till the very end. You can find the likes of classics such as Van Gogh at the National Gallery, for Modernism head to the Tate Modern, which houses works by Warhol and Picasso. You can find more Contemporary art pieces at the Saatchi Gallery. If you are more of a street art fanatic look no further than Shoreditch, a creative inner city district located at East End. The streets are adorned with some of the most impressive street art in the city, for a more in depth experience take part in the Alternative London Walking Tour, hosted by local street artist and creatives.   9. Beijing, China Credit: Pixabay Beijing may seem like an unlikely place to visit for art but this city actually has a burgeoning art scene. Since the recent contemporary art boom, most of the city’s art scene can be found at 798 Art District. Industrial buildings in the district have been converted into contemporary art spaces and open-air installations. Art forms presented there consist of photos, sculptures and fashion design. If you are an avid lover of traditional Chinese art, then the Poly Art Museum is for you as it features ancient bronze works from the Shang and Zhou dynasties!   10. Singapore Credit: @singaporeartmuseum on Instagram Singapore is well-known as being a financial hub. However, it boasts an impressive art scene. Singapore has two prominent up and coming art museums, namely the Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Singapore Art Museum. The National Gallery Singapore houses the world’s largest collection of Singaporean and South Asian art, thus giving the South Asian art world an international platform. Indeed, Singapore is teemed with art, which can be easily found as you take a stroll around the city. Check out Haji Lane for example and witness all kinds of colourful street art which adorn old buildings. You can also witness stunning public sculptures such as Homage to Newton by Salvador Dali at the UOB Plaza and First Generation by Chong Fah Cheong near Cavenagh Bridge.   Undoubtedly, art and travel go hand in hand so what are you waiting for? Add all these art destinations to your bucket list and get inspired to create art of your own!...

  • 100 Things To Strike Off From Your Bucket List Before You Turn 45!

    Your 45th year is a milestone, you aren’t exactly old but you are young enough to do something crazy like jumping off a cliff and into the ocean. You may or may not have kids; you may even be a working woman who is busy trying to balance everything on her plate. Most women live their whole lives catering to their loved ones and forgetting about themselves. Women are taught to dread their 40s but honestly your 40s are a great time! You may be having a certain bucket list of things you’d like to achieve and are now thinking maybe cause you are older you cannot achieve those anymore, but that is not true! You can do it! Age is just a number and there are so many realistic things you can do before you are 45! Listed below are 100 amazing things you can do before you are 45! 1. Go for Umrah and Hajj This should be on anyone’s list and be sure to go before you are too old and frail to. 2. Learn Arabic Learning to speak another language is fun and learning Arabic will allow you to read the Quran in its original language. This will also help you lead a productive Muslim life. 3. Witness the Taj Mahal at night A monument which signifies love, its majesty is best witnessed at night. This is a great experience to have with your significant other or even your whole family. 4. Have gelato in Rome Nothing beats gelato from its place of origin, and who doesn’t love it?! 5. Watch a meteor shower Keep tabs on a forecast for a meteor shower, and enjoy its splendour. 6. Witness cherry blossoms in Japan Pink pastels and delicate petals raining all over you, now isn’t that a vision? Make sure to try McDonalds’ trending seasonal range of cherry blossom flavoured drinks and food items! 7. Visit the Louvre Everyone needs some art in their life. The Louvre houses some of the old masters greatest masterpieces, be sure to pay a visit to decipher Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile. 8. Go solo! Travel is a great way to rediscover yourself and a must before you hit your mid 40s, so go out there and explore! 9. Go on a hot air balloon ride Enjoy splendid views from the vantage point of a floating hot air balloon! 10. Experience zero gravity Picture: Always wanted to know what it’s like for astronauts? Go ahead and experience it to know! Indoor sky diving is the next best thing to a zero gravity simulation. 11. Create your very own family recipe book You’ve been following your grandmother’s and mother’s recipes for years now, so why not create your very own recipe book to be passed on from generation to generation?! 12. Visit the Pyramids of Giza Witness the majestic tombs of the old Pharaohs. 13. Watch a Broadway Musical Who doesn’t love musicals?! The place to enjoy one is in Broadway itself, book your tickets and head over to the Big Apple to experience musical joy! 14. Go on a cruise Going on a cruise is a great holiday option as it will take you to multiple locations while you get to enjoy the many facilities of a luxury boat. This would be a great opportunity to have some bonding time with your family. 