The second largest city of Britain, Birmingham is a wonderful city that has a lot to offer to its visitors. The city has come a long way from the 1960’s and has tried its best to shed its concrete buildings and industrial image with exquisite and...more

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Profile image Abid Bata reviewed KSIMC Birmingham 4 years agoBirmingham

Built in 1981 it is the first centre in the Midlands (and Birmingham) built by Ugandan Asians. The building include the religious centre called the Imambara and a quaint little mosque inside a garden. To get there is a 15 minutes bus journey on Bus 50 from the city. The two buildings are to be demolished which is a bizarre plan as the centre would qualify for as a heritage site for Muslims, refugees...Read More

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Profile image Ruhi akther tried desi breakfast at Chaiiwala, ladypool road 5 years agoBirmingham

Although what we got has no meat in it, but the restaurant is Muslim Friendly and serve halal food. We got a desk breakfast with paratha, spicy beans, masala omelette with Karak chai. Only downer is that they don’t have much of a range of non continental food as we went with a friend that doesn’t like Asian food. But overall it’s nice if you like desi food! And ps ladypool road in Birmingham...Read More

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Profile image Noor Khadim 5 years agoBirmingham
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    Noor Khadim

    The only Sylheti restaurant in Britain

Profile image Maruf Ahmed reviewed Mindi House 6 years agoBirmingham

Wide range of lunch menu at a reasonable price. Good food and good service. A family restaurant with small cubicles available for privacy.

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Profile image Mohammed Yasin was at Muhammadi Masjid 6 years agoBirmingham
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The second largest city of Britain, Birmingham is a wonderful city that has a lot to offer to its visitors. The city has come a long way from the 1960’s and has tried its best to shed its concrete buildings and industrial image with exquisite and classy architecture. For Muslim visitors Birmingham offers a good range of halal facilities. The city is located at the base of the Appalachian Mountains and boasts of wonderful museums, art galleries and several places of entertainment.

Birmingham is a beautiful city filled with lots of vibrancy. Most of the attractions of the city can be seen in the downtown area. Downtown has numerous government buildings, hotels and several attractions in the Civil Rights District like the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. There are several museums in the city that are quite informative and offer interesting artifacts. Some great museums to visit in the city are Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery,Cadbury World,Aston Hall,Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, etc. 

The city also has numerous beautiful parks and green spaces where visitors can relax and have fun. The Kelly Ingram Park has several sculptures depicting the civil rights movement and also features several other attractions. Other parks worth visiting in Birmingham are Cannon Hill Park,Sutton Park,Woodgate Valley Country Park,RSPB Sandwell Valley, etc. These parks are great to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The National Sea Life Centre is a large center that has several species of aquatic animals and plants. 

Today Birmingham is one of the main shopping destinations in Britain. The Bull Ring complex is one of the major shopping complexes in the city. Other shopping centers in Birmingham include the Pavillions, The Mailbox and the Pallasades. The High Street has several stores that offer heavy discounts. For those looking forward to enjoy some jewelry shopping should visit the Jewellery Quarter.

Nearby Airports

Birmingham is served by the Birmingham International Airport. There is a rail link that connects the airport terminal to the Birmingham International Rail Station. There is a bus service that runs every 15 minutes from the airport to the city center. Taxis are also available from the airport to the city. It takes around half an hour to reach the city center and costs nearly £22.

Halal Restaurants

Locating halal restaurants in Birmingham is quite easy. There are a plethora of Pakistani and Indian restaurants where visitors can enjoy delicious halal food. Some of the halal restaurants in Birmingham include Akbar's of Bradford, Urban Khana, Royal Watan, Tiffinbites, Baadshah Kebab House, Zauq Restaurant & Steak House, Dixy Chicken, etc.


There are numerous mosques in Birmingham. Some of the most popular mosques in the city include the Birmingham Central Mosque, Ghamkol Sharif, Jami Mosque & Islamic Centre, Hamza Mosque Islamic Centre, Birmingham Jame Masjid, etc.

Things to Do and See in Birmingham

  • Aston Hall
  • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
  • Cadbury World
  • Sarehole Mill
  • Soho House
  • Museum of the Jewellery Quarter
  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses
  • Sutton Park
  • Cannon Hill Park
  • Woodgate Valley Country Park
  • RSPB Sandwell Valley
  • National Sea Life Centre
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