Located on the southern coast of Cyprus and what is now Cyprus’s second largest city; is Limassol. Limassol is quite popular amongst tourists and offers several museums, beaches, archeological and historical sites and more. This city was built between...more

Limassol, Cyprus



Located on the southern coast of Cyprus and what is now Cyprus’s second largest city; is Limassol. Limassol is quite popular amongst tourists and offers several museums, beaches, archeological and historical sites and more. This city was built between Amathus and Kourion; two historical cities, and is now a center for international business and a major tourist hub. The city and the surrounding areas offer sites, attractions and activities for everyone. Limassol has a sizeable Muslim population and therefore Muslim tourists will be able to locate Halal-friendly facilities in Limassol.

Limassol has several attractions that are definitely worth visiting. To get to know the area better, tourists must take a stroll down Limassol Promenade. This promenade runs parallel to the beach and offers fabulous views of the sea and the beach as well as the city’s green surroundings. The street is also lined with shops, restaurants and cafes as well as boutiques and souvenir shops. Limassol Promenade is popular among holidaymakers as it provides a great atmosphere for kids and adults.

Located 14 kilometres west of the city of Limassol is another popular attraction; Kolossi Castle. This castle is said to have been built by the Knights of St John in 1210. The castle was then rebuilt in the 15th century. Kolossi Castle is located in a beautiful area surrounded by rich orchards. Also a must-visit is The Castle of Limassol, which dates back to 1228 and is said to have been a Byzantine castle. The current Limassol Castle was built over the ruins and now houses the Cyprus Medieval Museum. Those looking for more historically significant sites must also pay a visit to the Amathus Ruins.

Although Limassol is known for being home to medieval sites that are usually popular among adults, it also houses a few attractions that will interest kids. Fasouri Watermania is one such attraction. It is a huge waterpark that is fun and relaxing and is ideal for families. This tropical themed waterpark is has a fabulous variety of attractions and facilities that will ensure a fun day out for all. It is said to be the largest waterpark in Cyprus and is located in Fasouri; between Limassol and Paphos, and is only approximately a 15 minute drive from Limassol. Fasouri Watermania does not just attract visitors from all over Cyrprus; it also draws in tourists from all over the world. The park consists of wave pools and slides, a football pitch, an area with table games as well as an area with sun beds and a souvenir shop. 

Also perfect for kids is the Limassol Zoo; which is the only one in Cyprus. It is home to a wide array of majestic animals as well as a natural history museum and an educational centre.

When in Limassol, a visit to the traditional shopping streets of Ayios Andreas and Anexartisias, are also a must. Limassol also has several areas and shops that sell unique souvenirs and other items. My Mall Limassol is the biggest mall in Cyprus and is ideal for those looking to get in a bit of shopping. It is located in the small town of Zakaki, just outside of Limassol and can be reached by shuttle bus or the public bus service.

Nearby Airports

Limassol does not have its own airport; therefore the closest airport to Limassol is Paphos International Airport; which is an international airport located approximately 61 kilometres from Limassol’s city center. Larnaca International Airport is also located fairly close by; 69 kilometres from Limassol. Both these airports are around 40 minutes from Limassol and tourists can take a shuttle bus from either Larnaca or Paphos airport to get to Limassol.

Halal Restaurants

There are a few Halal restaurants in Limassol that serve its small Muslim community. These restaurants are mainly owned by Muslims, however some do serve alcohol. The Halal restaurants that Muslim tourists could dine at include; Yasmina Halal Food Arabic, Syrian Arab Friendship Club and AlZahra. Muslim visitors will be able to find delicious Lebenese and Turkish food at these restaurants. If unable to locate Halal food in Limassol, it is best to make inquiries at the local mosque.


There are a couple of mosques in Limassol, namely; Cami Cedid Mosque and Al-Kabir Mosque. Cami Kebir or the Kabir Mosque is located in the old town of Limassol. The mosque has facilities for women and all five prayers are conducted here. Cami Cedid Masjid can be visited on Fridays for Jumu’ah.

Things to Do and See in Limassol

  • Kolossi Castle  
  • Fasouri Watermania  
  • Amathus Archaeological Site   
  • Limassol Archaeological Museum  
  • Limassol Castle  
  • Limassol Promenade  
  • Explore the Old Town  
  • Kourion  
  • Beaches of Limassol  
  • My Mall Limassol  
  • Limassol Zoo
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