15. Ride a Gondola in Venice The infamous Gondola ride is a must for everyone, let your ultimate romantic fantasy be true in Venice! 16. Complete a journal You are nearing your mid 40s and it is important that you know who you are; keeping a journal will help you preserve memories, good or bad. Between a job (if you are working) and family life you may tend to lose sight of yourself, so keeping a journal will help you tackle the stress. 17. Take a photo everyday for a year This is a great activity to do just for yourself and to witness your day to day changes and record what you were going through those days. 18. Watch the Olympics in person Watching the Olympics on TV is great and all but it cannot beat the real life experience. It is time to get your competitiveness on and witness the Olympics in person. 19. Visit a Chocolate Factory Everyone loves chocolate but do you know how this world wide loved candy is made? Why not visit a factory?! 20. Go old school and make a physical family album Everyone has a digital album, may it be on the phone or the laptop, but the nostalgia of actual photographs will never go away. So get some of the best photos printed from a colour lab and compile them into albums, this is also a fun way for the family to bond over memories. 21. Start gardening Nothing is more fulfilling than gardening and growing your own vegetables. So put on those gardening gloves and start digging. 22. Try a new hair colour Always wanted to change your hair colour? Go for it! Don’t wait any longer wondering what you would look like in burgundy highlights; give your hair the glam treatment! 23. Let your family members know you love them everyday Make it a point to tell your family members you love them before one day it’s too late. 24. Go to the top of the Eiffel tower Paris is whole lot different from the top! 25. Prioritise ‘me time’ It’s time to prioritise yourself, you’ve made sure your kids had done their homework, you tuck them to bed, and you make sure your family has a great meal, but what about you? Taking care of yourself should be number one on your list! 26. Donate to a charity organisation As a citizen of this world you should always help the needy, and the best way to do that is to donate to a good charity organisation which helps people who are less fortunate than yourself. These days donating is just a click away. 27. Jump off a cliff and into the ocean Be daring! Jump off the edge! 28. Treat yourself to a solo dinner at a fancy restaurant Having family dinners is great but it is also important to have some me time. So make a reservation at that one fancy restaurant you want to go to and head off for a nice meal and great company – you! 29. Master a new cuisine Cooking the same old food day in and day out can get boring so why not spice things up by learning a new cuisine! Invite your friends and family to show them what you have learned and to enjoy a good meal. 30. Find a fitness routine which fits you Watching all these fitness videos on line and seeing the toned bodies of celebs everywhere you look can take a hit on your self esteem, but fitness doesn’t always have to be about what you look like it’s mostly about what you feel inside. So go to a gym close to you and get a trainer to set you up with a good fitness regime that will keep your body in check and your health in great condition. Get those endorphins pumping! 31. Get a full body medical check-up Nothing is more important than your health, so be sure to get a full body check-up at least annually and keep your health in check. 32. Start Murāqabah Life can get very stressful therefore it is important to include Murāqabah into your day to day schedule. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or time consuming, just a few minutes of counting your breath in the early mornings before you start your day or even before bed will be enough. 33. Pet a Tiger cub Tiger cubs are cute and everyone dreams of petting one, so go ahead and do it! It’s a one of a kind experience and possible at ethical petting zoos. 34. Go back to school and study a course Enrol for a short course at a university or college close to you. Learning something new is a great way to improve yourself and utilise your time because you will acquire a new skill at the end. 35. Sit down and have a heart to heart with your child/ children Children can be difficult sometimes but it is important to have a healthy relationship with them, so make it a point to spend some quality time together. Set aside a special day each month for you and your kids to go try something new or simply got to a nice cafe to play card games over a nice mug of hot chocolate. You can even have a cosy day in watching your favourite Disney movies together. 36. Get back in touch with old friends Marriage, work, and, kids may lead you to forget your old pals from school, so make it a point to reconnect with them to reminiscence about your days in school. 