Manaus; located in northern Brazil, is the capital city of the state of Amazonas. It is known as the ‘rubber metropolis’ and offers loads more attractions than other cities in Brazil.  This exotic city has breathtaking natural surroundings,...more

Manaus, Brazil



Manaus; located in northern Brazil, is the capital city of the state of Amazonas. It is known as the ‘rubber metropolis’ and offers loads more attractions than other cities in Brazil.  This exotic city has breathtaking natural surroundings, and a plethora of cultural and natural attractions that will keep tourists coming back for more. Manaus is quite isolated, since it is located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, and is considered the entrance to visiting the Amazon’s unique and varied flora and fauna. The city is driven by tourism and is known for all the outdoor activities it offers. Manaus truly is an exciting city and is a must visit when in Brazil. For Muslim visitors, Manaus does offer a few Halal-friendly facilities. However, these facilities will be quite hard to locate.

Manaus is ideal for those looking to explore the outdoors. One popular attraction is where the black waters of the Negro River meet the sandy-brown waters of the Solimoes River; known as The Encontro das Agua or the Meeting of the Waters. This site is not only popular among foreign visitors; it is also visited by individuals from all over Brazil. For miles, both these rivers run side by side without mixing. This unique reaction truly is phenomenal and is caused by the difference in density, temperature and speed of the two rivers. There are boat tours that visitors can take to see this amazing site. The Encontro das Agua should be on every tourist’s itinerary.

Manaus is home to several renowned large parks with native forest preservation areas. A must-visit park when in the city is the Bosque da Ciencia; which is located in the Petrópolis district, 5 kilometres northeast of the center. This area is ideal for kids and adults and is packed to the brim with unique Amazonian wildlife and plants. The area is usually recommended to those looking to learn about indigenous animals and about nature and its preservation. There are several educational paths that can be explored and the park also has enclosures housing manatees and giant otters. Those visiting the park will also come across other animals like sloths and anteaters as well as an Amazonian lake, a Cayman crocodile habitat, a bee condo, a nature museum and so much more.

Another place to learn more about Amazonian botanical and animal life is the Adolfo Ducke Botanical Garden.  Visitors here are sure to learn more about the environment by taking guided tours and paying a visit to the botanical library. This botanical garden is frequented by locals and tourists alike and should not be missed out on.

One of the most important tourist attractions in Manaus is Ponta Negra Beach. The beach is located approximately 13 kilometres from Manaus and offers visitors a plethora of outdoor activities, including; skating, swimming, volleyball, running and other beach activities. It is the ideal place to just relax and admire the beautiful surroundings. A trip to Manaus is not complete without a visit to Ponta Negra Beach.

Nearby Airports

The airport that is closest to Manaus is Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes–Manaus International Airport, which is located approximately 16 kilometres from Manaus’s city center. It is one of Brazil’s busiest airports and has facilities for international and domestic flights. The airport is quite easily accessible by public transport.

Halal Restaurants

There are no known Halal restaurants in Manaus. Muslim visitors can therefore dine on vegetarian or seafood dishes; including native fresh-water fish, from local non-Halal restaurants after ensuring that the dishes do not consist of any non-Halal items. Because Manaus has a small Muslim population, Muslim tourists may be able to obtain more information on the availability of Halal food in the area, at the local mosque. Muslim visitors must also be aware that most restaurants in Manaus do serve alcohol.


There is one known mosque in Manaus, namely; Centero Islamico Do Amazonas. This mosque serves the Muslim community in Manaus and is frequented by Muslim tourists as well. Because it is not easy to locate other mosques in the city, Muslim tourists are advised to pray in their hotel room before setting out on any excursion, if possible.

Things to Do and See in Manaus

  • Teatro Amazonas
  • Palacio Rio Negro Cultural Center
  • Bosque da Ciencia
  • Adolfo Ducke Botanical Garden
  • Igapos
  • Encontro das Aguas
  • Ponta Negra Beach
  • Parque Municipal do Mindu
  • No Halal restaurant found.
  • No Airport found.
  • No Attraction found.
  • No Halal dish found.
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