Samarkand is an epic Muslim city by all standards. Throughout history, ever since the 2nd century BC, Samarkand has been a vital link that ties the East and the West together. That made Samarkand one of the few cities in the world that literally need...more

Samarkand, Uzbekistan



Samarkand is an epic Muslim city by all standards. Throughout history, ever since the 2nd century BC, Samarkand has been a vital link that ties the East and the West together. That made Samarkand one of the few cities in the world that literally need a volume of 100 giant books just to summarize its history.

The lucky thing for us, Samarkand is a top-notch tourist attraction in Middle Asia, we can go there and learn about it first-hand. The center of the Silk Road houses many epic monuments from the past that have an unmatchable beauty.

As one of the most historic ancient cities, Samarkand, Uzbekistan once lay at the epicenter of the Great Silk Road, tying the Western Civilizations with the Eastern ones. That made Samarkand a culturally diverse hub where cultures influenced each other. From the Romans to the Muslims, and Russians, different civilizations occupied Samarkan, and things were bloody many times, but the city always stood.

As a Muslim city, Samarkand is all about loud Adhan, nearby mosques everywhere, and Halal restaurants at every corner. Traveling across the city is super easy, there are plenty of choices when it comes to transportation. There are buses, taxis, and a tram just to name a few.

The sheer number of magnificent architectural landmarks in Samarkand is quite dazzling. And the best thing about them is that they all have fascinating stories behind them. Having a tour around the city's most notable landmarks, especially strolling the blueish (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) buildings with intricate mosaics is a psychedelic experience by all standards.

Shopping in Samarkand is quite fun, the city still maintains its reputation as the center of the Silk Road. Central Bazaar is a must-visit.

If you love archeology, history, astronomy, spirituality, or ancient science (or all of them), Samarkand will surely throw you into one of those rabbit holes that you love. You'll find plenty of places such as the Necropolis, Registan, the Madrassas, and more that will stimulate your curious brain. We all know how much it's fun to get a dopamine hit once you learn something truly fascinating about a place, that's why we love to travel.

Nearby Airports

Samarkand International Airport is only 6 km from Samarkand, Uzbekistan. You can take a Taxi if you arrived there to take you to your hotel ASAP. There's also a central bus station south of the airport. The airport is part of the city, so the fare shouldn't be high.

Karshi-Khanabad Air Base is 161 km from Samarkand. You can take it as an opportunity to explore Quarashi; it's a beautiful city. After that, you can take public transportation to Samarkand, or perhaps rent a car.

Halal Restaurants

Halal Restaurants are all there is in Samarkand, finding the right one is just a matter of personal choice. Kabab is amazing is Samarkand, you have to try all the 20+ types of Kabab the Uzbakis have.

If you're a vegetarian, you might want to drop by Samarkand Restaurant and Old City Restaurant to try some healthy meals (not that kebab is unhealthy).


There are plenty of great mosques in Samarkand. Here are some of the most notable mosques in Samarkand that you might want to visit:

Bibi-Khanym Mosque, located in Bibikhonim St, is one of the most beautiful mosques in Samarkand.

Hazrat Khizr Mosque, located south of Afrasiyab Settlement, is a mosque with some epic architectural pieces.

Most of the other notable mosques are in the center of the city. Make sure to visit Lohutiy masjidi, Khodja Nisbatdor Mosque, and Tuman-Aka Mosque too.

Things to Do and See in Samarkand

  • Things to Do and See in Samarkand Registan
  • Shah-i-Zinda
  • Gur Emir Mausoleum
  • Bibi Khanym Mosque
  • Central Bazaar
  • Ulugh Beg Observatory
  • Tillya Kori Madrasah
  • Sher Dor Madrasah
  • Art Gallery Happy Bird
  • Imam Boukhari Mausoleum
  • Hazarat Khizr Mosque
  • Afrasiab Museum
  • Statue of Amir Temur
  • Chorsu Art Gallery
  • Samarkand Restaurant
  • Old City Restaurant
  • Restaurant "KARIMBEK"
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