37. Paint something You don’t have to be a great artist to paint something, it’s all just a matter of putting your paint brush onto the canvas. 38. Get something for yourself at the end of each month Make it a point to get yourself a small something each month; it could be a new book, a nice blouse or makeup. 39. Sustainable living Consciously try to live sustainably, and make an effort to not use plastics as much as possible. You will feel good knowing that you are contributing to making the Earth a better place to live in! 40. Work at a volunteer center Volunteer work is a great way to meet new people and give back to your community. 41. Learn to play an instrument It’s never too late to learn an instrument, if you’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar go ahead and attend some classes or simply learn by watching online tutorials on free platforms like YouTube. 42. Have a little heart to heart with the elders in your family Years are going by and your loved ones will no longer be with you, so make it a point to talk to them and ask them what it is like getting older, and how they dealt with certain problems that life sent their way. Their wisdom will help you greatly. 43. Memorise the Quran This may seem impossible at first but start now and you will succeed! 44. Love thy neighbour Strive to be a good member of your community. 45. Learn to forgive and to forget You are older now and wiser, so let go of any old grudges you have been holding. Forgive the person who has wronged you and move on from it. 46. Walk on the Great Wall of China Take a walk on one of the world’s greatest wonders! 47. Get certified in CPR Master CPR, you never know whose life you will have to save. 48. Stay away from social media for a week every month Social media can be very distracting, so eliminate it from your life for a week each month and try to go about your day. You will feel the changes! 49. Do something special for someone every month Make it a point to treat someone each month and enjoy that person’s happiness. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, something small like offering them help with work or even just being there to listen would brighten up anyone’s day. 50. Take compliments and give compliments Learn to take compliments and give them back whole heartedly. 51. Go on a safari in Africa Africa has some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife, and is definitely worth a trip to. 52. Make your very own signature dish It could be a twist on an old classic or your own recipe, but don’t share the recipe! 53. Witness the Northern lights Witness the Earth’s natural light show! 54. Start eating healthy The first step to healthy living is a healthy diet! Try to eliminate bad fats and lower your carbohydrate intake, but be sure to eat your veges and drink your water – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 55. Experience the nomadic desert lifestyle Go on a desert safari in Dubai! 56. Shop in Dubai Dubai really is the new land of dreams! Fly to Dubai for a great shopping experience. 57. Eat at a fresh Sashimi in Japan Sashimi is loved by people everywhere around the the world. However, the country that it originated from definitely serves the best of its kind. 58. Go to Disneyland Unleash your inner princess in Disneyland! This is also something the whole family can enjoy. 59. Bungee jump Overcome your fear and take the leap! 60. Go to a live music concert Music sounds best when it is live, so book the tickets for your favourite artist/ band and enjoy! This would also be a great way to meet your friends and sing along to your favourite tunes. 61. Watch an opera It’s dramatic, it’s over the top and it’s tragic! It also gives you the chance to dress up and look your best, get your spouse to tag along with you on an opera date. 62. Row a boat “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream”, this is a fun activity you can do with your family and friends. It allows you to enjoy nature in a different way. 63. Donate your hair for a cancer patient Hair can be a woman’s crowning glory, so why not donate yours to a cancer patient and make them feel beautiful. 64. Start an online blog Blogging is for everyone and a great way to share your journey with the online community. 65. Go to watch a live talk show Always wanted to be in the audience at a talk show instead of watching it on the T.V.? Get those tickets and get a friend to tag along as well. 66. Have a spa day with your girlfriends It is important to pamper yourself, so call your friends, and set a spa date. Relax and enjoy! 67. Have game night with your family Schedule a game night each month for your family, this is a great way to bond with each other, but it may lead to competitive rivalry! 68. Eat something you don’t like Image Credit: My Fit Station You are a fully fledged adult now, so go ahead eat that fruit or vegetable you had always hated as a child, you may actually like it now. 69. Read the Quran Make it a point to read the Quran each day. 70. Compete in something Keep your competitive spirit in check by participating in a competition, it could be an annual neighbourhood cook off or even a sports event. 71. Make new friends You are never too old to make new friends, so be open to getting to know people and building a wider network. 72. Get a professional portrait of yourself Get a professional artist to paint a portrait of you or even of your family, it will look great hanging in living room. 73. Enjoy a slice of cake guilt free It is easy to feel guilty eating that extra slice of cake in today’s image conscious society but don’t let that get to you. You deserve that extra cake slice and you are going to enjoy it – no guilt! 74. Better yet, have dessert for breakfast You don’t always have to do things the right way. Start a lazy Sunday morning with ice cream or cake! 75. Write a letter to your significant other Write an old fashioned love letter to your spouse. Yes, with pen and paper! 76. Life insurance Plan your life insurance properly. 77. Retirement plans Start planning your retirement and saving money to a separate savings account, this way you are set. 78. Talk to your younger self Look back at your younger years, what would you tell your younger self? 79. Use that fine china set you’ve been keeping till the right moment We all have that expensive china set that we keep hidden under layers of bubble wrap because it’s never the right time to use it. Don’t be that person. Take it out of hiding and throw a tea party. 80. Stop caring about what others think of you You are nearing your 45th birthday and it really does not matter what other people think of you, don’t let the insecurities you had in your 20s continue into your 40s. You know yourself the best and you don’t need to impress anyone but you! 81. Be spontaneous Sometimes it’s completely ok to not have a plan. 82. Break a habit If you have any bad habits, now is the time to break it. Are you a nail bitter, do you fidget a lot? It’s never too late to break away from these habits. 83. Do something you wouldn’t usually do It’s ok to try something you wouldn’t otherwise do. 84. Be grateful A lot of people go through life complaining about everything that is wrong without being grateful for what they have. It is important to take a break and appreciate your life and be grateful for it even if it may not be your ideal life. 85. Start a small business Start a small business like selling home grown plants, or handmade cards. This could also be a good retirement plan. 86. Pay for a stranger’s meal If you are at a cafe or restaurant and notice a lonely sad looking person eating alone, anonymously pay for that person’s food, you would make that person’s day a whole lot better. 87. Go for high tea at a fancy hotel Make a reservation at the swankiest hotel in town for high tea! 88. Learn to accept that it is ok to be bad at something You don’t always have to be perfect so accept the fact that sometimes it’s completely ok to be bad at something because you are sure to be good at another thing. 89. Remove toxic people from your life Remove anyone who you deem toxic from your life, they are not worth your time. 90. Be open to change As an adult you can easily retreat into your comfort zone but teach yourself to be open to change. 91. Ignore negativity Ignore any negative sentiments or negative people at all costs. 92. Why so serious? You don’t always have to be the serious adult, sometimes it’s ok to let go and just enjoy life. 93. Learn singing Time to hone your bathroom singer skills. 94. Quit your job If you are still working in a job with zero satisfaction, quit. Don’t wait till it’s too late and be filled with regret. 95. Visit an elder’s home Visit an elder’s home and volunteer to help, this can be a fulfilling experience. 96. Roller-coaster ride They are scary but they are also thrilling and a great way to let loose! 97. Adopt a dog/ cat from a shelter Adopting a dog or cat from a shelter is a wonderful thing, not only are you giving them a home but you also have a new friend who will love you unconditionally! 98. Time to get a fish pedicure Picture: Florence Fish Kiss Fish pedicures are quite peculiar, get one! 99. Self reflection Have moments of self reflection, converse with your inner self. 100. Be happy No matter what be happy. Only you are capable of this, no one can give it to you. So make the conscious decision to be happy! You may feel like you haven’t achieved anything with your life or you would be wondering how to spend your life, it’s important to have some sort of bucket list in mind to help you. If you like you could even list everything down and it doesn’t have to be the list shown here! If you are already 45 and haven’t achieved what is on this list? It does not matter! You can create your own list of things to achieve by a certain age and even if it does not work out it is always for the better. The general idea of creating a list like this is that it helps you with self improvement and happiness. Hopefully this list will help you with that, but remember no matter what have fun!...

  • Top 7 Things to do in Florence

    With Florence being such a fascinating destination, home to iconic sights, it is overflowing with rich history and culture.  With so much to discover, compiling this list of the top 7 things to do in Florence was almost impossible! We, however, managed to put together this list of the ultimate things to do in Florence with the greatest difficulty. They will, we are certain, seduce you into wanting to stay a lot longer than you had initially planned to! Muslim tourists will also be able to find Halal restaurants and mosques in Florence, making their stay in the city a little more comfortable. Credit Here’s a look at the top things to do in Florence: Pay the Duomo a visit You cannot visit Florence and not visit the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, or the Il Duomo di Firenze, aka the Duomo - the fourth largest in the world! This architectural wonder is the city’s most iconic landmark, known for its gigantic dome, and also known to offer a fantastic view of the stunning city. The Duomo is one of the top places to visit in Florence, and while as a Muslim you may not want to visit a Cathedral, we definitely recommend at least climbing to the top. While climbing up 463 steps may seem daunting, you definitely won’t regret it once on top. To add on to the experience, and if you’re not exhausted from the climb, the adjacent Giotto’s Campanile, or Bell Tower, offers great views of the Duomo and its surroundings, so don’t miss out!   Eat gelato to your heart’s content! From creamy vanilla and rich chocolate to pistachio and salted caramel to special seasonal flavours, you will be able to find some of the best (if not the best) tasting gelato in Florence. Known to be the birthplace of the cold treat, Florence is today home to countless family-run gelateria that serves up delicious and creamy gelato. Since alcohol is widely used in flavouring the gelato, make sure to double check before ordering!   Get your coffee fix! Florence’s coffee culture is definitely on point. And, if you’re a coffee addict, (and who isn’t?!) the city is home to plenty of historic coffee shops and cafés that are sure to meet and satisfy all of your caffeine-filled expectations. Caffè Gilli, founded in 1733, is one of the oldest cafés in Italy and is renowned for its mouthwatering pastries and top-class coffee. It is a popular coffee-stop amongst locals and tourists alike. While choosing to sit down and enjoy a good cuppa, will cost you pretty penny, we highly recommend this as it is an ideal way to watch the city go by! Here’s a little something about Italians and their coffee that you may need to know: Milky coffee is the only type of coffee that is served during the day, while in the evening, it is solely black coffee.   Explore the city on a bicycle Another fun thing to do in Florence, and one of the best ways to see the city in our opinion (and to burn all those gelato calories), is to rent a bicycle and just zip around! The bike paths in the city will take you through and past some of the city’s best and most beautiful sites, and we also highly recommend exploring the historical centre of Florence on a bike, even though the area does not have any designated bike paths. You can rent a bike from near the Central Railway Station or the Piazza Ghiberti for € 10 a day. There are also several companies that offer specialized, guided bike tours around the city if you’re interested in learning a little more about the attractions you pass.   Go to the Uffizi Located in Florence’s Historic Centre, the Uffizi Gallery is one of the city’s most prominent attractions and is known to house the largest collection of Renaissance art in the world. Also ranking as one of the world’s finest museums, this treasure trove is home to countless iconic artefacts, sculptures and artwork by world-renowned individuals like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello, Botticelli and Giotto. Be sure to check out the Vasari Corridor, which connects the Uffizi to the Palazzo Pizzi on the other side. If you really want the best experience possible, and a slightly quicker one too, take a guided tour through the museum. Seeing all the highlights of the museum will take at least 3 hours, so don’t forget to wear your comfiest footwear! During peak season, the queues get extremely long, and the wait goes up to over 4 hours, so book tickets online in advance so you won’t have to waste your time waiting in line!   Shop like the locals do at the Mercato San Lorenzo You will never get enough of the Mercato San Lorenzo - the city’s largest market! Filled with vendors selling all sorts of food items, from freshly baked goods to spices and cheeses, to fresh seafood and olive oil and more, this closed food market is a great way for you to experience all of Florence’s freshest produce under one roof. Sample any of the products that interest you, and haggle a little if you feel that the prices are a little steep. After exploring the market, head to the first floor where you will find a variety of great restaurants and cafés, ideal for a little bit of relaxing. And if you have the time, also try to add the Sant'Ambrogio Market into your itinerary!   Wander around the Piazza Della Signoria In front of the Palazzo Vecchio is the popular L-shaped Piazza Della Signoria, where you will find numerous statues, from a replica of Michaelangelo's David to the Fountain of Neptune. Also located here is the open-air, 14th-century museum of Loggia de' Lanzi, a must-see for anyone visiting Florence. The square is a popular place amongst Florentines as well, so after walking around the piazza, do relax at one of the many restaurants there, people watch, and get a taste of what Florence truly is all about. Muslims visiting Florence will be able to find a number of Halal restaurants and mosques in Florence by downloading the HalalTrip App....

  • Muslim Traveler's guide to Lucca, Italy

    Lucca is a quaint city situated on the Serchio river of the Tuscany region in Central Italy. It stands at the foot of the Apuan Alps. The city is most commonly known for its circular Renaissance-era walls that still stand guard around the city. There are several ancient gates through which you can enter the city. The walls that served as a military standpoint in the past, are currently a pedestrian promenade where locals and tourists alike go to enjoy the picture-perfect views of the city and its surrounding areas that are well-maintained with beautiful trees and green pastures. The main draw of this walled city is the fact that it has been beautifully preserved over all these years; an opportunity to step back in time without the interference of modern technology, if you may.   Brief History of Lucca The history of the city can be traced back to the Etruscan and Ancient Roman times. In fact, there are many parts of the city where the architecture of those days still remains. The Gothic era was also one of most prominence in its past, and this too can be witnessed through the historic attractions in Lucca today. Construction of the famous walls began in 1545 and was completed around 1659. Lucca remained an independent state until 1805 when Napoleon Bonaparte conquered the city. Later, it became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1860, and finally a member of the Italian State a year later.   Getting In & Around Reaching Lucca is very easy, as there are plenty of options. If you are flying in, the nearest airport is in the city of Pisa. The Pisa Galileo Galilei International Airport has a rail station attached that will take you to Lucca in a 20-minute train ride. You can also take a car from Pisa or Florence, which will set you up for short rides. Since it is situated at the base of the hill, it's easily accessible for even those with mobility issues. Getting around the city is also pretty easy. Since it is a small city, you can easily navigate many parts of your tour on foot. Tourists also prefer renting bicycles, which they use to ride through the city and explore its nature and ancient architecture at their own pace. There are also small buses that run around the old city, but please do note that these stop rotation at 8 p.m. In the night.   Attractions in the city As an ancient city, there are plenty of attractions in Lucca that you can explore. Here are some of the most prominent places to add to the itinerary on your Halal tour to Lucca:   - Lucca Cathedral This Roman Cathedral, constructed in 1603 by Bishop Anselm (who later became Pope Alexander II), was built in dedication to Saint Martin of Tours in Lucca, Italy. The unique facade of the cathedral, which is dominated by pillars and arches is a draw to many tourists. The interior is decorated with incredible works by renowned Italian artists like Matteo Civitali, Giovanni Battista Paggi, Alessandro Allori, and more. Address: Piazza Antelminelli, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy.Phone: +39 0583 490530   - Guinigi Tower Picture Credit - The Guinigi Tower is one of the most prominent landmarks in Lucca of Romanesque architecture, and definitely a place you cannot miss on your Lucca travel guide. It's visible from most parts of the city, and the view from the top is incredible. The uniqueness of this building comes from the tall trees in the rooftop garden. The ancient holm oak trees are said to symbolize rebirth and renewal, and legends say the Guinigi family planted them to represent the rebirth of Lucca under their rule. Others say the trees were planted as a simple attempt to make it the tallest standing tower in the city. Address: Via Sant'Andrea, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy.Phone: +39 0583 48090   - Piazza Dell Anfiteatro Piazza Dell Anfiteatro or The Amphitheater Square is a public oval-shaped “square” in the northeast region of the walled city. It was originally a Roman amphitheater, but today is a marketplace that houses many local cafes and shops. Address: Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy.Phone: +39 0583 4422   - San Michele in Foro Picture Credit - This incredible church was built over the ancient Roman Forum, and its exterior resembles a traditional wedding cake. This Roman Catholic basilica is dedicated to the Archangel Michael and was the seat of the major council until 1370. Address: Piazza San Michele, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy.Phone: +39 0583 583150   - The Wall Of course, how could you leave the walled city without exploring it's the most famous attraction? The 16th-century wall serves a promenade today and stretches over 4 kilometres. The wall offers incredible views of the city, inside and outside. Hidden in the wall are passageways that lead to places like children's playgrounds, a library, the Lucca Botanical Park, and more.   - Puccini's Birth Home Picture Credit - The Puccini Museum is a great place to visit if you're a fan of the 19th-century Italian opera composer. As the name suggests, this is where he was born, and you can see many artefacts of his life such as an original piano, handwritten notes, and even personal letters. Address: Corte S. Lorenzo, 9, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy.Phone: +39 0583 584028Website:   - Torre delle ore Picture Credit - This is an ancient clock tower located in Via Fillungo in central Lucca. This tower was built during the medieval times as a structure for protection, but was later acquired by the government and made into a clock tower. You can climb to the top and see the clock mechanisms. Address: Via Fillungo, 20, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy.Phone: +39 0583 48090   Locating Halal Food in Lucca, Italy As Muslims, one of the most important things we look for no matter where we travel is the availability of Halal food. Although you might have some trouble finding Halal-certified restaurants, there are a few Muslim-friendly options for you to try. Since Lucca is easily explored during a day trip, this shouldn't cause you too much inconvenience. In fact, you could even take packed lunches to enjoy at the parks within the city. There are a few Halal-friendly restaurants outside the city limits as well, so you can purchase your food before entering the gates. When it comes to finding Halal food in Lucca within the city limits, look for vegetarian, vegan, or seafood options. Most restaurants serving pasta/pizza will have vegetarian food as well. There have also been said to be a few kebab shops in Lucca, one is in Via Elisa which should be easy to find.   Here are a few Halal or Halal-friendly eateries in Lucca, Italy:   A Pollo Chicken PointA Halal restaurant in Lucca that serves delicious fried chicken, burgers, and other fast food.(Address: Viale Regina Margherita 167, Angolo Via Montanara, 55100, Lucca, Italy. Phone : +39 0583 955690) La Griglia del Mare – The Sea GridThis is a seafood restaurant that serves dishes without the inclusion of any meat or alcohol.(Address: Viale Europa, 797, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy. Phone: +39 0583 316656) BedroomA vegetarian juice and smoothie bar that also offers delicious salads and sandwiches for takeaway.Address: Piazza San Maria, 25, Lucca, Italy, 55100. Phone: +39-3349982657) Note: If you are eating vegetarian food in non-Halal restaurants, please make sure to inquire about the ingredients in each dish. This is because Italian cuisine commonly includes alcohol in it's cooking of things like pasta and sauces.   Prayer Facilities in Luccia When it comes to finding prayer places in Lucca, there aren't too many options. There aren't any mosques in Lucca, and it is unlikely for you to find prayer places either. But since you are traveling, you have the luxury of shortening and combining your prayers, namely Duhr and Asr, as well as Maghrib and Isha. There are only 8 official mosques in Italy, which is quite scarce. But there are many unofficial prayer places that are unlisted, so your best bet would be to find information from local Muslims. On your Halal trip to Lucca, you might be able to pray the earlier prayers before leaving your hotel or at prayer areas outside the city. The latter two prayers can be left for once you return back to your hotel room. Since Lucca can be explored in one day, this shouldn't cause you too much of an inconvenience. For more ideas on where to travel in 2018 check out our travel blog or top travel destinations 2018 page...

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